English for You



1. That dead tree is dangerous,my brother will have it … down tomorrow.
A. cuts
B. be cutting
C. to be cut
D. cut
E. cutting

2. When will you have your son …. his own shirts?
A. makes
B. make
C. made
D. making
E. to make

3. He must have the man…. his house, there are leaks here and there.
A. repaired
B. repairing
C. repairs
D. to repair
E. repair

4. They couldn’t find a house to suit them, so they …. one ….
A. get…. build
B. got … built
C. get … built
D. getting … building
E. got … build

5. That watch doesn’t show the right time. You must….
A. have it repaired
B. have it repair
C. have it to repair
D. have to repair it
E. have it to be repairing

6. The old well is useless. I must have someone … a new one.
A. dig
B. to dig
C. digging
D. to be dug
E. dug

7. This room is overfull, I will get this table move to another room. This sentence means:
A. I’ll have moved the table to another room.
B. I myself will move the table to another room.
C. I want to move the table to another room.
D. Someone will ask me to move the table to another room.
E. I’ll ask someone to move the table to another room.

8. I asked a plumber to examine my boiler. It is the same as …
A. I had a plumber to examine.
B. I had a plumber examined by my boiler.
C. I had my boiler examined.
D. I wanted a plumber examine my boiler.
E. I had to examine my boiler

9. I am going to ask someone to add my extra room. It means that I am going to have …
A. someone to add an extra room
B. some extra room adding
C. someone add an extra room
D. some extra room to add
E. someone adding an extra room

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