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is used for past actions.

Time Signals : yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last Monday, last Friday, last Summer, etc
Verb 2 <-> positive form
Verb 1 <-> negative and interrogative forms.

Auxiliary <-> “DID” for negative and interrogative sentences. don’t forget to use NOT  for negative sentence.
For example : positive
<-> S + V2 + O + Time Signal

>1. I studied English yesterday.

->2. I bought a book last week.

->3. I spoke English yesterday.
For example :  negative
<-> S + did  not + V1 + O + Time Signal

>1. I  did not study English yesterday.

->2. I did  not buy a book last week.

->3. I did not speak English yesterday.
For example : interrogative

<-> Did + S + V1 + O + Time Signal

->1. Did you study English yesterday?

>2. Did you buy a book last week?

->3. Did you speak English yesterday?
PAST TENSE is used for   past existance            For example :  positive
<-> S + was  / were +  Noun / Adj  / Adv

->1. I was a student last year.

->2. She was a teacher last month.            -

>3. They were  happy yesterday.

->4. You were lazy last semester.

->5. Tina was here yesterday.

->6. Susi was in the market 5 minutes ago.
For example :  negative

<-> S + was  / were  + not +  Noun / Adj / Adv

->1. I was not a teacher last year.

->2. She was not a doctor last month.

->3. They were not  happy last month.

->4. You were not lazy last semester.

->5. Tina was not in Malang yesterday.

->6. Susi was  not in the class 5 minutes ago.
For example :  interrogative

->1. Was she a teacher last year?

->2. Was he a doctor last month?

->3. Were they  happy last month?

->4. Were they lazy last semester?

->5. Was Tina in Malang yesterday?

->6. Was Susi in the class 5 minutes ago?

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