Bali Island

Bali is the one of beautiful islands in Indonesia because it has many beaches, unique cultures and beautiful places.
One of the beauties in Bali is that it has many beautiful beaches like Kuta. Sanur, Lovina and many more. In there, we can see sunrise, sunset and play water games like banana boat, water sky, etc.
It also has many places can be visited like Bedugul, Tanah lot, Uluwatu, Joger and many more. We can buy souvenir, clothes, and other things that show the characteristics of Bali
Still another place that can be visited is cultural place. In there ,we can see many traditional dances like Barong, Pendet, Kecak , etc
Bali also has beautiful places and beaches. It also has some animals like Penyu. In there , we can see many turtles, an eagle, big snakes, and other animals. On the way to Penyu island ,we can dive to see how beautiful under the sea of Bali
From those proofs above I conclude that Bali is a unique Island with many cultures and beautiful places.


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