We  use HAVE TO and MUST to say that it is necessary to do something
For Example :
->1. You have to have a passport to visit most    foreign countries.
->2. You must have a passport to visit most foreign countries.
The difference between MUST and HAVE TO:=>>

>MUST is used to express personal feeling1. I must write to Tini. I haven’t written to her for ages.2. The government really must do something about unemployment.
HAVE TO =>> the speaker is not expressing feeling. The speaker    is only giving the fact.            ->1. Tina ‘s eyes are not very good. She has to wear     glasses for reading.
->2. I can’t meet you on Friday. I have to work.
MUST->> is only used for PRESENT and  FUTURE :
->1. We must go now.
->2. Must you leave tomorrow?

O-> can be used to all forms :
->1. I had to go tothe hospital. ( past )
->2. I might have to go to hospital. ( base form )    ->3. Have you ever had to go to  the hospital.        ( present perfect )

We use  DO / DOES / DID with HAVE TO

->1. What do I have to do to get a driver’s license?    ->2. Why did you have to go to the hospital?        ->3. Tom doesn’t  have to work on Saturdays.

MUSTN’T  is different from DON’T HAVE TO :

MUSTN’T = larangan
->1. You mustn’t tell anyone what I said.
->2. I mustn’t be late.
->3. You mustn’t touch the wire.

= tidak harus=>>
->1. I don’t have to wear a suit to work today.
->2. She stayed in bed this  morning because she didn’t have to go to work.
Notes :  have got to  = have to :
->1. I ‘ve got to work tomorrow.
->2. I have to work tomorrow.


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