:=>> is used for repeated actions.

TIME SIGNALS:=>> every day,  every week, every month    every year, every Sunday, etc            
Adverbs of Frequency
:=>> seldom, always, sometimes,    never, usually, once a week, twice a month , etc

Verb 1:=>> is used to form Present Tense.

Example :<-> S + v1 + 0 + Time Signal

->1. I study English everyday.

->2. She studies English everyday.

->3. We sometimes speak English.

->4. He sometimes speaks English.

->5. You help me every week.

->6. Tono helps me every week.

->7. They work here.

->8. Yanti works here.

->9. Tono and I teach English here.

->10. Titin teaches English here.

Example :<-> S + do / does + not + V1 + Time Signal

->1. I don’t teach English everyday.

->2. She doesn’t teach English everyday.

->3. We sometimes don’t speak Indonesian.

->4. He sometimes doesn’t speak Indonesian.

->5. You don’t give me money every week.

->6. Tono doesn’t give me money every week.

->7. They don’t work there.

->8. Yanti doesn’t work there.

->9. Tono and I  don’t teach English there.

->10. Titin doesn’t teach English here.

Example :<-> Do / does + S + V1 + Time Signal

->1. Do I teach English everyday?

->2. Does she teach English everyday?

->3. Do we sometimes speak Indonesian?

->4. Does he sometimes speak Indonesian

->5. Do You give me money every week?

->6. Does Tono give me money every week.

->7. Do they  work there?

->.8. Does Yanti work there?

->9. Do Tono and I teach English there?

->10. Does Titin teach English here?

Example : <->S + am / is / are + Noun/ adj / Adv
->1. I am a teacher.

->2. She is a teacher.

->3. He is a doctor.

->4. They are students.

->5. You are students.

->6. I am short.

->7. She is beautiful.

->8. He is lazy.

->9. They are happy.

->10. I am in the class.

->11. She is here.

->12. Tono is in Malang.

Example : <->S + am / is / are + not + Noun /Adj / Adv

->1. I am not a student.

->2. She is not a teacher.

->3. He is not a nurse.

->4. They are not teachers.

->5. You are  not students.

->6. I am  not tall.

->7. He is not beautiful.

->8. He is  not lazy.

->9. They are not happy.

->10. I am  not in the class.

->11. She is not here.

->12. Tono is  not in Malang

Example :<-> Am / is are + S + Noun /Adj / Adv
->1. Am I a student?

->2. Is she a teacher?

->3. Is he a nurse?

->4. Are they teachers?

->5. Are you students?

->6. Am I tall?

->7. Is he beautiful?

>8. Is he lazy?

->9. Are they happy?

>10. Am I in the class?

->11. Is she here?

->12. Is Tono in Malang?
Notes :    <->. Present Tense is also used for general truth.

->a. The sun rises in the east.

->b. Cows eat grass.


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