=>#A.These are : myself, yourself, himself, herself,itself,ourselves, yourselves, themselves.    Note =>the difference between the second person singular yourself, and the second person plural    yourselves.    =>The indefinite reflexive / emphasizing pronoun is oneself.
=>#B. Used as reflexive pronouns myself, yourself etc are used as objects of verb    when the action of the verb returns to the doer.

When subject and object are the same person:

=>*I cut myself.

=>*He shaved himself.

=>*It is not always easy to amuse oneself on holiday.

=>*Tom and Tony blamed themselves for the accident.

=>#Myself, yourself etc

used similarly after a verb +    preposition:

=>*He spoke to himself.

=>*Look after yourself.

=>*I’m annoyed with myself. =>*Did he pay for himself?

=>*Take care of yourselves. =>*He sat by himself.
But  if the preposition indicates locality, we use the
ordinary, not the reflective, pronouns:
=>*Did you take your dog with you?

=>*They put the child between them.

=>*Has he any money on him?
=>#B. myself,himself, herself ,etc used as emphasizing    pronouns myself,yourself, etc can also be used to    emphasize a noun or pronoun:

=>*The king himself gave her the medal.

=>*I myself did it yesterday.

=>#When used in this way the pronoun is never esential
and can  be omitted without changing the sense. It is usually emphasizes the subject of the sentence and is then placed after the subject:    For Examples :
=>*Ann herself opened the door.

=>*Tom himself went.                    Alternatively it can be placed after the object if there is one.   For Examples : =>*Ann opened the door herself.                =>*Tom went himself.                    =>#If the transitive verb is followed by a preposition +    noun, the emphasizing pronoun can be placed after this noun.
=>*Tom went to London himself.                =>*Tom himself went to London.

When it emphasizes another noun it is placed immediately after it:

=>*I saw Tom himself.

=>*He spoke to the president himself.

=>*She likes the diamond itself but not the setting.


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