1. to get on : (to enter, board )
– I always get on the bus at Pemuda Street.
– Kartika gets on the train at the same station every morning.
– I got on bus from my office yesterday.
– We will get on  Sancaka train to Jogyakarta tomorrow.

2. to get off : ( to leave, descend from )
– Lina got off the bus at Darmo Street two days ago.
– We always get off the train at Gubeng station.
– They will get off the train at Gambir railway station.
– You should  get off the train at Lempunyangan  station if you want to go to Jogyakarta.

3. to put on : ( to place on oneself – clothes )
– Tina put on  her T-shirt and went to her friend’s house.
– Put on your hat when you go to school!
– May I put on my hat in this room?
– You must put on your school uniform when you are in school.

4. to take off : ( remove – clothes )

– Lina should take off your hat when you enter the manager’s room.
– I take off my jacket because this room is hot.
– You must take off your shoes when you enter a mosque.
– He puts off his helmet after he rides his motorcycle.

5.   to call or call up : ( to telephone )

– I will call up Mr. Toha as soon as I arrive home.
– He called  me up last night.
– Who called you two days ago?
– Tono calls her girl friend up three times a day.

6.  to turn on : ( to start, begin )

– Please, turn on all the lights in my rooms.
– I always turn on my radio before I go to sleep.
– My son turns on television everyday.

7 turn off  ( to stop, terminate, extinguish )

– Shall I turn on my radio or are you still listening to it?
– Please turn off the light when you leave your house.
– Can you turn off my tape recorder?

8. right away ( immediately, very soon )

– Shinta answered my question right away.
– I will call you up right away, I arrive home.
– We must finish this work right away.

9. to pick up ( to take , especially using one’s fingers )
– Can you pick up the paper which is on the floor?
– She picked up her pencil which was on the ground.
– We often pick up some flowers in the garden.

10. at once ( immediately, very soon, right away )

– I will tell you at once after I get some information.
– I will pay you money back at once after I have one.
– You may borrow my book if you return it at once.

11. get up ( to arise, to move from lying or sitting position to a
standing one )

– I usually get up at 3 o’clock every morning.
– What time does your son get up every morning?
– She can’t get up because she is seriously ill.

12. at first ( originally, in the first instance )

– At first I hadn’t like English, after I have known that English is important
I have decided to study it.
– At first I thought that English is easy, but after I have studied it I feel it is
very difficult.


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