1. elementary school [ the first six years of school ]
Children  begin elementary school at age of five, six or seven
Most children learn to read and write in elementary school.

2. high school [ the school before university ]

The students in high school are thirteen to eighteen years old.

3. graduate from [ finish a school ]
Students graduate when they finish high school

4. college [ the first four years of university ]

Some  students go to college after they graduate from high school.

5. complete [ finish ]

Some students go to college after they complete high school
I try to complete my homework  everyday.

6. apply to / for  [ ask to enter ]

Students apply to colleges.
People apply for jobs.

7. accept [ to permit to enter ]
Colleges usually accept good students.

8. dormitory [  a building where students live ]
Colleges usually have dormitories for students.
I stayed at dormitory when I studied at university.9

9. roommate [ a person you live with ]

Students often have roommate in dormitories.

10. attempt [ to try ]

Students attempt to enter good colleges.
I attempt to help you.


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