1. to wait for ( to expect, await )
– We will wait for you in front of Ramayana hotel tomorrow morning.
– We waited for him more here than two hours.

2. at  last ( finally, after a long time )

– We waited for her for about  three hours and  at last  we decided to leave her.
– At first I have difficulty to understand her explanation but at last I can understand it.

3. as usual ( as always, customarily )

– As usual, Tina helped me to do my homework.
– As usual, Rini has dinner at this restaurant.

4.   to find out ( to get information, discover, learn )

– I was able to find out the name of the girl who was standing over there.
– Please find out what time the first plane arrive?
– Can you find out what he has just explained to us?

5.   to look at ( direct eyes toward, watch )

– Our teacher told us to look at the whiteboard  and not at the book.
– I like to walk along a country road and look at the stars at night.

6. look for ( to search for, seek try to find )

– I have spent two months to look for my family in Bali.
– John is going to look for a job in Jakarta.

7. all right ( satisfactory, correct, yes )

– I would be all right if you study English in this English course.
– Is my answer all right?
– May I watch T V here?  All right.

8. right here, right now, right here : ( exactly here, immediately, exactly there )

– I will be waiting  for you right here tomorrow.
– I have found your wallet right there.
– She leaves us right now.

9. little by little : ( gradually, slowly )

– His English is getting better little by little.
– She increases his vocabulary little by little.
– He saves his money little by little.

10.   tired out : ( extremely weary )

– My father worked hard yesterday and he was tired out.
– My sister was tired out after climbing “Semeru” mountain.

11. call on : ( visit )

– I always call on my sister’s house when I go to Malang.
– You may call on my house anytime you like.

12. never mind: ( do not worry about it )

–    May I use your telephone?    Never mind.
–    Can I park my car right here? Never mind.


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