1. to pick out : ( to choose, select )
– I want to pick out a good book to give my brother
Christmas present.
– Which magazine did you pick out to give Anne?
– If you want me to treat you to a dessert, pick one out.

2. to take one’s time ( to work or go leisurely, avoid hurrying )
– There is no hurry. You can take your time doing those exercises.
– Williams never works rapidly. He always takes his time in everything that he does.

3.to talk over ( to discuss, consider )
– We talked over Carl’s plan to put in air conditioning, but could not come to a decision.
– They should talk over their vacation plans before they leave.
– Before I accept the new job offer, I talked it over with my wife.

4. to lie down ( to recline, take a lying position )
– If you are tired, why don’t lie down for an hour or so?
– The doctor says that Grace must lie down and rest an hour every afternoon.

5. stand up ( to rise, to take an upright or standing position after being seated )
– When the president entered, everyone in the room stood up.
– Please stand up when we call your name.

6. to sit down : ( to take a seat or a resting position after standing)
– After standing for so long, it was a pleasure to sit down and rest.
– We sat down on the park bench and watched the children play.

7.all day : ( the entire day, continously through the day )
– I have been working on my income- tax all day. I started after breakfast, and noe it’s time for bed.
– It’s been raining all day. We haven’t seen the sun since yesterday.

8.by oneself : ( alone )
– Francis translated that French novel by himself. No one helped him.
– Paula likes to walk through the woods by herself. Her brother prefers to walk with a comparison.

9.on purpose ( for a reason, intentionally )
– It was no accident. She arrived on purpose.
– Do you think he spilled the soup on purpose so that he wouldn’t have to eat it?

10.to get along : ( to do, succeed, make progress )
– Juan is getting along very well with his English. he learns more everyday.
– How is Holmes getting along in his new job? Does he like it?

11.to make no ( any ) difference: ( to be of little or equal
importance )

– When I asked him whether he wanted to go in the morning or in the afternoon, he said, ” it makes no difference to me.”
– Does it make any difference to you whether we have our lesson at 2 o’clock or at 3 o’clock? No I don’t care

12.to take out : ( to remove, extract )
– Did the dentist take out your tooth or did he fill it?
– Every night Jim takes his dog out for a walk.


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