1. bring back  : recall
<-Your story brings back pleasant memories.
2. bring back  : return
<- You may borrow my car if you will bring it back
by five o’clock.
3. bring up   : rear ( children )
<- They brought up their children in the country.
4.  bring up   : introduce or mention a subject
<- Why don’t you bring up your proposal at the
next meeting.
5. call back    :  telephone again
<- Why don’t you call me back in an hour?
6. call up        : telephone
<- Why don’t  you call her up now?
7. check off   : mark an items on a list
<- As each person arrives, check his name off the
8. cheer up    : put someone in good spirits or in good mood
<-Try to cheer her up, she hasn’t  been feeling
well lately.
9. cross off    : remove the item from the list
<-Cross my name of the list , please.
10. do over    : do again
<- Your composition was poorly organized. You
must do it over.


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