1. take part in : ( participate, join )
– Martin was sick and could not take part in the meeting
last night.
– I didn’t want to take part in their argument so I remain

2.at all : ( to any degree, in the least – generally used  only in
negative sense with “not” ar ” hardly” )

–  He said that he didn’t have any money at all.
–  When I asked her whether she was tired. She said” Not at
all” I’m full of energy.

3.to look up : ( to search for a word, a price a telephone number,
etc especially in a dictionary or catalog where one
must turn  pages)

– Students should look up new words  in their dictionaries.
– Ellen said that she didn’t know Robert’s number but that she would look it up in the telephone directory.

4.to wait on: ( to serve, attend to – in a store or restaurant )

– A very pleasant young clerk waited on me in that shop yesterday.
– The waitress asked, ” Have you been waited on yet?”

5. at least : ( a minimum of, no few or less than )

– Students should spend at least two hours on their studies every night.
– Gloria has been sick in bed for at least two months.

6.so far  : ( until or up to the present time )
– So far, this year has been the best for my family’s business. I hope our  good luck continues
– How many idioms have we studies in this book so far, 42 or 142?

7.to take a walk : ( to go for a walk, promenade )
– Last evening we took a walk around the park.
– It is a fine day. How would you like to take a walk along Darmo Boulevard?

8.to take a seat : ( to sit down )

– Ms. Johnson asked me to come in and take a seat across from her.
– “Please take your seats” the usher said. “You are blocking the aisle.”

9.to try on : ( to test or put clothing on before buying )
– I tried on several suits and finally picked out a blue one.
– Why is it necessary to try on shoes before buying them?
– Try this brown skirt on next.

10.to think over : ( consider carefully before deciding )
– I’ll think over your offer and give you my answer tomorrow.
– You don’t have to decide this matter at once. You can think it over and give me your decision next week.

11.to take place : ( to happen, occur )
– The meeting took place in Garuda hall.
– Where did the accident take place?

12.to put away : ( to set aside out of sight, return something to its
proper place )

– After John finished reading the report, he put it away in the desk.
– Mother always told us to put our toys away when we finished playing.
– Put your book away; it is time for lunch


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