Many people read the newspaper everyday. Some people have it delivered to their homes, some buy it at the newsstand and others just borrow it from their friends or neighbors.
The front page has the most important news – international, national as well as local. It may also contain interesting stories. These are stories about people in general which are not usually important but which make interesting to read. The title of each story is known as the headline, which is usually printed in large letters. If the story is very important, the headline may go across two or more columns.
The news stories give facts . in other words, no opinions are expressed here. Opinions are given in the editorial. The editorial opinion may express favorable or unfavorable comments on current events.
The newspaper business earns its money from its subscribers, newsstand sales, and advertisements. Big business pay a great deal of money for the advertisements that they place in the newspaper.

The main function of newspaper is to offer the news and its comments on the currents
to the readers as fast as possible. For example A morning newspaper that is published in London can reach its readers in the country on the same day.

Choose the correct answer

1. What does the first paragraph tell us about ?
A. Some people have the newspaper delivered at home.
B. Some people buy it at the newsstands.
C. How people are able to get newspaper.
D. Some people borrow from their friends
E. Many people read newspaper everyday.

2. What does the first page of newspaper
have ?
A. It has only international news which is important.

B. It has not only international but also local news which is very important.
C. It contains of national news but not international one.
D. It contains of important local, national , international news as well as interesting stories.
E. None is correct.

3. What does the fourth paragraph tell us about ? It tells us ….
A. how people subscribes newspaper.
B. how newspaper business gets its money
C. how we buy newspaper to newsstand
D. Newspapers gets money from advertisement.
E. Big business pays great deal of money.

4. Newspaper business earns its money (paragraph 4)
The word earns means ……….
A. has B. finds C. gets
D. looks for E. gathers


Everyone can be genius

We often hear people say that being a genius is a gift from Allah and there is nothing we can do about it. Some people are born to be genius while others are not. But there is one thing for sure that being genius is every human’s dream because it could guarantee the success in our studies, jobs, or even in lives.Somebody being genius is related to his intelligence. So the more intelligent a person is , the more genius he will be.

Intelligence in this case is not a matter of how a person could get good scores in his test or how well the ability of a person could help him in his school or college. These two are just indicators of something much larger. Intelligence we mean is the way people behave to various situations,especially new and challenging ones. And we can find these kinds of situation not only in school or campus but also in our daily life.

In conclusion , we know that inteligence has a very large influence on deciding some body being a genius or not. To have a high inteligence, people have to train his brain in facing various situation, especially new and chalenging ones. And it is important for us to make balance the two halves of brain in making our specialisation. But the most important thing of all is being genius is not always gift from Allah but all of us could be genius as long as we are willing to train our brain.

Adapted from Hello 175,April 2000

5. The word “we” in the first sentence refers …..
A. author

B. reader
C. writer
D. readers and writer
E. publisher

6. Genius has the same meaning as very great and exceptional capacity of the ……. or imagination.
A. mind

B. mine
C. meet
D. mend
E. mark

7. X : Can we be genius ?
Y : ………….
A. No , not at all
B. No, you can.t
C. Why not ?
D. Why must we ?
E. I don’t know

8. Intelligence we mean is the way people behave to various situation. (par. 2 )
The underlined word means ……
A. act

B. believe
C. give
D. help
E. make


There are several important things we must do in order to stay healthy. One of them is that we must eat enough quantities of nutrious food. Good food is very important for keeping
our body healthy. Food which contains al ot of nutrients is always good for our body. Our body needs proteins for its growth. Therefore , proteins are the most important nutrients for young people . Proteins also rebuild worn-out body tissues. We can acquire proteins from meat ,peas, beans, coconuts, eggs and milk.
Carbohydrates as as important as proteins, because they are the main source of energy. The body needs energy to do its work. Carbohydrates are found in bread, cakes, rice potatoes, cassava, corn and sugar.
Fat is another important source of energy. We can find fats in butter, margarine, milk, coconut milk, eggs, fish meat and ice cream. However , eating too much can make our body fat and this is dangerous for our heart.
Minerals salt such as calcium , magnesium, and phosphorus are also absolutely necessary for our body. They are necessary for the growth of our bones and teeth.
Vitamins are important for our health. Our body can not make vitamins. We must eat food which contains a lot of vitamins such as vegetable, and fruit. They control our digestion.

9. Which of the statements below is true
According to the text ?
A. nutriens contain food.
B. Proteins are not needed by our body.
C. Too much fat can make our body healthy.
D. Vitamins are important for our blood.
E. Nutrious food is very important for keeping our body healthy.

10. We can acquire proteins from meat,
chicken, beans. The underlined word
means ……….
A. provide

B. produce
C. eat
D. gain
E. make

11. Too much …….. is not really good for
our heart.
A. fat

B. protein
C. mineral
D. vitamins
E. carbohydrates

12. ……… are needed for the growth of our bones and teeth.
A. proteins

B. carbohydrates
C. fat
D. mineral
E. vitamins

13. The importance of carbohydrates for
our body. This statement is the main idea
of paragraph ………
A. 1

B. 3
C. 5
D. 2
E. 4

14. They control our digestion. The underlined
word refers to …….
A.the body

B. contains
C. food
D. vitamins
E. vegetable and fruit


Once you arrive in Bali, there are several ways to travel around the island. Taxis and rented cars are available through hotels and travels agents. Tour agencies and most hotels offers bus tours to major points of interest. Motorcycles and bicycles are available for rent through agencies in Denpasar, Kuta beach, and Sanur beach. Oplets pass th through areas and offer inexpensive rides.
Denpasar , the capital of the province , is location of many community temples and the Bali museum. Batubulan, a short drive north east of Denpasar is the location of many sandstone workshops. Celuk is the village just north of Batubulan where gold and silver work for jewelry and ornaments is done. The village of batuan specializes in traditional painting and weaving as well as decorative wooden panels and screens.
Besakih on the slope of mount Agung is the location of the largest and the holiest temple in Bali . North west of Denpasar is Tanah Lot, where you can see the most important sea temple. Sea snake can be found at the base of the temple on this rocky island. It is believed to guard the temple from evil.
Last but not least is Kuta beach. It is located on the south west coast of the island. It has sandy beaches, good high surf and beautiful sunsets.

15. Where are the gold and silver ornaments
usually made ?
A. at Celuk

B. at Ubud
C. at Batubulan
D. at Denpasar
E..at Tampak Siring

16. There are some alternative to travel around
island. If we want to be more economical,
we can use
A. boats

B. oplets
C. motorcycles
D. express buses
E. car with driver
17. What does paragraph 1 tell us ?
It tells us about ………….. that can carry us to Bali
A. tourism objects
B. transportation
C. agencies
D. hotels
E. bus

18. It is believed to guard the temple from
evil. (par 3) What does It refer to ?
.IT refers to ……….
A. Mount Agung

B. Temple
C. Sea snake
D. Rocky island
E. Tanah lot

19. X : We can we see beautiful sun set ?
Y : We can see beautiful sun set in …..
A. Denpasar

B. Batubulan
C. Kuta beach
D. Besakih
E. Celuk


Everyone wants to (20) …………. pollution. But the pollution problem is as complicated as it is serious. It is complicated (21) ………. much pollution is caused by things that benifit people. For example exhaust from automobile causes a large percentage of all air pollution but the automobile (22) ……….. transportation for millions of people. Factories (23) ………… much of material that polluted air and water,but factories provide jobs for people and (24) ……… goods that people want. Too much ferilizer or pesticide can ruin soil, but fertilizer and pesticide are (25) ……….. aids to the growing of crops.

20. A. reduceB. make C. produce
D. inc rease E. put

21. A. although B. so that C. whenD. because E. even though

22. A. charges  B. provides C. stops D. produces E. increases

23 . A. pollute B. solve C. make D. discharge E. reduce
2 4. A. produce B. sell C. buy D. give E. throw
25. A. important B. useless C. cheap D. expensive E. unimportant

No 26 s/d no 60 has no connection withh the text above

26. When we meet a friend or someone at
night, it is good to greet him/her by
A. good bye B. good luck C. good night D. good evening E. good afternoon

27. Tono : Hello ,Andi !
Andi : Hello, Tono !
Tono : Andi, this is Yanto, our new
Andi : How do you do, Yanto ?
Yanto : How do you do ? ………..
A. It’s all right then
B. I’m glad to meet you
C. You’re glad to meet me
D. I’m sorry to leave you
E. Thanks a lot for helping me

28. X : How long have you known Ruli ?
Y : I have known him …….
A. yesterday B. for a long time
C. tomorrow D.now
E. a month ago

29. Water …….. at 100 degree centigrade.
A. boil  B. boils  C. boiled D. to boil E. is boiling

30. “I am going to buy a new shirt tonight,”
Budi said.
Budi said that ……. a new shirt that
A. Iam going to buy
B. He is going to buy
C. Iam going to buy
D. He was going to buying
E. He was going to buy

31. X : Do you know the girl ?
Y : You mean the girl ……. is standing
Near the door.
A. who B. whom C. whose D. to whom E. which

32. Farhan : How old is Rudy now ?
Ghali : He is about five years old
But before going to school,
he always dresses himself
The underlined sentence means that…
A. Rudy asks his mother to dress him.
B. Nobody helps him to dress.
C. His father always help him to dress.
D. His father never dresses himself
E. Rudy never dresses himself.

33. Instead of saying :
Some books were on my tables
We can say ………..
A. There are some books on my table.
B. There were some books on my table.
C. There is some books on my table.
D. There was some books on my table.
E. They were on my table.

34. Herman : Hi, Budi . Do you know Nita’s
Address ?
Budi : I can’t say for certain
The underlined sentence is an expression
of ………
A. apology B. certainty C. surprise D. doubt E. disgust

35. Toni : Do you have any idea what place
of interest to visit this year ?
Dina : What about we go to Kuta beach.
The underlined sentence is an expression
of ………..
A. apology B. surprise C. disgust
D. giving idea E. doubt

36. Tono :Eli acted beautifully and perfectly,
didn’t she ?
Tini : Wonderful. It’s really wonderful.
The underlined sentence expresses …
A. ability B. sympathy C. surprise
D. agreement E. disappointed

37. Lisa : Who is that girl ?
Tina : Which girl do you mean ?
Lisa : The girl …… father is a doctor.
A. who B. whose C. whom D. which E. to whom

38. Wiwik : When will people repair this
bridge ?
Totok : ……………………..……..
A. People will be repaired next week.
B. People will be repaired it next week.
C. This bridge will be repaired next week.
D. This bridge will repair next week.
E. This bridge will repair people next week.

39. Tina : Lilik, Your mother is very busy
Lilik : yes, you are right.
Tina : we …….. help her now.
A. may B. will C. should D. might E. shall

40. Mr. Hadi said : “don’t be late again!”
Toni : What did Mr. Hadi tell you ?
Rudi : ……………..
A. He told me to late again.
B. He told me to be late again.
C. He told me to be not late again.
D. He told me not to be late again.
E. He told me not late again.

41. Toni : My sister- Lisa has been in U.K for
for 12 years.
Rony : I believe that she …… help me
translate my English assignment
Into Indonesian
A. may B. can C. should  D. must E. ought to

42. Customer : I want the checked dress
displayed in the window this
Shopkeeper : I’m sorry, it …………
A. has sold B. has to sell C. has been sold D. has to be sold
E. has been selling

43. Malik : Where is Baskara, my favorite
player ?
Dodik : He might be in his school. He
said he would join the basket
ball tournament
The word “might” expresses …………
A. possibility B. obligation
C. conclusion D. permission
E. ability

44. Rama : Who repaired your bicycle for
you ?
Hendri : I repaired it myself .
The underlined sentence means
A. Rama asked someone to repair it.
B. Henri repaired it, not anybody else.
C. Someone repaired it for him.
D. Someone asked Rama to repair it.
E. The mechanic repaired it.

45. Budi bought a new house ……… is located
near Sidoarjo Square
A. who B. which C. whose D. whom E. why

46. X : I really have a lot of work to do next
week. Would you mind giving me
a hand ?
Y : Certainly , I would
The underlined words show an
expression of …………………….
A. certainty                 B. possibility
C. probability             D. past ability
E. polite request

47. X : Where do you think John is at this
Y : It’s still 2 P.M. He must still be
working in the office now.
The underlined word expresses ……..
A. advisibility                 B. necessity
C. probability                 D. certainty
E. possibility

48. Erna : Have you heard that Bob has
won the speech contest ?
Rina : Really ? That’s amazing
The underlined utterances expresses …….
A. sympethy              B. compliment
C. ability                     D. surprise
E. agreement

49. While I …… the floor, I found some on it.
A. swept                            B. sweep
C. was sweeping             D. is sweeping
E. has swept

50. My father asked me ……. my school
assignment before watching TV.
A. do B. did C. to do
D. done E. does

51. This house is going to …….. by a friend of
A. painted B. painting C. to paint
D. be painted E. be painting

52. Toni : Budi , Where are you going ?
Budi : I’m going to study English at
“English First”.
Toni : How long have you been
studying English.
Budi : I have been studying English ..
…….. I was 10 years old.

A. while  B. when  C. for  D. since  E. as

53. Tina : Lina, your mother is very busy
cooking in the kitchen, isn’t she ?
Lina : Yes, you are right.
Tina : You should help her …….
Lina : Yes, of course.
A. cooks                    B. cooking                  C. to cook
D. cooked                 E. to be cooked

54. Totok : Excuse me, May I park my
motorcycle here ?
Lisa : sure
The underlined sentence is an expression
of ……..
A. certainty
B. uncertainty
C. hope
D. asking advice
E. asking for permission

55. The students …….. the police caught
yesterday are naughty.
A. which                  B. whom                          E. whose
D. in which             E where

56. Ali : I heard that Iwan does not pass the
Amin : that is too bad.
Say to him to study hard.
The underlined sentence is an
Expression of ………..
A. permission                         B. suggestion
C. indirect command           D. hope
E. permission

57. Student : .Iam sorry,Sir . I am late.
Teacher : Why ?
Student : I have got a traffic accident.
The underlined sentence is an expression
of ……….
A. apology                  B. permission
C. suggestion             D. hope
E. command

58. The train ……… at the station.
A. stops                   B. stopped                C. will stop
D. is stopping       E. has been stopped

59. Roni : Bali is very beautiful.
Dina : What did Roni say ?
Adi : Roni said that ………..
A. Bali was very beautiful.
B. Bali is very beautiful.
C. Bali has been very beautiful.
D. Is Bali very beautiful ?
E. Was Bali very beautiful.

60. Ririn : Do you feel like coming
to my party tonight ?
Liza : OK. I’d love to
The underlined utterance is used to
express ………
A. help                              B. request                    C. invitation
D. introduction            E. command


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