There are many kinds of sport. One of them is jogging. Many people in Indonesia like jogging. It is very important to our body because it keeps our heart healthy. It also keeps us fit.
If we get up early in the morning in most Indonesian cities, we will see an unusual sight. Lots of boys and girls and men and women are already up and busy. What are they doing ? They are exercising. Many will do jogging. Jogging is a gentle running. People jog to relax themselves, to keep themselves fit or simply to enjoy themselves. Our world today is a world where life is comfortable and easy for many city people.
To do jogging does not need a lot of money. It is a cheap sport. We only need a pair of running shoes, a sport shirt, shorts, socks.
We can jog on the streets, in the big squares, in the park, in the stadium., etc. If we want to make our body fit. We have to jog at least three times a week or every other day. So don’t jog only on Sundays.
What should and should not we do before and after jogging ?
a. Before we start jogging , do some exercise. It is called Warming up. By doing this our body and muscle and muscle will be able to adapt easily.
b. Before we start jogging, we should not eat or drink anything. If we eat or drink something with a large portion, our stomach will ache while we are jogging.
c. After jogging we don’t take a bath directly. We should wait for about fifteen minutes, or our body gets dry. If we are still sweat and take a bath, we will be sick.

Choose the correct answer

01. What is the best title of the above text ?
A. warming up B. our body
C. city people D. running
E. Jogging

02. The importance of jogging to our
body can be found in paragraph. ……..
A. 5 B. 4 C. 3
D. 2 E. 1

03. If we are still in a sweat and take a bath,
we will be sick.
What does the underlined word mean ?
A. olah raga B. latihan C. keringat
D. lelah E. senang

04. What does every other day means ?
It means ……….
A. everyday B. each day
C. some day D. once in two days
E. twice a day

05.Which statement is correct based on the
text ?
A. There is only a kind of sport.
B. Jogging is very important for our
C. Jogging is a cheap sport.
D. We should eat or drink a lot before
Or after jogging.
E. Many facilities are provided by
Individual at present.


Clear water is one of the topics that we often hear nowadays. What is clear water ? Clear water means water which is used for washing, drinking and eating. So clear water is not salty. Human can get clear water from the earth by making well or even a water pump. Clear water is very useful for human lives. In big countries, the people even have to pay for it.
Why must they pay for the water? This is because of human himself. They build big industries. These industries need chemical process. These proceed chemical garbage that we call waste. This waste will float in the river and can kill the life in it. People in the surrounding area are in bad condition. They can be seriously ill and even it can endanger them. Big industries can cause the area lack of clean water.
How can we improve the situation? First, we have to explain to community the danger of chemical waste so that they will take part in improving them. We can also ask the managers of big industries to clean their waste so that it will not damage the environment. Clear water is very important for human beings Therefore everyone should take part in keeping it pure.

06. What is the best title of the text above ?
A. Human’s use B. clear water
C. chemical waste D. Chemical process
F. big industries

07. Why must they pay for the water?
(par 2)
What does the underlined word refer to?
A. The topics B. people
C. these industries D. everyone
E. big industries

08. Find the word that means have less than enough (par 2)
A. build B. pay
C. endanger D. lack of
E. cause

09. Which statement is true according to the
Text ?
A Clean water is water that can be used
To wash and eat
B. In small countries, people even have to pay for clear water.
C. Big industries never cause the area to lack of clear water.
D. Chemical waste will not damage the environment.
E. We can improve the lack of clear water by explaining to the community the danger of chemical waste.


Galileo was born in 1564 in the city of Pisa, Italy. About twenty years later he attended the university of Pisa. At first , he wanted to be a doctor, while he was there he became interested in science and decided to become a scientist. In 1592, a year after his father death, the university of Padua invited him to be professor of mathematics. He stayed there for 19 years, where he became interested in the stars. He made an instrument which made far away thing look larger and easier to examine. This was called telescope. It could make things look thirty two times as big as they looked to the eye. Galileo could see many stars through his telescope and he began to study the stars and other things in the sky.
He studied the moon first and discovered that it was a sphere just like our own earth, with mountains and valleys. When he studied the stars, he discovered that stars which move, were not really stars, but world like the earth. He proved that Copernicus was right, the earth and the planets indeed move around the sun. Galileo also discovered that one big planet Jupiter, had four moons , but he made mistake by naming them planets. Galileo discovered many other things too. It is because of Galileo that we now have clocks and watches. He also wrote many important books which opened the way to discover of new things. Unfortunately , in 1637 he lost his eye-sight. However, he continued to work until he passed away. On January 8,1642.

10. The text tells us about ………
A. telescope B. the solar system
C. astronomy D. Galileo
E. the discovery of planets

11. Galileo died at the age of …….
A. 77 B. 78 C. 79
D. 80 E. 81

12. Which statement is true based on the text?
A. Copernicus invented a telescope.
B. In 1548, Galileo became mathematics professor.
C. Copernicus discovered that planets went around the sun.
D. Galileo invented clocks and watches.
E. Galileo discovered nothing

13. ………. that it was a sphere just like our
own planet. The underlined word means
A, place B. area C. a circle
D. globe E. a ball-like shape

14. Paragraph 1 tells us about ……
A. the invention of stars
B. the family of Galileo
C. the education of Galileo
D. how to study the stars
E. the university in Italy


School (15) ………. at seven o’clock in the morning. Many students walk to school. Some students go to school by bicycle and some go to school by car or bus. They try to get to school in time. They don’t want to be late because the front (16) ………. will be closed.
The students go to school from Monday to Saturday(17) ………. on holiday. If one student is ill, his/her father or mother should (18) ……. a note to the headmaster telling him that his son or daughter is absent. This is one of the school rules.
On Monday morning the students have a (19) ………… . It is attended both teachers and students. While the red and white flag is being hoisted all participants are singing national (20) ………..

15. A, begins B. stops C. closes
D. opens E. ends

16. A. gate B. office C. garden
D. lavatory E. parking area

17. A. except B. expect C. included
D. if not E. unless

18. A. write B. call C. ask
D. buy E. sell

19. A. singing contest B. open ceremony
C. flag ceremony D. flag party
E. religious ceremony

20. A,. teacher B. students
C. anthem D. history
E. hero


If the germs of disease are easily passed from person such a disease is contagious disease. The word “contagious” comes from a Latin word for ” contact . The disease is caught by a well man when he comes into contact with a sick one. Sometimes a contagious disease sweeps over a large part of the world or effect nearly everyone in a country. Some contagious diseases are whooping cough. Tuberculosis, pneumonia, cholera, typhus, fever, dengue fever, syphilis, etc.

21. What is contagious disease ?
A. a germ of disease
B. a germ of the sick man
C. a disease which is caught by a sick man
D. a disease which is caught by a well man.
E. A disease which easily passed from person to person.

22. A contagious disease can sweep over
large part of the world when ………..
A. The disease is caught by sick man.
B. The disease is caught by a well man.
C. It effects nearly all of the people there.
D. There is only one caught by the disease.
E. A sick man comes into contact with a healthy man.

23. A contagious disease can be caught by a
Well man when he ………
A. is tired
B. meets a sick man
C. is coughing all the time
D. comes into contact with a sick man
E. is working hard and lack of sleeping

24. All these diseases are contagious, except

A. fever B. cholera
C. tuberculosis D. pneumonia
E. fatigue

25. “effects nearly everyone in a country.”
The underlined word means ……
A. hardly B. almost
C. scared D. scarcely
F. closely

26. ” If the germ of disease.”
The underlined word means ………
A. embryo B. bacteria
C. sickness D. caterpillar
E. worm

27. Eldy : What do you think of
playing chess ?
Kandy : I think it is very unpleasant.
The underlined word shows an
expression of ……………….
A. like B. dislike C. suggestion
D. hope E. prohibition

28. What do you call the science that studies
The object in the space ?
A. astrology B. biology

C. philosophy D. Geology
E. Astronomy

29. Rifky : I want to take my bad tooth
Bryan : You should go to the ………
A. nurse B. surgeon
C. teacher D. dentist
E. beautician
30. Mr. Hadi said : “Don’t be late again!”
Toni : What did Mr. Hadi tell you ?
Rudi : ……………………..
A. He told me to late again.
B. He told me to be late again.
C. He told me to be not late again.
D. He told me not to be late again
E. He told me not late again.
31. Tono. : Eli acted beautifully and
Perfectly, didn’t she ?
Tini : Wonderful. It’s really
The underlined sentence is an
expression of ………………….
A. apology B. surprise
C. sympathy D. disappointment
E. agreement
32. Dina : What about your English
Assignment ?
Andry : No problem with it. I …….
last week.
A. finish B. was finishing
B. am finishing D. finishing
E. finished

33. X : Of the three cars, which one
do you want to buy ?
Y : Well, I want to buy ……..
A. as more expensive one
B. the more expensive one
C. the most expensive one
D. more expensive one
E. expensive one as

34. Teacher : What do you know about
Ali : It ……. of hydrogen and
A. consisted B. is consisting
C. has consisted D. was consisted
E. consists

35. Tina : What do you think of this dress
compared to the ones at the
Nanik : Well, this dress is …… than
those ones.
A. better B. as good
C. more good D. as expensive as
E. the most expensive

36. “ I am going to buy a car tonight,” Ari
Ari said that …………..
A. I was going to buy a car tonight.
B. She was going to buy a car tonight.
C. I was going to buy a car tonight.
D. She is going to buy a car tonight.
E. She was going to buy a car that night.

37. Boy : What does the gardener do
with the plants at the garden?
Roy : He always ….. it every
A. waters B. watered
C. is watering D. was watering
E. is watered

38. Yanto : Do you like reading a novel ?
Rini : yes, I do.
Yanto wants to know …………..
A. if she likes reading a novel.
B. that she likes reading a novel.
C. that she liked reading a novel.
D. whether she liked reading a novel?
E. weather she likes reading a novel.

39. Dina : What is the result of your
test this morning ?
Yani : I have got 5 for it.
Dina : really, You should study
From the dialogue we know that …….
A. .Dina gives advice to Yani
B. Yani asks for help
C. Dina must study harder.
D. Yani doesn’t have to study.
E. Yani hopes Dina study harder.

39. Heru : What do you know about ou
Neighbor , Mr. Jack ?
Adri : He has not only a big and
Beautiful house but also four
luxurious cars.
Heru : so, He ……… be very rich.
A. may B. must
C. can D. should
E ought

40. Farhan : Hi , Galli this is my friend,
Galli : How do you do ?
Rury :………….. nice to meet you.
A. I am fine
B. Nice to meet you
C. How do you do ?
D. I am just fine, thank
E. Hi, my new friend

41. One difference between mathematics
and language is that mathematics is precise ……………………..
A. language is not
B. while language is not
C. but language not
D. language not
E. while is language

42. Your criticism of the three short stories
should not be less than 2000 words nor
………. more than 3000 words.
A. should it be
B. it should be
C. it is
D. should
E. should be it

43. In Roman Numerals, ……….. symbols
for numeric values.
A. are letters of the alphabet
B. letters of the alphabet are
C. which uses letters of the alphabet
D. in which letters of the alphabets are
E. letters of

44. The growth of hair ……… cynical
process, with phrases of activity and
A. it is B. is a
C. which is D. of which
E. a regular

45. The speed of light is ……. the speed of
A. faster B. much faster than
C. the fastest D. as fast
E. more faster than

46. ………. impressive chapter in the book
was the chapter on Stuart’s scientific theories.
A. It is the most B. The most
C. Most D. Mostly
E. Most of the

47. According to Bernoulli’s principle, the
higher the speed of a fluid gas, …………..
the pressure.
A. it will be lower B. lower than the
C. the lower D. lower it is
E. lower

48. My English teacher always advises his
students to do the test by ……….
A. himself B. herself
C. themselves D. itself
E . ourselves

49. Titin : Our mathematics teacher has not
come to the class to teach us.
Rudi :Perhaps she is sick today.
The underlined sentence shows an expression of ………………
A. hope B. ability
C. possibility D. agreement
E. like

50. If you ………. this cable, the bell will be
A. touch B. touching
C. touched D. have touch
E. will touch

Arrange these words below into
A good and correct sentence !

1. Mount Vernon — reside — at –
George Washington — to — widow, Martha Curtis — the couple — married — after — came

After ……………………..……………………..

2. sound — flight — faster — of –
supersonic — flight – than — speed –
is — that — is – the

Supersonic ……………………..………………

3. feelings — is — and – wind – such as
— objects – animism — the –
that — have — belief — natural
phenomena — river – rocks

Animism ……………………..………………..

4. books — books — the – like —
last — science — semester –
this – semester — used – the – are

The science ……………………..……………..


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