Future Continues/progressive Tense : is used to describe an action that is going to happen at a certain time in the future. It is already decided/fixed.

Affirmative form :

Form  : S + will + be V1 ing

  1. I will be teaching in this school at 8 o’clock tomorrow.
  2. Tina will be studying English with her teacher at 10 o’clock  tomorrow.
  3. Wati will be attending a meeting at 9 o’clock next week.

Negative form :

Form     S + will +  Not + be Vi ing

  1. I will not be playing tennis  at  ten tomorrow so you can come to my house to meet me then.
  2. My son will not be studying at  ten  tomorrow.

Interrogative form:

  1. Will You be teaching at eight tomorrow?
  2. Will you be attending the meeting  this evening?
  3. Will you be playing tennis at ten tomorrow?


In this case will can be replaced with be going to

  1. I am going to be teaching all day tomorrow ,so I have no time to attend your weeding party.
  2. I am going to be traveling  a lot tomorrow, so please don’t come to my house tomorrow.

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