01. Andi can  …. me his bicycle  if I need it.
A. lend
B. to lend
C. to land
D. land
E. lent
02. You should ….. him about the accident that happened just now.
A. to tell
B. told
C. telling
D. tell
E. to told
03. I will …. you here tomorrow morning.
A. waiting for
B. to wait for
C. wait for
D. waited
E. be waited for
04. Drivers must not …… their cars here.
A. park
B. parking
C. to park
D. parked
E. to be parked
05. They must …. their assignment in the class.
A. do
B. done
C. did
D. doing
E. to do
06. You may ….. the class if you are not late.
A. attending
B. to attend
C. attended
D. attend
E. to be attended
07. You can  …. the class if you have finished your assignment.
A. to leave
B. left
C. leave
D. leaving
E. be left
08. I can …. you if I have enough time.
A. helping
B. to help
C. helped
D. be helped
E. help
09. You may ….. two books from this library.
A. borrowing
B. to borrow
C. borrowed
D. borrow
E. be borrowed
10. You must ….  you car when you see the red light on the cross road.
A. stopping
B. stop
C. to stop
D. stopped
E. be stopped
11. we can’t …. anything because it is dark.
A. to saw
B. see
C. to see
D. saw
E. seen
12. You may ….. here longer if you like the city.
A. staying
B. to stay
C. stayed
D. stay
E. be stayed
13. Sherly can …. many languages.
A. spoke
B. spoken
C. to speak
D. speaking
E. speak
14. When I was sick, I couldn’t ……
A. standing up
B. to stand up
C. stand up
D. stood up
E. be stood up
15. Tono can  …. as fast as Ben Johnson.
A. run
B. to run
C. running
D. be run
E. ran
16. You may  …. here with me.
A. sitting
B. to sitting
C. sat
D. sit
E. to set
17. Krisdayanti can …… very well.
A. singing
B. sang
C. sing
D. to sing
E. be sung
18. She can  … an accident if she drives fast.
A. have
B. has
C. had
D. having
E. to have
19. The cat could …. the high fence.
A. climbing
B. climbed
C. to climb
D. climb
E. be climb
20. Helen will ….. for her exam.
A. studying
B. study
C. to study
D. studied
E. be studied
21. The man should  ….. the gate before he goes sleeping.
A. locking
B. locked
C. to lock
D. lock
E. be locked
22. I can …. to your house with john today.
A. come
B. came
C. coming
D. to come
E. be come
23. You may ….. television after you study.
A. watching
B. to watch
C. watch
D. watched
E. be watched
24. Everyone should ….. with his money.
A. careful
B. be careful
C. carefully
D. to careful
E. be carefully
25. We must ….. things in cash.
A. buying
B. to buy
C. bought
D. buy
E. be bought
26. Some of his fruit should ….. in the market.
A. sell
B. be sold
C. sold
D. to sell
E. selling
27. Money can  ….. in many ways.
A. help
B. helping
C. to help
D. helped
E. be helped
28. It would …. if we stay here.
A. good
B. be good
C. better
D. well
E. being good
29. They might …. clothes for their family.
A. need
B. to need
C. to needed
D. be needed
E. needed
30. Money can …  for buying things.
A. use
B. used
C. be used
D. to use
E. using
31. The rice field should …. well if we want to get good result.
A. cultivate
B. to cultivated
C. be cultivated
D. cultivating
E. cultivated
32. This house may …. once a month by the owner.
A. painting
B. painted
C. be painted
D. paint
E. to paint
33. This class must ….. everyday in order to look clean and healthy.
A. clean and mop
B. cleaned and mopped
C. be cleaned and mopped
D. cleaning and mopping
E. to clean and mop
34. This broken television set can …. but it will spend much money.
A. repairing
B. to repair
C. repair
D. repaired
E. be repaired
35. The injured man must …. soon because his condition is in danger.
A. hospitalized
B. be hospitalized
C. to hospitalize
D. hospital
E. hospitalized
36. The water fro PDAM must … first if we want to drink it.
A. boiling
B. boil
C. to boil
D. be boiled
37. The number of motorcycle must .. if not the street always get traffic jam.
A. limitation
B. limit
C. limited
D. to limit
E. limited
38. John’s hair is long. It must  …..
A. cut
B. cutting
C. to be cut
D. be cut
E. to cut

39. Yanti is  …. a good student so she must ….
A. reward
B. to reward
C. to be reward
D. rewarded
E. be rewarded
40. Sophisticated media of teaching should ….. to all teachers here.
A. introduce
B. introducing
C. introduction
D. be introduced
E. to introduce
41. Students should not ….. if they have not finished their task.
A. be allowed to attend the class
B. allow to attend the class
C. to allow to attend the class
D. be allowed to attend the class
E. allowing to attend the class
42. The class should  ….. into two groups in order to get good  quality.
A. be divide
B. be divided
C. to divide
D. divide
E. dividing

43. You should …… your car before you drive it.
A. checking
B. to check
C. check
D. to be check
E. be checked
44. You must …. your coin into the vending-machine to get cigarettes.
A. inserted
B. to insert
C. inserting
D. be inserted
E. insert
45. English must ….. from kindergarten until university.
A. be teach
B. be taught
C. taught
D. to teach
E. teaching
46. The plants in the garden  must …. in order that they grow well.
A. watering
B. to water
C. watered
D. be watered
E. water
47. If you say like that, your friends will …. you.
A. criticize
B. criticizing
C. be criticized
D. to criticize
E. criticism

48. Children  should …. by their parents in order to be  good persons.
A. to guide
B. guide
C. to be guided
D. guided
E. be guided
49. My computer is out of order. One of the components must ……
A. replace
B. to replace
C. replacement
D. be replaced
E. replaced
50. This opinion  should ….  because it is good.
A. take into account
B. to take into account
C. be taken into account
D. taken into account
E. took into account
51. His idea can …. in our school.
A. use
B. using
C. be used
D. used
E. to use
52. Motor cycle riders must ….helmets for their own safety.
A. wearing
B. to wear
C. wore
D. worn
E. be worn
53. River water must not …. with waste from factories.
A. contaminate
B. contaminated
C. be contaminated
D. to contaminate
E. to be contaminated
54. Students should not … late today because they will have tests.
A. being
B. to be
C. be
D. been
E. were
55. You ought to ….. your money in Bank.
A. save
B. saving
C. saved
D. be saved
E. being saved
56. You have to ….. your English vocabulary everyday.
A. add
B. to add
C. adding
D. be added
E. added
57. The servant should …. the floor.
A. sweeping
B. to sweep
C. swept
D. to be swept
E. sweep
58. You ought to …. your office telephone number.
A. knowing
B. knew
C. known
D. to know
E. be known
59. Tony must …. in this school because his car is here.
A. be
B. being
C. to be
D. been
E. is

60. The meeting may …. because our chairman is hospitalized.
A. cancel
B. canceled
C. to cancel
D. be canceled
E. canceling
61. That coffee must ….. hot because we can see smoke over the glass.
A. to be
B. being
C. be
D. been
E. is
62. The hotel must …. a lot of guests it is located near Sanur beach.
A. has
B. have
C. had
D. having
E. to have
63. The players can ….. if they break the rules of the game.
A. disqualified
B. to disqualify
C. be disqualified
D. disqualified
E. to be qualified
64. Tony doesn’t come to school today . He may …. sick.
A. be
B. being
C. to be
D. been
E. is
65. This book will …. by its writer because there are some mistakes.
A. revise
B. to revise
C. to revised
D. revising
E. be revised
66. Students may not ….. Indonesian in this room.
A. spoke
B. speak
C. spoken
D. to speak
E. speaking
67. Students may not …. when they have tests.
A. cheat
B. cheating
C. to cheat
D. cheated
E. be  cheated
68. The lesson should ….. today.
A. finish
B. finished
C. finishing
D. to be finished
E. be finished
69. I have to …. the lamps when I want to go sleeping.
A. switch off
B. to switch off
C. to be switched
D. be switched off
E. switched
70. You may  ….. the piano if you want to.
A. playing
B. to play
C. played
D. to be played
E. play
71. Anita should …… about it to her parents.
A. told
B. telling
C. to tell
D. tell
E. be told
72. The sun energy can  …. to run cars.
A. used
B. be used
C. use
D. to use
E. using

73. It will … possible for men to cook dinner by using the heat of the sun.
A. being
B. be
C. to be
D. been
E. became
74. Did you hear me come in last night? No, I … asleep.
A. must
B. may be
C. may
D. must
E. must have been
75. The failure of our students should ……..
A. be analyzed
B. analyzed
C. to analyze
D. analyze
E. to be analyzed

76. The explosion of Bomb in Kuta could …. in Denpasar.
A. hear
B. heard
C. to hear
D. hearing
E. to hear
77. You can … your business if you have enough capital.
A. develop
B. developing
C. to be develop
D. be developed
E. developed
78. Death can not ….. . It will happen to all of us.
A. avoid
B. be avoided
C. avoided
D. to be avoided
E. to avoid
79. You must …. your letter before you post it.
A. sign
B. signed
C. to be signed
D. be signed
E. signal
80. I must …. my raincoat because it is raining hard.
A. wear
B. to wear
C. wearing
D. worn
E. be worn


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