Explanation Text

An explanation tells us how or why something happens. Explanation can be spoken or written and their purpose is to tell each step of the process     ( the how ) and to give reasons ( the why ) for it.

These must be cared of if you want to write in the form of Explanation :
1.How something occurs
2.Why something happened
3. Why things are alike or different.
4.How to solve a problem

Construction of Explanation Text
A written explanation usually has three steps : first, there is the general statement about the event or thing. The next follows a series of paragraphs that tells how  and why. The final step is a concluding paragraph.

Grammar :

1. timeless present tense

2. adverb clause of reason

3. adverb clause of result


Reasons for New South Wales being chosen for the colony

There are several reasons for the British choosing New South Wales as the place to send convicts.

Firstly, Britain could no longer send convicts to America. This was because the Americans revolved against the British in 1776 and refused to take any more convicts.

Secondly, NSW was a long way from Britain, therefore, convicts would find it hard to escape and return home.

Another reason for choosing NSW was that it might make a good trading post and naval base. Britain’s strength came from its navy and trading empire; consequently it was continually looking for ways to keep power.

Finally, Sir Joseph banks contributed to the choise of NSW. Banks had traveled with Captain Cook and was highly respected so he was able to convince many people to choose NSW.

It can be seen that there were a number of reasons for British choosing NSW as the place to establish a convict colony in 1788.


How does the body react to heat?

When the human body is exposed to very hot conditions one result can be heatstroke. This is often the case for athletes and people who have to work outside in summer.

Heatstroke is a sudden, uncontrolled rise in body temperature. It is a reaction that results  from human body no being able to replace fluid lost through perspiration. If the lost fluids are not replaced then dehydration occurs and this leads to decrease in blood.

In this situation the body must decide whether to give the blood to the main organs  ( livers, kidneys, brain, and so on ) or to the skin. Because the main organs are more important, they will receive the blood. Also , as a consequence of the drop in the fluids, the body loses its ability to sweat. The situation become critical. The body now can not produce sweat; therefore it cannot cool itself. Excess heat cannot be released through the skin as a result of the loss of blood supply to the part of the body. The lack of blood supply and the inability to sweat together cause the body overheat.

Heatstroke can cause permanent injury if not treated properly. It is one way of how body can react to heat.


A tsunami is a very large sea wave that is generated by a disturbance  along the ocean floor. This disturbance can be an earthquake, a landslide, or a volcanic eruption. A tsunami is undetectable far out in the ocean, but once it reaches shallow water, this fast wave grows very fast.

Tsunami occur when a major fault under the ocean floor suddenly slips. The displaced rocks push pushes water above it like a giant paddle, producing powerful water waves at the ocean  surface. The ocean waves  spread out from the vicinity of the earthquake source and  move across the ocean until they reach the coastline, where  their height increases as they reach continental shelf , the path of the earth’s crust that slopes or rises from the ocean floor up to the land.

Tsunami wash ashore with often disastrous effects such as severe, flooding, loss of lives due to drowning and damage to property


Bees are useful insects. There are about 20,000 kinds  of  bees, but only honey bees  make honey. Honey bees live in groups called colonies. Each colony has one female queen bee, ten of thousands or workers , and a few hundred  male bees or drones. Honey bees lives in hives. Inside their hive, the bees make a honey comb of wax. The honey comb is a kind of bee apartment building full of six –sided room s in which the bees raises young and store food.

The queen bee lays thousands of eggs. Worms look like larvae hatch from eggs. Each larva becomes a pupa, which looks partly like larva and partly like an adult bee. Worker bees feed the young , clean, guard the hive, and fly to and from flowers. They collect tiny grains of pollen and a sweet liquid called nectar for food. The pollen is food for young bees. Worker bees use the nectar to make honey. Without bees bringing pollen from flower to  flower, many plants can’t make seeds.


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