Find the fact of the following sentences

  1. I wish it had not rained yesterday.
  2. She wishes she went to a cinema with John.
  3. He wishes he had met his girl friend here yesterday.
  4. The students wish their teacher had come on time two days ago.
  5. I wish I had not heard that bad news.
  6. Wati wishes she could speak fluently.
  7. Tono wishes he had not been late to attend the class yesterday.
  8. We wish we could do the test well.
  9. She wishes her husband had not drunk whiskey two days ago.
  10. The police wish we drove our cars carefully.
  11. My teacher wishes I studied regularly.
  12. I wish Tina was here right now.
  13. My teacher wishes I had done the assignment by myself.
  14. I wish my wife had not come home late.
  15. He wishes he found his stolen car.
  16. I wish I had not made a lot of mistakes.
  17. I wish the two boys had not fought  in the street.
  18. I wish I could swim across Madura straight.
  19. My mother wishes I were a doctor.
  20. I wish I knew your address.
  21. She wishes she became a teacher.
  22. I wish the cakes tasted delicious.
  23. I wish my sons had studied hard last year.
  24. My brother wished I had finished my study on time.
  25. My sister wishes I could help her.
  26. I wish my friend had invited me to his wedding party.
  27. I wished you had not smoked in the class.
  28. My teacher wishes I had not  copied my friend’s assignment.
  29. My sister wishes I had telephoned her yesterday.
  30. Mr. Supri wishes I had not parked my motor cycle here yesterday.

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