1. Is Rina still sick?
Yes, I wish she …. here now to help me type the report.
A. is                  B. were        C. would be
D. will be        E. had been

2.   I am planning to go to the party tonight but it is not raining

4. It’s raining very hard now.
I wish ….

A.. It stops        B. It will stop        C. It would stop
D. It stopped        E. It had stopped

3.    I wish …. Now to watch our play.
A. he is here        B. he has been here    C. he were here
D. he be here        E. he will be here

4.    I wish you ….tomorrow.
A. have gone        B. will go        C. would go
D. shall go             E. are going togo

5. “Let’s go swimming.” I wish I …….. We have a test next Tuesday.

A.  am able to             B. could           C. be able to

D. could be                  E. will be able to

6. Tina : I am afraid I can’t finish my work.

Evi  : I wish I could help you.

From the dialogue we conclude that Evi …. Tina.

A.  can’t help                          B.  won’t help                     C. didn’t  help

D. hadn’t help                        E. doesn’t want to help

7. I wish you …..  stay at home because I am sure you would have enjoyed  the concert very much.

A. didn’t have to                       B. hadn’t had to                      C. hadn’t to

D. haven’t had to                        E. don’t have to

8. Budi has won  a medal for swimming. I wish I … good as he is

A. were                                         B. will be                                   C. am

D. should be                               E. would be

9. “If only his son  had studied harder” means …………

A. his son did not study hard                 B. his son studied hard       C. his son has studied hard

D. his son will not study hard                E. his son never studies  hard

10. She  goes to the blackboard as if  she knew how to solve the problem .

The underlined words mean ……………….

A. she actually couldn’t solve the problem

B. she ought to know how to solve the problem

D. She does not know how to solve the problem

E. She succeeded in solving the problem


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