There are five requirements for a student who wishes to become a chemist. One is that he possesses greater than average aptitude for learning. Another is that he possesses a good working-knowledge of mathematics. Still another is that he enjoys applying his knowledge to some problems or others. In addition, he should be curious about things, about what causes natural phenomena and about how a thing is put together, how it works, and finally, he must be enthusiastic

01.    What is the topic of the passage?
A.    A chemist student
B.    How to become a chemist
C.    The application of chemist in solving problem
D.    Requirements to become a chemist
E.    The importance of possessing good knowledge of Mathematics
02.    Some  of the following requirements is not mentioned in the passage?
A.    Have done many experiments
B.    Have a strong interest in chemistry
C.    Have  great natural ability in learning
D.    Have curiosity about how things are formed/made
E.    Have a good knowledge of mathematics.
03.    This type of the text that is used in this passage is …..
A.    report
B.    recount
C.    explanation
D.    exposition
E.    descriptive

04.    The  tense that is used in this passage is….
A.    past tense
B.    present tense
C.    present perfect tense
D.    future tense
E.    present  progressive
05.    He must be enthusiastic.  The underlined word has the same meaning as …..
A.    powerful
B.    motivated
C.    discouraged
D.    love
E.    like

06.    One is that he possesses ….. What does one refer to ?
A.    a student
B.    a chemist
C.    requirement
D.    wish
E.    knowledge
07.    One is that he possesses …… . Possesses means
A.    wants
B.    likes
C.    has
D.    wishes
E.    knows

Once ,at the restaurant where I worked, a waitress served breakfast to a party of eight. The kept her very busy and run up a large bill. When  she  went to clear their table, she realizes they hadn’t left her  a tip but they had left their camera behind.
She asked another waitress to take her picture and then put the camera in the restaurant’s lost and found box. She knew that when the party returned for it and the film developed, among the photographs of mountains and waterfalls there would be a picture of a waitress holding – a sign that read “WHERE IS MY TIP”.

08.    What is the passage about?
A.    a customer’s camera
B.    a  lost and found box
C.    the restaurant customers
D.    an experience of a waitress
E.    a resort lodge’s restaurant

09.    “When she went to clear their table she realized ( paragraph 1 ) Clear means ….
A.    fade
B.    clean
C.    wipe
D.    remove
E.    vanish

10.    What is the type of the text?
A.    a report
B.    a narration
C.    an anecdote
D.    a discussion
E.    a description

11.    What is the function of the text?
A.    to give explanation about  resort lodge
B.    to inform the readers about mountain and waterfall
C.    to entertain the reader about the experience of a waitress
D.    to entertain the reader about the experience of a waitress
E.    to explain an unusual event happened in a mountainous area.

TEXT -03

Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821, and emigrated to New York city when she was ten years old. One day she decided that  she wanted to become  a doctor. That was nearly impossible for  a woman  in the middle of the nineteenth century. After writing  many letters seeking admission to medical schools, she was finally accepted  at one of Universities , in Philadelphia. So she determined that she taught school and gave music lesson to earn money for her tuition.
In 1849, after graduation from medical school, she decided to further her education in Paris. She wanted to be a surgeon, but a serious eye infection forced her to abandon the idea.
Upon returning to the United States, she found it difficult to start hero practice because she was  a woman. By 1857 Elizabeth and her sister, also a doctor, along with another doctor managed to open a new hospital, the first for women and children. Besides being the first female  physician and founding her own hospital, she also establish the first medical school  for women.

12.    Why couldn’t Elizabeth  realize her dream of becoming a surgeon?
A.    It was difficult for her to start a practice in the United States.
B.    She decided to further her education in Paris.
C.    She couldn’t get admission  to medical school.
D.    A serious eye infection stopped her idea.
E.    She was a woman.

13.    How many years elapsed between her graduation from medical school and the opening  of the her hospital?
A.    8
B.    10
C.    19
D.    36
E.    57

14.    What main obstacle almost destroyed Elizabeth chances for becoming a doctor?
A.    She couldn’t graduate from medical school
B.    She couldn’t establish her hospital.
C.    She gave music lesson.
D.    She wrote too many letters.
E.    She was a woman

15.    Which of the following is not true “in the life of Elizabeth”
A.    She and several other women founded the first hospital for women and children
B.    She became the first female physician.
C.    She was the first women surgeon.
D.    She founded the first hospital of her own.
E.    She established the first medical school for women.

16.    ”She wanted to become a surgeon” ( paragraph 2 ) .  A surgeon means
A.    A doctor  who performs operation
B.    A government employee
C.    A person who works in a household for wages
D.    An official with ceremonial duties
E.    An army officer above corporal.

17.    This text type in the passage above is…..
A.    explanation
B.    recount
C.    descriptive
D.    report
E.    procedure

TEXT – 04
One  afternoon a big wolf in a  dark forest a little girl came along carrying a basket of food to her grand mother. Finally a little girl came along and she was carrying  a basket of food.  “Are you carrying  that basket to your grand mother?” asked the wolf. The little girl says yes. So the wolf asked her where her grand mother lived a grand the little told him and be disappeared into the woods
When the little girl opened the door of her grand mother’s house she saw that there was on. She had approached no nearer than twenty five feet from the bed when she saw that  it was not her grandmother but the wolf for even in a night cap.. The wolf does not look anymore like her grand mother. So the little girl took an automatic gun out of her basket and shot the wolf dead.

18.    For whom did the little girl carry a basket of food?
A.    for herself
B.    for the wolf
C.    for  her grand mother
D.    for her mother
E.    for her friend

19.    Are you carrying ….?  Paragraph 1 Carrying has similar meaning to ….
A.    buying
B.    pushing
C.    taking
D.    bringing
E.    pulling

20.    What happened to the wolf at the end of the story ?
A.    the wolf got the food
B.    the wolf was dead
C.    the wolf wore night gown
D.    the wolf met its grand mother
E.    the little girl died

21.    From the story we know that the little girl is
A.    a shy girl
B.    a scared girl
C.    a stupid girl
D.    a careless girl
E.    a brave girl

22.    Finally  a little girl came along and …………… The underlined word has the same meaning as ……………..
A.    at large
B.    at lost
C.    at last
D.    at times
E.    at least

23.    The type of text is …..
A.    recount
B.    narrative
C.    descriptive
D.    explanation
E.    exposition

Prices this year are higher than prices last year, and next year things will cost even more than they do now. There are however, many ways to save money. Try to pay the lowest possible prices for item that you need. Here some suggestions.
Compare prices for similar product. Some brands are much more expensive than others, and the quality may not be much better. The quality  of generic  brands, which come in plainer packages than the more famous ‘name brands” may be just as good as the  quality of the higher-priced items
Take the advantage of as many sales as possible, but check that every “bargain” price is really lower than the regular price.
Before you go shopping, make a list of items that are the most important of all to you and buy only those things. Don’t buy things that you don’t need just because they are cheaper than usual and don’t buy items just to keep up with your friend.

24.    The text tells us about …………..
A.    many ways to save money
B.    changing prices
C.    comparing prices of similar product
D.    taking advantage and checking bargain price
E.    necessity of making list before going shopping

25.    This text  is ….
A.    descriptive
B.    explanation
C.    narrative
D.    exposition
E.    report

26.    Most of the tense  that  is used in this passage is …
A.    past tense
B.    future
C.    present  tense
D.    present progressive tense
E.    past progressive tense

27.    One of the following is not the reason why people buy certain product?
A.    from its attractive package
B.    from its famous product
C.    they don’t need it
D.    from friend’s  experience
E.    from  advertisement
28.    Try to pay the lowest possible prices  that you need. The underlined sentence is
A.    noun clause
B.    adjective clause
C.    adverb clause
D.    independent clause
E.    adjective modifier

29.    There are many ways to save money.( par 1 ) the underlined word has similar   meaning to …
A.    streets
B.    methods
C.    solution
D.    problems
E.    theories

We proudly state that Affandi is the t greatest painter that Indonesia has produced so far through of course ,many talented artists have led very productive and creative live here.
Affandi was born in 1907 in Cirebon, West Java. His father ,R. Kesuma, was mantra ukur at the cileduk sugar plant He was in Jakarta. He dropped out of Senior high school.         Classification are so easy in the case of Affandi. An art critic may be tempted to say that Affandi started ou as a realist or naturalist based on the paintings that he did in the middle thirties. He later shifted into expressionism in the fourties during the national struggle for independence. One could distinguish the period when he was still using  a paintbrush from his start of squeezing the paint from the tubes directly on canvas
As human being and as a painter, he has the amazing ability to appear both simple and complex at the same time.  At times, he can also give the impression of being  ambivalent, or even  inconsistent. His modest appearance, his  almost naïve statements and his easy- going attitude can easily understood. For instance, while being filmed for a documentary made by the film director Yasir Marzuki. Affandi stated that he agreed with art critic who labeled him as an expressionist.
But just before his eightieth birthday he firmly stated that he had always been a naturalist. On the occasion, he said that he liked going out and hunting for objects to paint because he liked to have contact with daily life.

30.    Which statement  is true about Affandi?
A.    he was very proud of himself
B.    he came from a low, rank society
C.    He was a senior High School leaver
D.    He had a high consistency in painting
E.    He didn’t like to paint outside his gallery

31.    Affandi started to be an expressionist in …..
A.    1907
B.    1930
C.    1945
D.    1950
E.    1990

32.    As human being and as a painter, he has  amazing ability….( par 3) the underlined word means
A.    common
B.    wonderful
C.    crucial
D.    well
E.    important

33.    On another occasion …… The synonym of the underlined word is …..
A.    opportunity
B.    instance
C.    practice
D.    inconsistence
E.    appearance
34.    At times …..in paragraph 3 means …
A.    crucially
B.    really
C.    commonly
D.    sometimes
E.    mostly

TEXT -07
Automation is a term which describes the use of machines to control other machines. The process of automation  is expected to increase and to improve our standard of living. Certain forms of automatic equipment  have been used by the auto industry for many years to move materials to the assembly line. Ford Motor Company now uses some automatic controls. At its engine plant in Cleveland, rough cylinder blocks go through a series of 530 automatic operations and come out as finished product in just under 15 minutes.
While many labor leaders fear that automation will cause workers to lose jobs, scientists say it will demand more workers to maintain and to repair the automatic machines.

35.    What does the text tell us about?
A.    automation
B.    Fort motor Company
C.    The effect of automation
D.    Labor leaders’  concern
E.    Improving the standard of living

36.    What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A.    The demand for more workers is increasing
B.    The labor leader’s fear  is completely without reason
C.    There are two different opinions about the use of automation
D.    It is absolutely wrong that automation
E.    More workers are needed to maintain  and repair automatic machines

37.    Which of the following is not true about Automation?
A.    Automation consumes less time
B.    Automation is not effective
C.    Automation is expected to increase product
D.    Automation improve standard of living
E.    Automation  controls other machines.

38.    Type of the text above is a/ an ……
A.    report
B.    recount
C.    description
D.    discussion
E.    explanation

39.    What tense is mostly used in the text?
A.    simple present tense
B.    simple past tense
C.    present progressive tense
D.    present future tense
E.    present perfect tense

40.    What does it in paragraph 2  refer to ….
A.    machine
B.    automation
C.    scientist
D.    leader
E.    labor

II. Write  a paragraph or paragraphs in the form of explanation, or exposition, or recount or  report your paragraph must consist at least 150 words.


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