1. Each of  students ……. received an invitation.
A. having
B. have
C. has

D. be having
E. to have

2. The school has a lot of classrooms. Each of them ….…equipped with an overhead projector.
A. are
B. is
C. they are
D. being
E. to be

3. Neither the football players nor their coach …… satisfied with referee’s decision.
A. was
B. be
C. were
D. being
E. he was

4. Six hundred miles …..a long distance to drive in one day.
A. to be
B. are being
C. it is
D. they are
E. is

5. The name of a river passing through some big towns …..the title of a  popular Indonesian song.
A. it has become
B. has become
C. having become
D. to have become
E. have become

6. Many of my  students can afford to buy a ticket for the Michael Jackson show, the majority ….. from well to do families.
A. to come
B. coming
C. comes
D. they come
E. come

7. The shipment of logs from China ……..because of the bad weather.
A. they have been postponed
B. being postponed
C. been postponed
D. has been postponed
E. to be postponed

8. It was a miracle that neither of the passengers nor the driver …. injured in the accident.
A. they were
B. was
C. to be
D. were
E. he was

9. The increase in the sales of new cars ….. not expected to make traffic jams worse.
A. is
B. are
C. be
D. being
E. to be

!0. In the next poetry contest, each of the contestants …. expected to be more critical and more accurate in pronunciation.
A. is
B. are
C. they have
D. to be
E. being

11. The way he smiles and talks always ….. many beautiful girls.
A. to attract
B. it attracts
C. attracts
D. attracting
E. attract

12. One of the problems faced by foreign businessmen …. the frequent changing of regulations.
A. are
B. is being
C. Be
D. is
E. to be

13. Because of  the monetary crisis, the number of people without jobs ….. at the moment.
A. increase
B. is increasing
C. increase
D. was increasing
E. will increase

14. At the beginning of the semester ,  every student …… given a new time-table.
A. he is
B. they are
C. are
D. is
E. be

15. Is Yanti  still in the Training Department?
No, She ……to the sales department.
A. has transferred
B. being transferred
C. has been transferring
D. to be transferred
E. has been transferred

16. Her book  is not here anymore. It must have …….. .
A. being taken away
B. took away
C. taken away
D. been taking away
E been taken away

17. This is a very popular TV program. Every week it ……. by millions of people.
A. watches
B. being watched
C. is watched
D. has watched
E. to be watched

18. Can we get tickets for the second show of the “Jurassic park?” I think they ……
A. are sold out
B. are to be sold out
C. have been sold
D. be sold out
E. are selling them out

19. What happened to her T shirt? Oh, … when she jumped over the fence.
A. It was torn
B. to be torn
C. It tore
D. tearing
E. be torn

20. I don’t know how to arrange these flowers. I’d rather ……
A. do it
B. have to do it
C. have it done
D. it has been done
E. have done it

21. My teacher is usually late for class but he has been on time this week. The headmaster …… him some advice.
A. has to give
B. ought to have given
C. would have given
D. might give
E. must have given

22. We could have eaten the ice cream two days ago.  This sentence means ……..
A. We didn’t eat the ice cream
B. We have eaten the ice cream
C. We had to eat the ice cream
D. We should eat the ice cream
E. We would eat the ice cream

23. You were supposed to be here nine minutes ago. Where were you?
I …… for a place to park.
A. am looking
B. looked
C. have looked
D. look
E. was looking

24. X : John, have you met, Budi?
Y : Yes, when I came to his house, he ….. in front of his house.
A. sweep
B. is sweeping
C. was sweeping
D. will sweep
E has swept

25. The curtains are  very dirty, we…. at the dry cleaner’s.
A. must have washed them
B. have washed then
C. must have them washed
D. are washing them
E. washing them

26. We are going on a long trip , so we must …….
A. have checked the car
B. have had the car checked
C. to have the car checked
D. have the car checked
E. washing them

27. Tom’s Father ……….. health hasn’t been so good lately is in hospital now.
A. who is
B. whose
C. his
D. of whom
E. of which

28. The book ….. is  available in the library.
A. from which these two chapters are taken
B. these two chapters are taken
C. where these two chapter are taken from
D. it was from them the two chapters are
E. the two chapter are taken