1. What should we do if we are uncertain of the meaning of a word?
…..,of course!.

A. looking up a dictionary
B. look up a dictionary
C. to look up a dictionary
D. looked up a dictionary
E. to look at a dictionary

2. Being lost, the tourist stopped …. at her map for the place they wanted to visit.
A. looking
B. to look
C. looked
D. he looked
E. was looking

3. What did the policeman tell your brother after his car hit the lamp post?
“He told my  brother ….. while driving.
A. not to use a mobile phone
B. not using a mobile phone
C. he doesnot use a mobile phone
D. does not use a mobile phone
E. his not using a mobile phone

4. Why do you always leave so early?
…….. the first train to my office.
A. not miss
B. I don’t miss
C. Not to miss
D. For not missing
E. do not miss

5. Why are your friends writing a petition to the headmaster?
……….. our labs and sport facilities improved.
A. get
B. getting
C. for getting
D. got
E. to get

6. What do you want me to do?
….all the lights when you leave the house.
A. turn off
B. for turning off
C. to turn off
D. turning off
E. turned off

7. All the students at this school are not required ….an English profiency test.
A. taking
B. having to take
C. take
D. will take
E. to take

8. My mother required the children …off their muddy shoes before they came into her house.
A. taking
B. take
C. to take
D. took
E. to be taking


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