1. She has not got enough experience …. the headmaster of our school
A. promoted
B. to be promoted
C. being promoted
D. be promoted
E. She will be promoted

2. Her parents advised her daughter ….. too much money on clothes.
A. do not spend
B. not to spend
C. did not spend
D. not spending
E. not spend

3. The progress of my class needs ….
A. to be evaluated
B. evaluated
C. in evaluating
D. be evaluated
E. to evaluate

4. The crowd has been waiting outside the monix hotel for hours just … a glimpse of the famous singer.
A. get
B. they get
C. get
D. for getting
E. to get

5. I sometimes take a walk in the morning … some  fresh air.
A. getting
B. get
C. to get
D. I get
E. be getting

6. Why do you stay at hospital?
….. my little brother.
A. takes care of
B. taking care of
C. to take care of
D.for taking care of
E. I will take care of

7. The reason why she is here ….you fill in forms for scholarship.
A. help
B. to help
C. helping
D. I will help
E. I am helping

8.The fact that she was put in prison for something that she had not done made her husband ….
A. cry
B. to be crying
C. cried
D. to cry
E. crying

9. What did Wanto finally decide?
….. his master degree in Indonesia.
A. He can take
B. His taking
C. taking
D. Be taking
E. To take

10. She is still waiting …  for interview.
A. to be called
B. be called
C. be calling
D. to call
E. called


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