1. My younger brother thinks that everybody can become a teacher.He often asks himself . “What …. if I were a teacher?

A. do I do
B. will I do
C. would I do
D. am I doing
E. am I going to do

2. Had I realized that Tony was a bad driver. I …. my car.

A. would not lend him
B. did not lend him
C. will not lend him
D. would not have  lent him
E. had not had

3. If she works harder, she ….. her paper in time.

A. will finish
B. would finish
C. has finished
D. will be finishing
E. will have finished

4. If my car were in the better condition, I would make a long trip now.
It may be concluded that I ….
A. have to stay at home
B. are enjoying the trip
C. prefer staying at home
D. enjoyed the trip
E. stayed at home

5. If there had been  traffic lights at this intersection, there would not have been so many accident. we may conclude that
A. Drivers were always careful at this intersection
B. despite the traffic lights accident happen
C. traffic lights often doesn’t work
D. We didn’t find traffic light at this intersection
E. There are many traffic accident

6.If his mother had not been ill, Tony would have joined the study tour to Jakarta.
We conclude that Tony …..
A. has just come back from the study tour
B. went to Jakarta for Study tour
C. left his sick mother at home
D. refused to join the study tour to Jakarta
E. went to jakarta after her mother had recovered


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