1. If you …those photographs,we wouldn’t have been arrested.
A. wouldn’t take
B. wouldn’t have taken
C. didn’t take
D. don’t take
E. had not taken

2. Please tell me the answer.
Well, I would if only I ….. It
A. can remember
B. could remember
C. must remember
D. would remember
E. remember

3. He walks as if …. a wooden leg.
A. he has
B. he have
C. he is having
D. he had
E. he had had

4. Why does the man always talk as though he …. the only man in the world?
A. is
B. was
C. is being
D. were
E. was being

5. That man has brought me nothing but trouble.
I wish I …. him.
A. never see
B. never saw
C. had never seen
D. would never see
E. would have never seen

6. It’s a pity she didn’t study harder, so she didn’t pass her exam.
I wish ………..
A. she had studied harder
B. she studied
C. she was studying harder
D. she didn’t study harder
E. she would study harder

7. “Can I have my breakfast on the floor with the dog, mother?
No, I’d rather you …. at the table.
A. sat
B. sit
C. are sitting
D. should sit
E. had sat

8. We hear a girl  killed on the road almost everyday. It’s time we ….. something
to stop road accidents.
A. do
B. have to do
C. did
D. are doing
E. had done


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