1. Your glass is empty. …. I get you some more fresh water?
A. shall
B. will
C. can
D. should
E. Shall have

2. We …. like to visit that new store some day.
A. shall
B. will
C. can
D. would
E. Shall have

3. You are sick, but you don’t come  hospital to see a doctor.
You …. visit him soon.
A. would
B. could
C. should
D. will
E, can

4. “I really don’t know why Tony didn’t come to the meeting”.
“There ….. something wrong with him.
A. might be
B. could be
C. will be
D. should have been
E. must have been

5. “Rini is old enough. She …. know better than the others about it.

A. will

B. could

C. must

D. may be

E. can

6. My motorcycle runs out of oil. I ….buy it because I will ride it to the meeting.
A. should
B. may
C. can
D. must
E. might

7. Yanti looks so pale and weak. He must be sick. The underlined sentence means:
A. He has to be sick
B. Maybe he is sick
C. It’s possible that he is sick.
D. He is rather sick
E. I conclude that he is sick

8. “I could have somebody else to carry the heavy bags” It means :
A. I carried the heavy bags
B  Somebody else carried the heavy bags for me
C. I asked someone carry the heavy bags.
D. I would carry the heavy bags myself.
E. I didn’t want to carry the heavy bags.


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