1. Hartini has not got enough experience …… principal or our school.

A. Promoted
B. to be promoted
C. being promoted
D. be promoted
E. he will be promoted

2. My father advised my brother ….too much money on clothes.

A. do not spend
B. not to spend
C. did not spending
D. not spending
E. not spend

3. The progress of my class needs …..

A. to be evaluated
B. evaluated
C. to evaluated
D. in evaluating
E. be evaluated

4.Many people have been  waiting outside the hotel for 2 hours just …. a famous singer.

A. getting
B. they get
C. get
D. for getting
E. to get

5. My sister and I  usually take a walk in the morning …. some fresh air.

A. getting
B. get
C. to get
D. I get
E. be getting

6. Why do you always stay at home?

…….. my little sister.

A .takes care of
B. taking care of
C. to take care of
D. for taking care of
E. I will take care of

7.The reason why she is  here is ….. you fill in the forms for the scholarship.

A. help
B. to help
C. helping
D. I will help
E. I am helping

8. The fact that he was put in prison for something that she had not  done made her wife ….

A. cry
B. to be crying
C. cried
D. to cry
E. crying

9. What did Rudy  finally decide ?

…….his master’s degree in America.

A. He can take
B. His taking
C. Taking
D. Be taking
E. To take

10. What has she decided regarding her study abroad?

…. it until the monetary crisis is over.

A. postponing
B. I postpone
C. To postpone
D. Have postponed
E. To be postponing

11. What is Tony’s  decision concerning his house?

… before putting it for sale

A. his renovating
B. for renovating
C. be renovated
D. renovated
E. to renovate

12. He is  still waiting ….. for an interview.

A. to be called
B. be called
C. be calling
D. to call
E. called

13. Did you see Shinta  when you were in Jakarta?

No, I didn’t . I really don’t  have the time …. her.

A. I visited
B. visit
C. to visit
D. visiting
E. for visiting

14.  She seems to be waiting for something these days.

That ‘s true. She s  waiting …. for an interview.

    A. called
    B. to call
    C. to be called
    D. calling
    E. to be called

      15. Mr. Darno required the children … off their muddy shoes before they came into

      her house.

      A. taking
      B. take
      C. to take
      D. took be taking