1. Hartini has not got enough experience …… principal or our school.

A. Promoted
B. to be promoted
C. being promoted
D. be promoted
E. he will be promoted

2. My father advised my brother ….too much money on clothes.

A. do not spend
B. not to spend
C. did not spending
D. not spending
E. not spend

3. The progress of my class needs …..

A. to be evaluated
B. evaluated
C. to evaluated
D. in evaluating
E. be evaluated

4.Many people have been  waiting outside the hotel for 2 hours just …. a famous singer.

A. getting
B. they get
C. get
D. for getting
E. to get

5. My sister and I  usually take a walk in the morning …. some fresh air.

A. getting
B. get
C. to get
D. I get
E. be getting

6. Why do you always stay at home?

…….. my little sister.

A .takes care of
B. taking care of
C. to take care of
D. for taking care of
E. I will take care of

7.The reason why she is  here is ….. you fill in the forms for the scholarship.

A. help
B. to help
C. helping
D. I will help
E. I am helping

8. The fact that he was put in prison for something that she had not  done made her wife ….

A. cry
B. to be crying
C. cried
D. to cry
E. crying

9. What did Rudy  finally decide ?

…….his master’s degree in America.

A. He can take
B. His taking
C. Taking
D. Be taking
E. To take

10. What has she decided regarding her study abroad?

…. it until the monetary crisis is over.

A. postponing
B. I postpone
C. To postpone
D. Have postponed
E. To be postponing

11. What is Tony’s  decision concerning his house?

… before putting it for sale

A. his renovating
B. for renovating
C. be renovated
D. renovated
E. to renovate

12. He is  still waiting ….. for an interview.

A. to be called
B. be called
C. be calling
D. to call
E. called

13. Did you see Shinta  when you were in Jakarta?

No, I didn’t . I really don’t  have the time …. her.

A. I visited
B. visit
C. to visit
D. visiting
E. for visiting

14.  She seems to be waiting for something these days.

That ‘s true. She s  waiting …. for an interview.

    A. called
    B. to call
    C. to be called
    D. calling
    E. to be called

      15. Mr. Darno required the children … off their muddy shoes before they came into

      her house.

      A. taking
      B. take
      C. to take
      D. took be taking



      suffix – or – is used to form  Noun

      1. An actor is a person who act in ( play)
      2. A collector is a person who collects things, such as stamp
      3. A demonstrator is a person who demonstrate
      4. A director is a person  who directs an affair of business
      5. An editor is a person who edits
      6. An imitator is person who imitates.
      7. An inspector is an official  who inspects schools, factories
      8. An instructor is a person who instruct people.
      9. An operator is a person who operates a machine
      10. A translator is a person  who translate from one language to another
      11. An inventor is a person who invents something

      suffix – ful   is used to form Adjective

      1. beautiful = indah
      2. careful = berhati-hati
      3. doubtful = ragu-ragu
      4. peaceful = damai
      5. powerful = kuat
      6. skillful = trampil
      7. useful = berguna
      8. forgetful = pelupa

      suffix   – y – is used to form adjective

      1. bloody = berlumuran darah
      2. cloudy = berawan
      3. dusty = berdebu
      4. funny = lucu
      5. grassy = berumput
      6. handy = enteng
      7. hilly = berbukit bukit
      8. muddy = berlumpur
      9. rainy =  hujan
      10. salty = asin
      11. stony = berbatu-batu
      12. sunny = terang kena sinar matahari
      13. windy = berangin
      14. windy = berangin
      15. wordy – terlalu banyak kata-kata yang tak perlu

      Prefixes – :mis

      1. miscount = salah hitung
      2. misinform = salah memberi informasi
      3. misuse = salah menggunakan
      4. mislead = menyesatkan
      5. mismanage =  manage badly or manage wrongly
      6. misplace = salah menempatkan
      7. misprint = salah cetak
      8. mispronounce = salah pengucapan
      9. misread = salah baca atau tafsir
      10. misspell = spell wrongly
      11. misstate = state wrongly
      12. misunderstand = salah mengerti
      13. misuse = use wrongly

      Prefixes : dis = tidak

      1. disagree = tidak setuju
      2. disarm = melucuti
      3. disclose = membuka
      4. disconnect = memutuskan hbungan
      5. dishonest = tidak jujur
      6. dislike = tidak suka
      7. disobey =  not obey
      8. disorder = tidak teratus
      9. distrust = tidak percaya
      10. discontinue = give up

      Suffixes : en – is used to form Verbs

      1. brighten = make bright
      2. broaden =  make broad
      3. darken = make dark
      4. fatten = make fat
      5. harden = make hard
      6. lessen = make less
      7. redden = make become red
      8. sadden = make sad
      9. shorten = make short
      10. soften = make soft
      11. sweeten = make sweet
      12. thicken = make  thick
      13. weaken = make weak
      14. whiten = make become white
      15. widen = make wide



      Suffixes – ment – is used to form Noun

      Suffix – ment is usually put after  verbs

      1. agreement = persetujuan

      The agreement has been made therefore both sides have not fought anymore.

      2. arrangement = susunan

      The arrangement of sentences can not be understood.

      3. development = perkembangan

      The development of  electronic technology in our country runs very fast.

      4. enjoyment  = kegembiraan

      You will get a lot of enjoyment if you watch that movie.

      5. disappointment = kekecewaan

      If you do something wrong you will soon feel disappointment.

      6. improvement = perbaikan

      Your car needs improvement because it can’t run well.

      7. management = pengelolaan

      The management of this English course is very good.

      8. movement = gerakkan

      Please , see the movement of my hand!

      9. requirement = persaratan

      Do you know the requirement of being Pilot?

      10.treatment = perawatan

      This patient needs special treatment because he is seriously ill.

      11. appointment  = penunjukkan

      The appointment of John to be a captain of the class makes me happy.

      12. assignment = penugasan

      My teacher gives me a lot of assignment.

      13. government = pemerintahan

      The system of government of this country is good.

      14. measurement = ukuran

      The measurement of this house will be done the day after tomorrow.

      15. payment = pembayaran

      I will complete the payment of my house tomorrow.

      16. statement = pernyataan

      Your statement really hurts me.

      17. announcement = pengumuman

      You can  see the result of the exams at announcement board.

      DERIVATIVES – ity


      Suffixes – ity – is used to form Noun

      Suffix – ity is usually put after  adjective

      1. certain – certainty = kepastian

      certainty is needed  when you love a girl.

      2. electric – electricity = listrik

      electricity is needed by everyone nowadays.

      3. irregular – irregularity = ketidak teraturan

      His irregularity in studying  makes his mother angry.

      4. national – nationality = kebangsaan

      Her  nationality is Indonesian.

      5. uncertain – uncertainty = ketidak pastian

      The uncertainty of the weather makes me afraid climb the mountain.

      6. possible – possibility = kemungkinan

      There is possibility that Tina doesn’t attend my birthday party.

      7. probable – probability = kemungkinan

      Is there any probability that this theory is right?

      8. rapid – rapidity = kecepatan

      His rapidity in doing the test surprises everyone in the class.

      9. real – reality = kenyataan

      Whether we like or not, we have to face the reality of life. = ability = kemampuan

      He has a unique ability therefore it makes everyone surprised.



      Suffixes – ness – is used to form Noun

      Suffix – ness is usually put after  adjective

      For examples :

      1. bitter    –  bitterness  = kepaitan

      -The bitterness of  her experience has taught her to be more careful now.

      2. bright    –  brightness = kecerahan / kecerdikan

      Some people prefer brightness in color while

      some others prefer dark ones

      – His brightness in math makes him get scholarship.

      3.  clean  – cleanness = kebersihan

      – The cleanness of  your clothes surprises me.

      4. conscious  – consciousness = kesadaran

      – the accident has caused him  to lose consciousness for several minutes.

      5. dark – darkness = kegelapan

      – We can not see well in the darkness

      6. eager – eagerness = keinginan

      – His eagerness to know  about  English makes his mother send him

      to English course.

      7. forgetful – forgetfulness =  sifat pelupa

      Your forgetfulness makes me wonder.

      8. good   goodness = bebaikan hati

      – I think there is  some goodness behind what he has said.

      9. great  greatness =  kebesaran

      A statue is a symbol of the greatness of  the person for whom it had been built for.

      10.happy – happiness = kebahagian.

      Everyone always wants to get happiness.

      11. kind  – kindness = kebaikan (hati)

      Thank you very much for your kindness

      12. ready – readiness = kesiap siagaan

      Everybody shows their readiness to face the examination.

      13. sick – sickness = rasa sakit

      He needs a lot of rest because of his sickness.

      14. lonely – loneliness = rasa kesepian

      I feel loneliness when all my children go to school.

      TRANSLATION – 11


      1. Kamu harus menghormati ibu dan bapakmu.

      2. Rudi selalu menggunakan sendok dan garpu jika dia makan siang.

      3. Sungai ini sangat bersih sehingga banyak orang berenang disini.

      4. Polisi menangkap tiga perampok kemarin siang.

      5. Rina sangat kaya tetapi Rudi miskin sekali.

      6. Saya tidak mengajar sejarah di sekolah ini.

      7. Gadis itu bekerja di Bank tetapi adiknya bekerja di pabrik sepatu.

      8. Mobilmu baru dan mahal tetapi mobil saya tua dan murah.

      9. Kelinci suka makan wortel tetapi kambing suka makan rumput.

      10. Ada banyak kantor dan hotel di kota besar.

      11. Kami mungkin memenangkan pertandingan sepak bola ini.

      12. Kerbau , sapi, kambing, kuda dan gajah suka makan rumput.

      13. Angin berhembus dengan kencang di desa ini kemarin pagi.

      14. Kami akan belajar bersama di rumah Tina.

      15. Angsa, itik, ikan dan buaya dapat berenang dengan baik.

      16. Atik menulis sepucuk surat untuk pacarnya.

      17. Kamu seharusnya belajar dengan teman-temanmu.

      18. Rudi mengajar matematika di sekolah kami tahun lalu.

      19. Tina mengirimi ibunya dua bingkisan kemarin siang.

      20. Siti pergi dengan ayahnya ke Bandung empat hari yang lalu.

      21. Tahun depan Shinta akan belajar di T.K.

      22. Tahun yang lalu Rosidah mengajar di SMP.

      23. Adik saya belajar di SMA  dua tahun yang lalu.

      24. Rudi akan pindah di desa tahun depan.

      25. Mamik sering berbelanja dengan ibunya di pasar ini.

      26. Saya menerima bingkisan dari teman saya kemarin siang.

      27. Rudi menginginkan baju dan sepatu baru.

      28. Herman dan Totok boleh pulang lebih dulu.

      29. Susi seharusnya tidak datang terlambat besok.

      30. Susi selalu membuang sampah di tempat sampah.

      31. Siti membeli dua buah dompet hari Rabu yang lalu di Tanggulangin.

      32. Jika kamu haus kamu boleh minum.

      33. Jika kamu lapar kamu boleh makan.

      34. Kartika tidak datang di pesta perpisahan kemarin.

      35. Kardi tidak suka kopi tetapi dia suka susu hangat.

      36. Herman tidak akan belajar bahasa Inggris  disini.

      37. Susi berenang di kolam renang “Tirta” hari Sabtu yang lalu.

      38. Totok menjual  sapinya pada hari Minggu yang lalu.

      39. Susana selalu menunggu saya disini.

      40. Ada beberapa bunga matahari di kebun pak Budi.

      41. Budi  pergi ke Malang  tiap hari Sabtu.

      42. Tidak ada air di botol ini.

      43. Saya sering pinjam uang dari Bank “Mandarin”

      44. Budi memasukkan sepucuk surat di kotak pos.

      45. Budiman membeli sebuah dompet di Tunjungan Plaza kemarin.

      46. Pelajaran bahasa Inggris di SMA Negeri 6 sangan menarik.

      47. Saya  suka makan ikan dan daging.

      48. Ada banyak ikan di laut.

      49. Rini akan lulus dari SMA tahun depan.

      50. Rumahnya Ali sangat dekat dengan rumah saya.