Suffixes – ness – is used to form Noun

Suffix – ness is usually put after  adjective

For examples :

1. bitter    –  bitterness  = kepaitan

-The bitterness of  her experience has taught her to be more careful now.

2. bright    –  brightness = kecerahan / kecerdikan

Some people prefer brightness in color while

some others prefer dark ones

– His brightness in math makes him get scholarship.

3.  clean  – cleanness = kebersihan

– The cleanness of  your clothes surprises me.

4. conscious  – consciousness = kesadaran

– the accident has caused him  to lose consciousness for several minutes.

5. dark – darkness = kegelapan

– We can not see well in the darkness

6. eager – eagerness = keinginan

– His eagerness to know  about  English makes his mother send him

to English course.

7. forgetful – forgetfulness =  sifat pelupa

Your forgetfulness makes me wonder.

8. good   goodness = bebaikan hati

– I think there is  some goodness behind what he has said.

9. great  greatness =  kebesaran

A statue is a symbol of the greatness of  the person for whom it had been built for.

10.happy – happiness = kebahagian.

Everyone always wants to get happiness.

11. kind  – kindness = kebaikan (hati)

Thank you very much for your kindness

12. ready – readiness = kesiap siagaan

Everybody shows their readiness to face the examination.

13. sick – sickness = rasa sakit

He needs a lot of rest because of his sickness.

14. lonely – loneliness = rasa kesepian

I feel loneliness when all my children go to school.


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