Suffixes – ment – is used to form Noun

Suffix – ment is usually put after  verbs

1. agreement = persetujuan

The agreement has been made therefore both sides have not fought anymore.

2. arrangement = susunan

The arrangement of sentences can not be understood.

3. development = perkembangan

The development of  electronic technology in our country runs very fast.

4. enjoyment  = kegembiraan

You will get a lot of enjoyment if you watch that movie.

5. disappointment = kekecewaan

If you do something wrong you will soon feel disappointment.

6. improvement = perbaikan

Your car needs improvement because it can’t run well.

7. management = pengelolaan

The management of this English course is very good.

8. movement = gerakkan

Please , see the movement of my hand!

9. requirement = persaratan

Do you know the requirement of being Pilot?

10.treatment = perawatan

This patient needs special treatment because he is seriously ill.

11. appointment  = penunjukkan

The appointment of John to be a captain of the class makes me happy.

12. assignment = penugasan

My teacher gives me a lot of assignment.

13. government = pemerintahan

The system of government of this country is good.

14. measurement = ukuran

The measurement of this house will be done the day after tomorrow.

15. payment = pembayaran

I will complete the payment of my house tomorrow.

16. statement = pernyataan

Your statement really hurts me.

17. announcement = pengumuman

You can  see the result of the exams at announcement board.


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