Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional
Tahun 1985
Bahasa Inggris

Choose The correct Answer

01.Did Supardi kill the snake?
A. Yes, He did
B. Yes, he didn’t
C. No, he did
D. Yes, he killed

02.We don’t have to come there.
A. We must not come there
B. It’s not necessary for us to come there
C. We might not come there
D. We won’t come there

03.Father and mother hope Kartini can pass her examination this year.
The right interrogative form of this sentence is:
A. Do father and mother hope Kartini can pass her examination this year?
B. Does father and mother hope Kartini can pass her examination this year?
C. Hope father and mother Kartini pan pass her examination this year?
D. Do father and mother hope Kartini can pass her examination this year?

04.A shirt is something …
A. to put down
B. to wear
C. to use
D. to spend

05.The teacher is talking to Ali and Halimah. The teacher is talking to …
A. him
B. her
C. them
D. they

06.The book belonged to my uncle.
The negative form of this sentence is:
A. The book did not belong to my uncle
B. The book belonged not to my uncle
C. The book does not belong to my uncle
D. The book did not belonged to my uncle

07.Does Halimah know …
A. when will the lesson end?
B. When is the headmaster leaving?
C. When Pardi hurt his arm?
D. When was-Abdullah here?

08.Mrs.Fatimah … home when the rain began.
A. is walking .
B. was walking
C. walks
D. is going to walk

09.Elizabeth … us, if she has time.
A. helped
B. had helped
C. is going to help
D. was going to help

10.When I saw Sumarti I … her for her present.
A. thanked
B. was thanking
C. thank
D. have thanked

11.Last month we … football almost every day.
A. have played
B. are playing
C. play
D. played

12.We arrived … at six o’clock.
A. Bandung
B. To Bandung
C. For Bandung
D. In Bandung

13.Yesterday we went … the cinema.
A. for
B. in
C. to
D. on

14.Mr.Gunadi hasn’t been living here … l962.
A. during
B. for
C. from
D. since

15.Teacher : ” … is Unyil laughing?”
Siti : “He is happy”.
A. Where
B. Why
C. When
D. How

16.I’ve been living in Jakarta …
A. in 1960
B. last month
C. a year ago
D. for a long time .

17.Tuti will … come here any more.
A. never
B. ever
C. often
D. sometimes

18.I wanted a …
A. soap
B. chalk
C. bread
D. cigarette

19.We haven’t … to eat.
A. some rice
B. a rice
C. one rice
D. any rice

20.My friends David and John recently visited their teacher, Mr. Obi.
From this sentence we know Mr. Obi teaches …
A. David only
B. David and John
C. John only
D. David, John and me

21.We enjoy telling stories to …
A. one
B. the other
C. each other
D. any other

22.Do you know the girl … was sitting there?
A. that
B. who
C. which
D. what

23.Here are two oranges. Can you tell me … of them is yours?
A. who
B. what
C. that
D. which

24.Are … pictures here yours?
A. these
B. those
C. this
D. that

25.Mrs. Sumarni lived in a lovely house. Lovely means:
A. large
B. beautiful
C. new
D. big

26.What’s the time?
A. Twenty five to ten
B. Twenty five of ten
C. Twenty five for ten
D. Twenty five from ten

27.That bicycle is …
A. yours
B. your’s
C. Yours’
D. Your

28.It’s late. We haven’t … time.
A. some
B. many
C. much
D. a lot

29.Sumarno can’t speak French …?
A. could he?
B. Can he?
C. Does he?
D. Is he?

30.My brother cut his finger.
The negative form of this sentence is …
A. My brother doesn’t cut his ginger
B. My brother won’t cut his finger
C. My brother didn’t cut his finger
D. My brother isn’t cutting his finger

Read the passage carefully!
A man had a parrot. It was a very beautiful bird and every day the man talked to it.
“Pretty Polly,” he said. “You are a pretty Polly.”
“Pretty Polly,” the parrot said. “You are Pretty Polly.”
Every day the man spoke new words to the parrot “Hallo” he said, and “Goodbye.”
One day the parrot was not in its cage. It was flying about the room. The man came into the room and saw the parrot. “What are you doing?” he said.
“What are you doing?” the parrot said.
The man laughed. Then he went out to visit his friends.
That evening a thief came to the house. He walked round the house and looked into the windows. There was no one at home. The thief broke open the door and entered the house. First he went into the sitting room. In the sitting room he found some bowls and vases. He put them into a sack. Then he went into the bedroom. In the bedroom he found a gold watch and some money. He put these into the sack, too. He stole many things from the house and put them into his sack.
The sack was soon full. The thief put it over his shoulder and walked to the door. He opened the door and looked out. These was no one there.
“What are you doing?” a voice said.
The thief jumped high into the air and dropped his sack. Then he ran out of the house and down the road.
“What are you doing?” the voice said again: “Pretty Polly. Hallo, Goodbye. What are you doing?”

31.To whom did the parrot belong?
A. Pretty Polly
B. A thief
C. A man
D. A beautiful bird

32.What did the parrot do one day?
A. It saw the man’s friends.
B. It refused to talk.
C. It taught the man some words.
D. It flew about the room.

33.What did the parrot do when the man spoke new words to it?
A. It understood the new words.
B. It said “Hallo” and “Goodbye”.
C. It spoke the new words.
D. It flew about the room.

34.Why did the man laugh?
A. He saw the parrot flying.
B. The parrot was not in its cage.
C. A thief came into his house.
D. It could imitate him,

35.Who did the man visit?
A. A thief
B. His friends
C. A funny man
D. No one

36.Who did the thief see at home?
A. The man’s friends
B. The man
C. The owner of the parrot.
D. No one.

37.What did the thief try to steal in the bedroom?
A. A gold watch and some money.
B. The parrot.
C. The key to the door.
D. Some bowls and vases,

38What did the thief put into his sack?
A. The parrot and many things.
B. A lot of things.
C. Some bowls and vases.
D. A gold watch and some money.

39.Who did the thief hear?
A. A policeman
B. The owner of the house.
C. The parrot.
D. The owner’s friends.

40.Why did the thief run out of the house?
A. Someone saw him.
B. He made a loud noise.
C. He heard a policeman.
D. The parrot frightened him.

Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang ada di kanan!

41.Give me some food. I’m very …

42.I’m very … now have a lot of work to do.

43.Many young men loved her because she was one of the … girls in the town.

44.Everyone can answer those questions because they are very …

45.Hadijah is very … because he can pass the examination.

46.You may borrow that book from the …

47.Abidin was a … of our football club.

48.Mr. John Smith is an American, so we call him a …

49.Mr. Kudrat is my … His house is not far from mine.

50.I found this beautiful … in a magazine.

List of word


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