Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional
Tahun 1986
Bahasa Inggris

1.What is this?
A. It is a bag
B. It is bag
C. It is the bag
D. It is an bag

2.X : … is the working?
Y : In the office.
A. Who
B. When
C. Where
D. What

3.Librarian : ” … are you going to read!”
Student : “Cinderella, please!”
A. Who
B. When
C. Where
D. What

4.Look! There is only a slice of … on the plate.
A. rice
B. water
C. bread
D. milk

5.I met Carla when she … the road.
A. Crosses
B. Cross
C. Is crossing
D. Was crossing

6.I don’t have any shoes …
A. To eat
B. To wear
C. To play with
D. To drink

7.He … in this town for two years
A. live
B. is living
C. has living
D. has been living

8…. your shoes before you enter the mosque!
A. took off
B. take off
C. takes off
D. taking off

9.Gabungkanlah kedua kalimat ini.
This book is on the table.
It is mine.
A. It is mine on the table
B. The book is on the table
C. Mine is on the table
D. The book on the table is mine

10…. .of the paintings are missing. Someone has stolen them.
A. Each
B. A little
C. A number
D. Every
11This umbrella is black, but.. ..is read.
A. the other
B. the others
C. another
D. other

12.Positive (+) : I am sure he will be here.
Negative(-) : …
A. I’m not sure he will be here
B. I’m sure he will not be here
C. I’m not sure he will not be here
D. I not sure he will be here

13.The policemen have caught the thief …?
A. have they
B. haven’t they
C. do they
D. don’t they

14.Positive (+) : That is a buffalo
Negative (-) : …
A. That not is buffalo
B. That is a not buffalo
C. That is not a buffalo
D. That not a is buffalo

15.Santi and I were in the yard. Suddenly father called …
A. they
B. us
C. them
D. we

16.Anas and … are neighbors. We live on Jln. Kecipir.
A. you
B. Toni
C. I
D. Rina

17.Listen! She’s … a beautiful song,
A. A., sing
B. sings
C. singing
D. to sing

18.Where did you go a week ago?
A. I go to Bandung
B. I’m going to Bandung
C. I have gone to Bandung
D. I went to Bandung

19.X : How much is a cup of … ?
Y : Rp. 100,00 please.
A. book
B. coffee
C. eraser
D. flower

20.Can you ride a bicycle?
A. Yes, I do
B. Yes, I can
C. Yes, you can
D. Yes, you do

21.The horse run very … in the race.
A. faster
B. fastly
C. fastest
D. fast

22.Mr. X: Where does Susi live?
Mr. Y: She … on Jalan Cendana
A. lived
B. living
C. lives
D. live

23.Andy and Tina … the lesson.
A. has already written
B. have already written
C. were already writing
D. are already writing

24.Positive (+) : I was studying when you arrived.
Negative(-) : …
A. I was not studying when you arrived
B. I was studying when you not arrived
C. I did not studying when you arrived
D. I do not studying when you arrived

25.Are the boys practicing football?
Yes, they’ve been practicing …
A. since seven
B. at seven
C. for this morning
D. before noon

26.Lisa said to her little brother:
… brother me!
A. Won’t
B. Don’t
C. Don’t you
D. Will

27.Father is not at home, and mother is not …
A. so
B. too
C. either
D. neither

28.Teacher : “Look at the black-board, this box is 5 kg and that box is 5 kg, so this box is the same … as that box”.
A. weight
B. heavy
C. length
D. width

29.You watch costs Rp. 10.000,00 and my watch costs Rp. 10.000.00100. So your watch is …
A. more expensive than mine
B. the same price as mine
C. cheaper than mine
D. different from mine

30.X : What do you think he is doing:
Y : …’.
A. I think he works
B. I think he worked
C. I think he was working
D. I think he is working

31.Who is the boy … ? Do you know him?
A. in the cupboard
B. under the tree
C. above the table
D. in the wallet

32.Our .teacher is not able to give us a test today.
He is planning to give it tomorrow.
Maksud kalimat-kalimat tersebut adalah …
A. He is not going to give us a test tomorrow
B. He will give us a test tomorrow
C. He will not give us a test tomorrow
D. He will give us a test today

33.If you study hard you will …
A. pass your examination
B. get bad mark
C. fail your examination
D. fail your examination

34.It is dangerous … the busy road.
A. to cross
B. cross
C. crossed
D. is crossing

35.X : Will Mr. Kerry come here at 7 o’clock?
Y : No, …
A. I am not sure he will be here at 7 o’clock
B. I am sure he will be here at 7 o’clock
C. I am certain he will be here at 7 o’clock
D. I am certain he not be here at 7 o’clock

36…. don’t you?
A. You didn’t study Mathematics
B. You studied Mathematics
C. You study Mathematics
D. You don’t study Mathematics ,

37.Jono is not … his kite now. He is at school.
A. fly
B. flying
C. flies
D. flew

38.We … noisy my friends. My sister is sick.
A. can’t be
B. should be
C. may not be
D. ought not be

39.The teacher is explaining a new lesson now.
They should listen …
A. careless
B. carelessly
C. careful
D. carefully

40…. twice a week.
A. Edy is reading a story
B. Edy is going to read a story
C. Edy read a story
D. Edy reads a story

41.Kalimat yang betul ialah …
A. Would you open the door, please?
B. You would open the door, please?
C. Please, you would open the door?
D. Please, open the door would you?

42.Yustejo Tarik can play tennis.
Kalimat ini sama artinya dengan …
A. Yustejo Tarik can able to play tennis
B. Yustejo Tarik is able play tennis
C. Yustejo Tarik is able to play tennis
D. Yustejo Tarik able to play tennis

43.What do you think father is going to make? … .a big box.
A. I think father is going to make a big box
B. You think father is going to make a big box
C. Father thinks I am going to make a big box
D. Father thinks you are going to make a big box

44.Dewi and Susi are absent to day.. ..of them are ill.
A. All
B. Both
C. None
D. Lot

45.The stars and planets aren’t on the earth …
A. aren’t they? Yes, they are
B. are they? No, they aren’t
C. don’t they? Yes, they do
D. were they? No, they weren’t

Jawablah dengan singkat/lengkapi dengan kata-kata yang tepat. Jawaban ditulis di atas kertas yang telah disediakan.

46.Azis : Hallo, I still haven’t found that new Algebra book yet.
Bandi : I haven’t either and I have been to five stores.
Azis : I have, too, Even ‘Toko Mesra” doesn’t ha veil.
Azis hasn’t found the Algebra book and Bandi …

47.Ali has swept the floor.
John has written a letter and the children have played football.
Who has written a letter?

48.Yesterday was aunt Tina’s birthday.
My sister Tuti went to the market.
My brother cleaned the living room.
I bought a beautiful birthday cake for aunt Tina.
We … very busy because we wanted to celebrate her birthday.

49.Yodo and Yuprin went to the shop yesterday. They wanted to buy two pairs of shoes. The shoes cost    Rp. 4.000,00 Yudo had Rp. 4.000,00 but Yuprin had only Rp. 3.000,00 Yuprin could not buy the    shoes because he had, …than Yudo.

50.X : The sky is cloudy I think it is going to rain.
Y : If … I will take an umbrella.


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