Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional
Tahun 1987
Bahasa Inggris

1.Amir and Udin … playing football now
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. were

2.My friend wanted … me last week.
A. visit
B. to visit
C. visited.
D. visiting

3.That high building is Mutiara Hotel … school lies behind it,
A. we
B. us
C. our
D. ours

4.… a noise, pleas? I am Studying how.
A. Doesn’t make
B. Not make
C. Don’t makes
D. Don’t make

5.The farmers … since early in the morning?
A. work
B. worked
C. are working
D. have been working

6.X : … Mrs. Anwar save her money in the bank?
Y : Yes, she can.
A. May
B. Can
C. Must
D. Should

7.The surface of a mirror is smooth, but the surface of a rock is …
A. rough
B. cruel
C. naughty
D. wild

8.Listen ! She’s … a beautiful song
A. sing
B. sings
C. singing
D. to sing

9.My sister and I went to visit … uncle in the hospital
A. her
B. my
C. his
D. our ‘

10.Mice … afraid of the cat.
A. is
B. are
C. was
D. am

11.Your sister was absent yesterday …?
A. weren’t you
B. were you
C. wasn’t she
D. was she

12.X : “What do I have to do Dad?”
Y : You, must take the. letter to the post ; office, … you?”
A. may out
B. may
C. mustn’t
D. must

13.She gave me … paper and … ink.
A. page of – a bowl of
B. piece of – a bottle of
C. piece – a bottle
D. piece of – a drop of

14.Mr. Ahmad has seven children. The oldest and youngest … in Bandung.
A. live
B. lives
C. lived
D. has lived

15.As I was going to the swimming pool, I meet a man with two sons. Every son had two dogs. Every dog had two little cubs (= anak anjing).
How many were there going to the swimming pool ?
A. There were 10
B. There Were 15
C. There were 14
D. There were 16

16.We … to the library yesterday.
A. go
B. went
C. goes
D. going

17.We are going to have a test …
A. next week
B. last week
C. now
D. already

18.I am not so fat as you, … ?
A. are you
B. am I
C. aren’t you
D. aren’t I

19.Mr. and Mrs. Harman … at home when we passed by.
A. are
B. were
C. will be
D. have been

20.A cat ….bark, and neither can a cow
A. can
B. cannot
C. could
D. could not

21.Who has just … at the door ?
A. knock
B. knocks
C. knocked
D. knocking

22.The boys were travelling in a small car. It was 12 o’clock at noon, and the, day was very hot;    One of them said,”…”
A. Open them, please, It is very hot
B. Don’t you fell hot, boys?
C. It is such a nice day today
D. Open all the windows, please. It is very hot

23.Look at that man with the load on his shoulders. He stops every few steps (= langkah). He must    need help. The load seems …
A. too heavy for him
B. light enough for him
C. big
D. small

24.Your father is sleeping. You … quiet.
A. should
B. should not
C. should be
D. should not be

25.What do you, suggest, that, she should do?
I suggest that she. ..study English well
A. can
B. should
C. would
D. may

26.The water is …
A. salt
B. salty
C. salted
D. salt ant

27.I am still hungry. I need … rice.
A. anothers
B. the others
C. some more
D. anymore

28.Small children may not watch … TV. snows on Saturday night.
A. late
B. hard
C. fast
D. aloud

29.Bowo : Will you attend the party tonight ?
John : Sure, if …
A. I am not busy
B. I had time
C. I did not forget
D. I knew the place

30.A continent is … than an island.
A. higher
B. longer
C. older
D. bigger

31.Ali can’t sing the song, …he ?
A. can
B. can’t
C. could
D. couldn’t

32…. book is yours ? The book on the desk.
A. Whose
B. Whom
C. Which
D. What

33.My father is a doctor.
… is your father, Tuti?
A. Where
B. Who
C. When
D. What

34.X : Mam, … book is on the floor ?
Y : It’s your son’s.
A. Which
B. Whose
C. What
D. Who

35.The man has just bought … old car.
A. some
B. any
C. a
D. an

36.There are some … in the field.
A. hen
B. cock
C. ox
D. oxen

37.The bookstore also sells …
A. a dictionary
B. dictionaries
C. the dictionary
D. dictionary

38.My brother likes to wear expensive … when he attends parties.
A. shirts
B. clothes
C. trousers
D. shorts

39.One of us … to attend Amir’s party tonight.
A. need
B. needed
C. is needing
D. needs

40.X : What do you want to buy ?
Y : I want to buy … shoes.
A. two
B. a group of
C. a pair of
D. a couple of

41.How often … coffee ?
A. mother drinks
B. does mother drink
C. did mother drink
D. mother does drink

42.What’s this?
A. It’s a dog
B. It’s a horse
C. It’s a cat
D. It’s a rabbit

43.Choose the right one.
A. 1 is a trunk
B. 2 is a branch
C. 3’isaroof
D. 4 is a leaf

44.Last year Suparman and his friends witnessed a bull race. There were many people at the field. Around nine in the morning, the bulls paraded in front of the crowd. There altogether ? There were …
A. 4 herts
B. 8 bulls
C. 6 herts
D. 16 bulls

45.What is a crowd ?
A. A large number of bulls together
B. A large number of books together
C. A large amount of money together
D. A large number of people together

46.Amir always finishes his work long before the others do, Amir is a …
A. slowly
B. slow
C. quickly
D. fast

Most of the students of SMP Telagas passed the exams. One those who did not was Taty. During the school year Taty was often absent. Her health (= kesehatan) was not very good most the time so she could not study well.
Pilihlah pasangan tanya jawab yang sesuai dengan isi teks.

47.A. Taty was not a good student, was she ? No, she wasn’t
B. Taty did not pass the exams, did she ? No, she didn’t .
C. Taty was always in good health, wasn’t she ? Yes, she was
D. Taty was never absent during the school year, was she ? Yes, she was.

48.X : Is the man painting the house ?
Y : No, he isn’t.
A. Who is painting
B. Where is he painting?
C. What is he painting
D. Why is he painting

49.If I get lot of money …..
A. I like to buy you new shoes
B. I must buy you new shoes
C. I want to buy you new shoes
D. I will buy you new shoes

50.After an hour Jack was still looking for the office. So, he stopped and asked an old lady. She said, go straight along this street, turn to left at the end, and it’s the second building on the right! Jack went, and found it.
A. Jack didn’t know where the office was
B. Jack asked a girl
C. The gave the information to Jack
D. Jack could not find the office


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