Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional
Tahun 1988
Bahasa Inggris

1.X : What is this?
Y : …
A. These are pencils
B. This is a pencil
C. This is pencils
D. This are pencil

2…. does Rini want to go?
A. What
B. Who
C. Which
D. Where

3.X : … .do you get up every morning?
Y : At four thirty
A. What
B. Why
C. What time
D. When

4.”What will we eat next week. We don’t have much … left,” said mother
A. time
B. books
C. cakes
D. food

5.A: Who are in the headmaster’s office ?.
B: …
A. Mr. Darwis and his son there !
B. There are Mr. Darwis and his son in there
C. There are Mr. Darwis and his son there
D. Are Mr. Darwis and his son there

6.I was very delighted … my old friend Ria
A. to meet
B. to see
C. meeting
D. seeing

7.We … in this town for more than 15 years.
A. have been living
B. have living
C. live
D. lived

8.It is dark in here …?
A. Will you please turn on the light
B. Will you please turn off the light
C. Will you please close the window
D. Will you please close the door

9.The little boy bushes is hiding
A. On the bushes
B. Behind the bushes
C. With the bushes
D. Above the bushes

10.Susi and Ani are absent today … of them are ill.
A. each
B. several
C. both
D. a few

11.There is … person at home expect my servant,
A. another
B. the other
C. no other
D. each other

12.The children were playing volley ball in the yard …?
A. were play
B. weren’t the children
C. were the children
D. Weren’t they

13.A : What does the man …?
B : To paint the house.
A. want
B. want to do
C. do
D. want to paint

14.Father bought us a new ball because … had nothing
A. we
B. our
C. us
D. ours

15.Mr. Simanjuntak’s son gave some money to the beggar.
… is kind man.
A. Mr. Simanjuntak
B. The beggar
C. He
D. The boy

16.The children are … by the river
A. fishing
B. fish
C. fished
D. fishes

17…. you happy to receive the present from your father last month ?
A. Are
B. Were
C. Is
D. Was

18.Mother added … sugar to your tea.
A. a bar of
B. a loaf of
C. a spoonful of
D. mouthful

19.You should take raincoat with you. It will rain.
This means that …
A. You will take a raincoat
B. You may take a raincoat
C. You can take raincoat
D. You ought to take a raincoat

20.How does he run ?
He runs …
A. Soundly
B. Neatly
C. Quickly
D. Loudly

21.My sister likes to study Biology very much. She … to become a doctor.
Semua jawaban di bawah ini betul, kecuali …
A. hopes
B. brings
C. wants
D. expects

22.My uncle … a new car. He has a car now.
A. buy
B. buys
C. has bought
D. have bought

23.A: What is going on in the office ?
B : … is a meeting there.
A. That
B. There
C. It
D. This

24.A guest wants to see you. He … for more than two hours
A. waited
B. has been waiting
C. waiting
D. wait

25.My brother isn’t policeman.
My brother isn’t a postman,
Penggabungan yang benar dari kedua kalimat tersebut adalah …
A. My brother is a policeman not a postman.
B. My brother is neither a policeman and postman.
C. My brother is neither a policeman not postman.
D. My brothers neither a policeman not a postman.

26.We need twenty minutes than they do.
They need a quarter of an hour.
A. We need more minutes than they do
B. We need more hours than they do.
C. We need fewer time than they do.
D. We need more time than they do.

27.Susi’s books is 25 pages thick.
Ani’s books is more than 25 pages thick.
A. Ani’s books is the same colour as Susi book.
B. Susi’s book is the same as Ani’s book.
C. Susi’s book is the same shape as Ani’s book.
D. Ani’s books not the same size as Susi’s book,

28.I saw him entering his room. He brought a novel.
I … he is reading now.
A. thought
B. hope
C. wish
D. think

29.The pens … are not mine.
A. on my pocket
B. in my pocket
C. a my pocket
D. under my pocket

30.They are going to … exercises next week,
A. did
B. doing
C. done
D. do

31.Father won’t know it if you don’t tell him.
A. Father will know it if you don’t tell him.
B. Father won’t know it if you tell him.
C. Father will know it unless you tell him.
D. Father won’t know it unless you tell him.

32.+ : Have you done your homework’ ?
– : What you homework ?
A. That’s
B. There’s
C. This is
D. It’s

33…. do they ?
A. Tono and Tini always come on time
B. Tono and we don’t like drinking milk
C. You and Ali never come to school late
D. Our dogs don’t like eating fruit

34.Amir … the piano. He is in the bathroom.
A. does not play
B. plays
C. did not play
D. is not playing

35.Susunlah ke dalam kalimat yang benar.
A. The students come must on time?
B. Must the student come on time ?
C. Must the students on time come ?
D. On time must the student come ?

36.Siti dances …
Many people like her.
A. beautifully
B. badly
C. lazily
D. angrily

37.A : Who … TV every night?
B : Mr. Danu does.
A. watching
B. watches
C. watched
D. watch

38.Mr. Tono is not able to give us a test today. He is planning to give it tomorrow.
A. Mr. Tono is not going to give us a test tomorrow.
B. Mr. Tono will give us a test tomorrow.
C. Mr. Tono will not give us a test tomorrow
D. Mr. Tono will give us a test today.

39.He was wrong. I was not able to do the work myself.
… I was able to do it myself?
A. Does he think
B. Did he think
C. Will he think
D. Has he thought

40.Fauziah : I saw you buy a lot of mangoes the morning.
My I have some ?
“Some” dalam kalimat di atas berarti …
A. many
B. several
C. much
D. a little

41.Do you have to do it your self ?
Bentuk lain yang sama artinya adalah …
A. You have to do it yourself, do you?
B. You have to do it your self, have you?
C. You have to do it yourself, haven’t you ?
D. You have to do, it yourself, don’t you?

42.Mira and Bayu are SMP Students. Mr. And Mrs. Mochtar are their parents. Mr. Mochtar is a judge.    He has punished many people whose behaviour was against the law. Judge is person who …
A. punishes criminals in the court
B. regulates traffic
C. takes care of sick people
D. send people to jail

43.Ali rarely comes late to school.
A. He is never absent
B. He always comes on time
C. He seldom comes late
D. He always comes early

44.X : Firman is l70 cm tall although he is l5 just now what do you think about him ?
Y : I think he is a … boy.
A. high
B. tall
C. big
D. fat

45.Siti, Arif, Tuti; and Amat are brothers and sisters. Siti was born on 17th August 1975 and she is    150 cm tall. Her sister, Tuti, is 155 cm tall. Her brothers are even taller. Who is she shortest    among those in the picture ?
A. Siti was
B. Siti is
C. Tuti is
D. Tuti was


46.Amir and Ahmad are in the class: “They are students. God willing, they will be SMA Students next year.”
What year are Amir and Ahmad in ?

47.Bob : Say, Paul have your ever asked yourself this question ?
What have I done for my parents in return to what they have done for me?
Paul : Frankly, I have never given that a though, it’s strange, isn’t it?
What does Paul think his patents have done for him?
(Gunakan kata ‘a great deal’ atau ‘much’ untuk menggambarkan perbuatan orang tua Paul).

48.Loma died suddenly. She was taken to hospital, and doctors examined her.
There was much poison, in the food she Had examine Loma, before or she took poison?

49.There are four children, Ali, Tuti, Rini and Toni.
Ali is twelve years old, Tuti is fourteen years old, Rini is twelve years old, Toni is fifteen    years old
K : Who are the same age ?
Y : …

50.Unless you go, I will stay at home.
If you … I will stay at home.


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