Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional
Tahun 1989
Bahasa Inggris

1.The books is on the table
It is Maman’s book.
… book is a math book
A. He
B. Him
C. His
D. She

2.Teacher: “Look, this is my pen”.
Whose pen is this?
The students: “That is ..
A. his
B. hers
C. yours
D. ours

3.You name is Nina … are Nina
A. I
B. He
C. She
D. You

4.Rini  : “We are going to get an English test tomorrow.
Wiwin : “What time will the teacher give … me test?”
Rini  : “About nine o’clock.
A. us
B. me
C. him
D. her

5.These bags are expensive but those … are cheap
A. ones
B. too
C. one
D. one’s

6.Father : “Where did you go last night?”
Brother : “I didn’t go …, Dad”
A. anywhere
B. somewhere
C. nowhere
D. everywhere

7.There is still plenty of wood at the back of the house.
This sentence means that we still have … wood.
A. many
B. an amount of
C. a few
D. a number of

8.This exercise is easy … difficult
A. another are
B. some other are
C. the other is
D. other is

9.Your cat are two … up last night
A. mouse
B. mice
C. mouse’s
D. the mouse

10.Mother needed a piece of … to write a letter
A. thread
B. string
C. paper
D. book

11.What are the boys doing? They … their kites
A. flew
B. fly
C. have flown
D. are flying

12.Father wakes up at four every day
But he woke up at five two days ago. It means.
Father woke up …
A. early
B. late
C. on time
D. fast

13.The Anwar family lives in Bandung.
They are going to go to Bali the day after tomorrow. Today they …
A. are still in Bandung
B. were in Bandung
C. are in Bali
D. were in Bali

14.Doctors and nurses … in the hospital.
A. works
B. working
C. work
D. worked

15.She lives in the country but she has visited us many times.
She … us well
A. knows
B. never knows
C. knowing
D. knew

16.The teacher asked the students “Have you finished you assignment?” The students, “Yes, we have.”
From this dialogue we know that the students … the assignment
A. haven’t finished yet
B. have finished
C. are going to finish
D. didn’t finish

17.Father … a news paper while we were studying in the living room.
A. was reading
B. reads
C. read
D. reading

18.What have the men been doing?
They… the pew building,
A. finishes
B. finishing
C. have been finishing
D. finished

19.What will you uncle drink?
He drinks coffee
It means my uncle … coffee
A. won’t like
B. likes
C. doesn’t like
D. is liking

20.Father has worked hard.
He is tired so he may take a nap … read the newspaper
A. and
B. too
C. but
D. or

21.My uncle wanted to go to England.
He visited us before he went to England. This means.
My uncle … England.
A. has been in
B. will leave for
C. was in
D. is now in

22.Sinta went to the market yesterday. She wanted to buy some oranges.
The fruit seller : … do you want?”
Sinta : “I want the yellow ones”
A. Which oranges
B. Which are the oranges
C. Which the oranges
D. Which orange’s

23.How fast does your brother drive the car?
He drives …
A. not very fast
B. very well
C. happily
D. hardly

24.Mother; “How much is the English dictionary, Tini?”
A. three thousand rupiahs
B. very fast
C. as soon possible
D. three times a day

25.There were swimmers at the beach …
A. now
B. tomorrow
C. an hour ago
D. already

26.”You may take him to the movie”
The sentence means …
A. you must bring him to the movie
B. you can ask him to go with you to the movie
C. you have to take him to the movie
D. you will take him to the movie. ‘

27.X : “How did his sister play the piano?”
Y : ”She played the piano, …
A. clever
B. clever than you ;
C. the cleverest in the group
D. cleverly

28.Why did you come here?
I came here because I … him
A. to see
B. want to see
C. wanted to see
D. see

29.The teacher says: ” … wrong to go through the window”
A. It is
B. Its
C. It
D. Is it

30.The teacher knows that their students … their coming final exams.
A. have been happy to pass
B. will be happy to pass
C. were happy to pass
D. can be happy to pass

31.”Don’t go out, please! It is very cold outside”
You may also say …
A. Won’t you stay inside, please!
B. Will you stay inside, please!
C. Would you please stay outside!
D. Go out, please!

32.The. Servant : “Do you understand your parents are going to come late?”
Bambang : “No, I don’t”
From the sentence we know that Bambang …
A. knows that his parent aren’t going to come late.
B. Know that his parents are going to come late.
C. Doesn’t know that his parents are going to come late.
D. Doesn’t know that his parents aren’t going to come late.

33.”They say you study maths”
The interrogative is …
A. They say you study maths?
B. They say “Do you study maths?”
C. Do they say you study maths?
D. Don’t they say you study maths?

34.”Mrs. Tuti teaches us math’s on Fridays, and so does Mr. Seto’
The sentence means …
A. Mr. Seto teaches them math’s on the same day as Mrs. Tuti does.
B. Mrs. Tuti teaches us math’s on Fridays but Mr. Seto doesn’t.
C. Mrs. Tuti and Mr. Seto teach us math’s together on Fridays.
D. Mrs. Tuti and Mr. Seto teach us math’s on different days.

35.Which soldier is kind and handsome?
The soldier … is kind and handsome.
A. the office
B. after the office
C. is in the office
D. in the office

36.The bus is very big. It runs very fast.
The combined sentence is …
A. The bus which runs very fast is very big
B. The very big bus runs very fast
C. The very big bus which rims very fast
D. The bus is very fast and big

37.Mother is pleased father gave her a present.
We know that mother is …
A. glad to get a present from father
B. not so happy to get such a present
C. happy to-;give a present to father.
D. not so happy to receive such a present

38.Which sentence is correct?
A. If you didn’t feel well, I will send for a doctor
B. I send for a doctor, if you don’t feel well,
C. If you don’t feed well, I will send for a doctor
D. I will send for a doctor if you didn’t feel well

39.The third year students went on a trip to Jogja … ?
A. don’t they
B. didn’t they
C. did they
D. do they

40.She made up her mind to give me a motor cycle.
The underlined words mean …
A. wanted
B. planned
C. decided
D. promised

41.Ani always … their parents working at home.
She is a diligent girl.
A. looks after
B. watches
C. works
D. helps

42.Look at the diagram and choose the right sentence!
A. Mrs. Sigit is Mr. Bonar’s sister
B. Mrs. Bahar is Mrs. Bonar’s mother
C. Mr. Bahar is Mr. Sigit’s father
D. Mr. Sigit is Mrs. Bahar’s soon

43.X : “Where is the lamp?”
Y : “It’s … the table”.
A. above
B. on
C. beside
D. behind

44.Look at the picture!
From the picture we know that Atila is …
A. Younger than Andini
B. Older than Andini
C. The oldest
D. The youngest.

45.Look at the table and chases the right sentence!
From the table we know that …
Rp 30.000,00
Rp 10.000,00
Rp 15.000,00
A. a pair of shoes are the most expensive of all
B. a pair of spectacles are the cheapest of all
C. a pair of spectacles are cheaper than a pair of trousers
D. a pair of trousers are more expensive than a pair of shoes

Read the text carefully

A library
A library is a place where we can borrow books. Do you think it is interesting to go to a library? A library has many kinds of books. There are school books, story books, dictionaries and others. In big libraries we can go round and choose books we want. Is small libraries we must ask the man in charge for what we want. Do you know how to borrow a book from a library ?
I believe it is not difficult.
Don’t forget to write the number and the name of the author. After we sign the paper, then we hand it to the man is charge.
The man is charge = orang yang bertugas.
Author = pengarang
Taken from: “‘Structure and Reading comprehension”

46.What do you think to go to a library?
It think …

47.What must we do before we sign the paper?
We must …

48.What kind of books are there in a library?
There are,…

Read the text carefully!
Amat is village boy of seventeen
His father is a poor farmer, who has a son and two daughters. Amat doesn’t go to school anymore. He has to help his parents support a family of five. His two younger sisters go to school in the morning and help to earn some extra money in the afternoon.
They work for their neighbors who have large families and can use extra help around the house.
Support: memberi nafkah, menunjang.
Taken from: The “Kumpulan Soal EBTANAS”.

49.How many children do Amat’s parents have?
They …

50.Why doesn’t Amat go to school anymore?
Because he …


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