Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional
Tahun 1991
Bahasa Inggris

Read the; text carefully!

What does the word “parents” mean? It means our father and our mother.
How long have our parents been taking care of us? This question is easy to answer. As we all know, our parents have been taking care of us for as long as we have lived.
We hardly, imagine just how good and kind our parents are. They also love us very much. No parent hates a son or daughter. When we are sick or ill, they look after us very carefully. They sometimes even lose sleep at night because of us. And they spend a lot of money on our education.
Do you love your parents? Of course you do.
What should we do to show our gratitude to our parents? To show our gratitude to them we should:
1. Always do what they tell, us to do.
2. Never disobey or annoy them.
3. Be a good student and always do our best.
4. Make ourselves useful, both to our parents and to our country.

T : What should you do to show your gratitude to your parents?
S : I should …
A. always obey and make myself useful to my parents
B. disobey my parents and always do my best to them
C. always do what they tell me to do and make myself unuseful to them
D. be good student and be unuseful to my parents

After you have read the text, which paragraph tells us about how much our parents love us?
It is in the … paragraph
A. first
B. second
C. third
D. fourth

The vast archipelago and the great number of islands has made Indonesia the home of a large variety of plant life. The Indonesian flora ranges from the tiny orchid to the giant Rafflesia plant. No wonder many botanists are curious to study these plants.
The Rafflesia arnoldi is the biggest flower in the world. It is unusual because of its large size. It has a flower almost a metre in diameter and 1.40 metres in height.
“Raflesia” is derived from the name of the British Governor General, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, who (=yang) once governed and built the Botanical Gardens in Bogor. Though it is called Rafflesia after Raffles, the man who discovered the plant was Beccary, an Italian botanist who visited Sumatra in 1928.
Rafflesia consists of two parts: the stick4ifce part which grows in the middle and the petals around, and below it.
The Rafflesia plant begins to flower in Us tenth year, It blooms three or four times a year. Before it begins to flower, the leaves and the stem become dry and looks dead, but the main root in the ground is still alive.
While the flower is blossoming, it has a very unpleasant smell which attracts insects, especially green flies. They seem eager to explore the flower. But if the flies touch the bottom part of the stick, like centre, they die.

T : Where did the name of “Rafflesia” come from?
S : It came from the name of …
A. Sumatra in 1928
B. the Botanical Garden
C. Beccary, an Italian Botanist
D. The British Governor General

T : How often does the Rafflesia bloom a year?
S : It blooms … times a year.
A. three
B. three or four
C. three or ten
D. four

T : What is the second paragraph about?
S : It is about the …
A. size of Rafflesia
B. parts of the Rafflesia
C. variety of Rafflesia
D. home of plant life

The fifth paragraph is about the …
A. flower which is blossoming
B. parts of the flower
C. times when it blooms
D. beginning of flower

No wonder many botanists are curious to study these plants. The underlined word refers to …
A. many botanists
B. the Indonesian flora
C. the great number of islands
D. the tiny orchid to the giant Rafflesia

Indonesia has some Of the richest forests in the world. The total area of forested land is approximately 120 million hectares.
These forests have existed for million of years and they have much to offer us. They are important for their products, such as timber, rattan (= rotan), resin (= damar), etc.
They are also important for keeping the soil fertile. The leaves of the forest trees fall to the ground an4 become humus. The humus is fertilizer for the soil. The forests are also important for preventing soil erosion and floods. The roots of the trees prevent the soil from being washed away by the rain.
Some years ago the forests in Indonesia looked from the air like an unbroken carpet of green. Today there are a lot of bare patches (= bidang-bidang tanah) where trees have been cut down and cleared. The trees have been cut down for timber. Forests are cleared for farms, mines and settlements. In some areas the destruction is continuing at a very rapid rate. If we do not stop this, our forests will be gone by the end 6f this century.
Our government realizes this and has taken some steps to prevent the destruction. Some regulations have been issued (= dikeluarkan) to protect the forests. In addition, reforestation projects are being carried out. These projects are as important as other big development projects. It is our duty,- as good citizens to help the government carry out these programmer successfully.

What is the size of the forested land in Indonesia?
It is approximately … hectares,
A. 120,000
B. 1,200,000
C. 12,000,000
D. 120,000,000

Teacher : Why are the forests important?
Student : Because they …
A. are fertilizer for the soil
B. fall to the ground an become humus
C. keep the soil fertile and prevent the soil erosion
D. prevent the soil from being washed away by the rain

Teacher : What is the third paragraph about?
Student : It’s about the …
A. destruction of our forests
B. trees that have been cut down
C. forests which are cleared for farms-
D. trees :are cleared for settlements

From paragraph three we know that there are …
Patches where trees have been cut down and cleared.
A. plenty of
B. only a few
C. a great amount of
D. very much

“These forests have existed for millions of years and they have much to offer us.” The word “they” refers to …
A. products
B. trees
C. years
D. forests

Nowadays almost everyone likes sports. Many people participate in some kind of sports such as football, swimming or running. A lot more people are interested in sports as spectators. They enjoy watching a football game, a swimming contest or an athletics contest.
Among the biggest sports events in the world are the Olympic Games. They began in Greece long ago. They were held every four years at Olympia; Only men participate in the games. Women could not even watch them in the stadium. :
At the first Olympic Games there was only one event, a running race. Later game had more events, long jump, javelin, boxing and chariot (= kereta perang) racing. The only prize the winner received was a crown of leaves. But it was a great honours to win.
When the Romans conquered Greece, they continued to hold the Olympic Games. But they started to give winners big prizes., Then, people, began to cheat, so the Roman Emperor (= kaisar) Theodosius stopped the games.
In 1896 a Frenchman, ‘Baron Pierre de Couhertin, revived the Olympic Games. The games were held in Greece. They became the first modern Olympic Games. People from every country in the world can participate, and each time the games are held
in a .different country. At each, new Olympic Games there is a special opening ceremony: the lighting of the Olympic torch. Runners carry the Olympic flame from Greece all the way to the host country for this purpose,
Like the ancient games, the modern .games take place every four years. About 30 sports are played. Today the winners receive medals as prizes instead of the old crown of leaves. The 1992 Olympic Games will be held in Barcelona, Spain.

How many events were there at the first Olympic Games?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

T : When did Baron Pierre de Coubertin revive the Olympic Games?
S : Here revived them in …
A. 1896
B. 1898
C. 1986
D. 1992

Teacher : Which paragraph tells us that medals as prizes?
Student : It is in the .:.. Paragraph
A. second
B. third
C. fourth
D. sixth

“Only men participated in the games. Women could not even watch them hi the stadium.”
The word “them” in the sentence above refers to …
A. games
B. men
C. events ‘
D. women

The word communication comes from the verb communicate, which means to give or exchange information, news, ideas or opinions by speech or writing. In other words communications is the sending of information or news from one person to another; or the exchange of such information or news between people.
Through communication people learn from one another the things they want to know. Imagine if human beings could not communicate with one another. If a person cannot communicate, he will not talk to other people, and no other people will talk to him or teach him anything. So it would be impossible for him to learn anything. Can he learn anything by himself?
How could a child learn to do anything at all if he did not have the chance to communicate with other people, especially with his parents, brothers and sisters? He would not learn to talk and would not learn to do any other things either. Someone must teach the child. In other words, someone must communicate knowledge and skills to the child.
The main way people communicate with one another is by speaking. Two people can communicate in this way when they are near to each other. Nowadays, however, we can use electronic. instruments like the telephone, radio and telegraph as a means of communicate by writing letters.
Writing began when men used pictures to explain their thoughts to others. Now writing has become a very important means to communicate. Newspaper, magazines, books and other printed materials use writing.
Since communication is important for gaining knowledge, you must communicate actively with other people, especially with your teachers and friends at school.

T : What are the electronic instruments as a means of communication?
S : They are ..
A. newspaper, letters and books
B. telephone, telegraph and radio
C. news, magazines and words
D. pictures, ideas and opinions

What is the best title of the text above?
A. information
B. conversation
C. introduction
D. communication

Which statement is based on the text you have just read?
A. Life would be difficult without communication
B. Communication is important for children only
C. Trains, buses and planes are means of transportation
D. Painters may communicate his ideas with his painting

What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. Communication means to give news or ideas by speech
B. Writing is very important to communicate
C. Communication is important to gain knowledge
D. Using the electronic. instrument like telephone

Sports help us become strong and …
A. hearty
B. sleepy
C. healthy
D. wealthy

We understand why people do not like tell a lie.
“to tell a lie” means …
A. unkind
B. kind hearted
C. honest
D. dishonest

Aida and her friends are in the laboratory now. They want to make an experiment. They are … a frog now.
A. trying
B. examining
C. working
D. finding out

We held an experiment on physics two days ago.
We use a microscope as …
A. a tool
B. an object
C. a specimen
D. a means

Our parents have been looking after us since we were
born. They … us very much.
A. annoy
B. obey
C. love
D. educate

My mother and my father take care of me patiently and very carefully
“take care of” means …
A. look on
B. look at
C. look for
D. look after

The … are the throwing and jumping events
A. track events
B. field events
C. throwing events
D. discus throwing

Athletics consists of two types of events: track events and field events. Track events means …
A. sprinting and high jumping
B. relay race and hurdling
C. long jumping and pole vaulting
D. discus throwing and relay race

Nowadays we can communicate by using electronic instruments like …
A. telegraph, telephone and television
B. telephone, newspapers and magazines
C. television, books and. telegraph
D. booklet, telephone and television

… first happened when men tried to explain their thoughts by drawing pictures.
A. Speaking
B. Listening
C. Reading
D. Writing

When Andri came to my house I … lunch.
A. was having
B. will have
C. am having
D. were having

My parents … In Bandung for four years.
A. live
B. have been living
C. are going to live
D. were living

Diar : I prefer to live in a small town.
Ira : …
A. Neither do I
B. I don’t either
C. So do I
D. I did too

Ana was … a poor mark.
A. disappointed to get
B. happy to receive
C. delighted to get
D. glad, to accept

Student Name Age
1.Ira        14
2.Erna       15
3.Rudi       15
4.Yudha      16
From the table above we know that …
A. Ira is older than Erna
B. Rudi is older than Ira
C. Yudha is younger than Rudi
D. Erna is the oldest of them all

Mathematics is not an easy subject. I know it.
The good combination of the two sentences above:
A. It is not easy subject I know that
B. Mathematics is an easy subject that I know
C. I know that mathematics is not an easy subject
D. I know that mathematics is an easy subject

The girl is my friends.
You talked to her last night.
The good combination of the two sentences above …
A. The girl whom you talked last night is my friend
B. Whose friends that girl talk to last night
C. My friends who talked to the girl last night is here
D. The girl whom you talked to last night is my friend

I will come to her party if it …
A. hasn’t rained
B. doesn’t rain
C. didn’t rain
D. won’t rain

11,15 … to cross a busy street carelessly,
A. necessary
B. important
C. possible
D. dangerous

There are 44 pupils in our class.
… them will take their examination next month.
A. All of
B. Both of
C. A lot
D. several

Eva : What do you want to drink, Rosma? Milk or tea?
Rosma : Well, I’d like some tea, please.
Eva : … ?
Rosma : Yes, please.
A. Do you want some sugar in it
B. Do you like any salt in it
C. How much sugar do you want
D. How do you like your tea.

Wiwin : …? I have to type my letter.
Narti : Sure, I have nothing to do with it now.
A. may I come in, please
B. will you borrow my book
C. may I use your typewriter, please
D. should you type your letter

Denny : Mr. Hendra, I’d like you to come to my birthday party next Sunday?
Mr. Hendra : That’s very kind of you but I’ m afraid I can’t. I have already made an appointment. Have a nice party!
Denny : Thank your, sir.
The underlined words in the dialogue above is …
A. an apology
B. an invitation
C. a leave taking
D. a greeting

Andi : it’s eight o’clock now.
I can’t stay here any longer
Dian : What a pity! See you tomorrow then.
The underlined words mean …
A. Andi wants to live with Dian
B. Dian wants Andi to stay with her
C. Andi wants to leave Dian
D. Dian wants to leave for school

Sales girl : Can I help you?
Fadila : Yes, … some handkerchiefs, please?
Sales girl : Yes, of course. Here you are.
A. May I borrow
B. Could I show you
C. Would you mind helping me
D. Could you show me

Mr. Kandar : Have you typed the letter to Mr. Hasan?
Secretary : I’m sorry, Sir. I completely forgot.
Mr. Kandar : Never mind. Will you do it now, please?
Secretary : Certainly, Sir. I do apologize for my absent mindedness. to
The underlined words mean that the secretary type the letter.
A. remembered
B. forgot
C. reminded
D. told Do you like living

Mr. Ridwan : Do you like living in the city, Budi?
Budi : Well, it’s all right, Sir
Mr. Ridwan : You don’t sound very keen. Why?
Budi : I dislike the noise and the polluted air.
The underlined words mean that … the noise and the polluted air.
A. Mr. Ridwan hates
B. Budi doesn’t like
C. Budi likes
D. I don’t like

Budi : Hello, this is Budi.
Eko : Hi, Budi are you doing anything at the moment?
Budi : No why?
Eko : …
Budi : O.K. pick me up!
A. Let’s go swimming
B. Please have a swim
C. Swim as long as you can
D. Let’s stop swimming

Iwan : How shall we arrange these chairs?
Bayu : We could put them in groups at ten to twelve with a small table in the middle.
Zacky : What do you think, Yudi?
Yudi : That’s fine
The underlined words in the dialogue above mean that …
A. Zacky agreed with Yudi
B. Yudi agreed with Zacky
C. Iwan agreed to Bayu
D. Bayu agreed to Iwan

Ellin : You’re going to be our headmaster, aren’t you, Mr. Kurnia?
Teacher : That’s right
Ellin : … you on your promotion
Teacher : Thank you, Ellin. Thank you very much
A. Let me ask you for
B. Can you be successful
C. May I congratulate
D. Wish me luck


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