Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional
Tahun 1996
Bahasa Inggris

Wacana 1
Lombo needs some books for his biology class. The school library has those books. The students have to read the books in the library. Lombo loves to read and study, but hates to go to the library. He likes to study at home.
Lombo wants to buy the books, but he does not have any money. He asks his mother for some money, but she does not have any.
“Well, son,’* His mother says, “the library has the books, you have to go to the library and study there.”
Lombo does not want to go to the library, but now he has to go there.
Lombo is leaving the house. He is going to the library on his bicycle.

What is Lombo like?
He is …
A. a lazy boy
B. a rich boy
C. a diligent boy
D. an honest boy

From paragraph 1, we know that Lombo …
A. likes to study at home
B. hates biology class
C. has to buy the biology book
D. prefers to study in the library

Lombo … to study in the library.
A. hates
B. loves
C. needs
D. likes

Wacana 2
Sport helps us to become strong and healthy. There are many kinds of sport: walking, running, hunting, cycling, swimming, and so on. It is not important what kinds of sport we are going to do, as long as we are strong enough to do it.
Healthy people should exercise regularly, no matter how old they are.
The simplest and the best sport is walking. It is also the cheapest one, because we do not need money to do it.
A long walk in the evening may help us sleep more easily^ than any medicine
But people today do not like walking. They prefer to drive a car, though they are. not in a hurry or travelling! a long distance. This kind of “disease” come from our laziness.

Does sport help us to become strong and healthy?
A. Yes, he does
B. Yes, it does
C. Yes, he is
D. Yes, it is

The word “it” inline 5 refers to …
A. cycling
B. hunting
C. swimming
D. walking

The word “they” in line 8 refers to …
A. sport
B. people
C. sports
D. peoples

Walking is the best sport and the cheapest one.
“The best” means …
A. bad
B. good
C. nice
D. kind

Wacana 3
We often read books to get knowledge. But boo can give us pleasure, too. When we are tired we read books to help us relax. Some books can also take us other parts of the world. By reading a book about Irian Jaya we may feel we are sitting in the jungles, not home in our rooms.
Books can be very expensive. Therefore a lot of people go to libraries to borrow the books they want Many famous people have got their knowledge from books. A lot of them did not go to school, but read books instead.

X : Why do we often read?
Y : …
A. To get books
B. To borrow books
C. In order to get knowledge
D. In order to go to libraries

The last sentence (paragraph 2) “A lot of them did not go to school but read books instead.
The word “them” refers to …
A. books
B. libraries
C. all people
D. famous people

The suitable tide for the reading passage above is …
A. What Is A book?
B. What About The books?
C. What Are Books For?
D. Where Are The Books?

… is the main idea of paragraph 1.
A. Different kinds of books
B. The usefulness of books
C. The jungles of Irian Jaya
D. Prices of books we read

Wacana 4
The Indonesian Archipelago is the largest group of islands in the world. It extends between two continents, Asia and Australia. It also lies between two oceans the Samudera Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean.
Indonesia’s 13,667 islands stretch 5,120 kilometres from east to west and 1,770 kilometres from north to truth. The five main islands are Sumatera, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya.
Indonesia has a land area of 1,904,345 square kilometres. More than half of it is forested land and a part is mountainous, with 15 of the mountains are I still volcanically active. One of history’s greatest volcanic eruptions, which killed thousands of people, occurred in 1883 on the island of Krakatau, which lies between Java and Sumatera.
Indonesia is one of the most populous countries in the world. Its total population is 160 million. More than 60% of the population live on the island of Java.
The Indonesian population consists of more than 300 ethnic groups which speak 500 different languages, |t but most of them understand the national language, Bahasa Indonesia. The Indonesian government’s campaign to popularize Bahasa Indonesia at present can be seen , through signs in public places and various which say ‘Use good Bahasa Indonesia correctly. Indonesia’s motto offices Bhinneka tunggal Ika, which means Unity in Diversity, symbolizes the unity of the people in spite of their ethnic and cultural origins.

The first paragraph tells about …
A. the islands in the world
B. the location of Indonesia
C. the continents of Asia and Australia
D. the Samudera Indonesia and Pacific Ocean

Based on the text The Indonesia Archipelago consists of … islands.
A. 1,904,345
B. 13,667
C. 5,120
D. 1,770

… occurred in the 1883 on the island of Krakatau …
(see paragraph 3)
The underlined word means …
A. erupted
B. was done
C. happened
D. took part

It extends between two continents’, … (paragraph 1) The word ‘It’ refers to …
A. the largest groups of islands
B. the Indonesian Archipelago
C. the islands in the world
D. the Samudera Indonesia

… but most of them understand the national language (paragraph 5). ‘them’ refers to …
A. the language
B. the Indonesian population
C. the population who live Java
D. the populous countries in the world

Wacana 5
The world communication comes from the verb to communicate, which means to give or exchange information, news, ideas or opinions by speech or writing. In other words, communication is the pending of information or news from one person to another, or the exchange of such information or news between people.
Through communication people learn from one and other the things they want to know. Imagine if human beings could not communicate with one another. If a person cannot communicate, he will not talk to other people, and no other people will talk to him or teach him anything. So it would be impossible for him to learn anything. Can he learn anything by himself?
How could a child learn to do anything at all if he did not have the chance to communicate with other people, especially with his parents, brothers and sister? He would not learn to talk and would not learn to do any other things either. Someone must teach the child. In other words, someone must communicate knowledge and skills to the child.
The main way people communicate with one another is by speaking. Two people can communicate in this way they are near to each other. Nowadays, however, we can use electronic instruments like the telephone, radio and, telegraph as means of communication. If we do not have a telephone or radio, we can still communicate by writing letters.
Writing began when men used pictures to explain their thoughts to others. Now writing has become a very important means of communication. Newspaper, magazine, books and other printed materials use writing.
Since communication is important for gaining knowledge, you must communicate actively with other people, especially with your teacher and friends at school.

What kind of communication do you use if someone talks near you?
A. by writing
B. by speaking
C. by telephone
D. by telegram

Which paragraph shows us the definition of communication?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

What’s the main way for people to communicate with one another? It is …
A. writing
B. reading
C. speaking
D. learning

The thing below is a means of communication in printed material.
It is …
A. radio
B. newspaper
C. telephone
D. television

Andi : Excuse me, Sir. I want you to pull my tooth.
Mr. Smith : Oh yes, let me examine them,
Andi : Certainly.
Mr. Smith : Open your mouth.
What do you think Mr. Smith is?
A. A dentist
B. A doctor
C. A nurse
D. A patient

Nobody in my class can answer the questions. They are very …
A. easy
B. good
C. simple
D. difficult

Jack : It’s a nice day. Let’s go swimming.
Susan : Okay; But 1 don’t bring my … with me.
Jack : Well, I think you can borrow my sister’s
Her size is the same as yours.
A. caps
B. towels
C. swimsuits
D. lifebuoy

Susi Susanti is the best badminton player in the world.
As Indonesian, we should be … of her.
A. proud
B. honest
C. favor
D. cheerful

Mr. Susanto is a physicist When he makes … he usually does it in the laboratory^
A. experiments
B. selection
C. microscopes
D. plants

That lower part of the town always suffers from floods in the wet season. The underlined word means …
A. dry
B. hot
C. rainy
D. sunny

A lot more people are interested in sports as spectators. The underlined word means people who … the games
A. play
B. join
C. lead
D. watch

Will you turn on the light, please?
I don’t like to sit in the …
A. darkness
B. lightness
C. quitness
D. happiness
Look at the picture!
It’s … in France.
A. the tower of Eiffel
B. the tower of Pizza
C. the Canadian tower
D. the great Wall
The farmers need … to make the rice grow well.
A. fertilizer
B. reforestation
C. soil erosion
D. floods

I don’t know the meaning of a difficult word.
I … a dictionary to help me.
A. need
B. like
C. have
D. lend

The sky is very cloudy. It is going to rain.
The children … bring the raincoat to go to school.
A. may
B. can
C. must
D. shall

Everything is expensive in the shop … is cheap.
A. Something
B. Nothing
C. Nobody
D. Somebody

A : … will the train leave.
B. : Immediately.”
A. How far
B. How fast
C. How soon
D. How often

My mother needs a knife … meat.
A. to bring
B. to put
C. to cook
D. to cut

Mr. Hasan’s car is a Daihatsu.
Mr. Ridwan’s car is a Datsun.
Mr. Hasan’s car is … Mr. Ridwan’s.
A. like
B. as big as
C. the same as
D. different front

A : I’ve got a terrible headache.
B : Have you? Wait a minute, I … an aspirin for you.
A. get
B. got
C. will get
D. am getting

A ; “Do you know him?”
B : “Yes, he is the man … me yesterday.”
A. who helped
B. who helps
C. is helping
D. was helping

There’s a good film at the Palaguna theatre.
Look, there are … people standing in a row to get tickets to see the film.
They want to see it now.
A. a small number
B. a large number of
C. only a few
D. not many

Amir: Happy birthday, Tiny. May God always bless you.
Tiny : Thanks, Amir … you come.
A. I am sorry
B. I am afraid
C. I am glad
D. I am uneasy

Yusuf : Oh, I have lost my pen. May I borrow yours, Ton?
Tone : … Here it is.
A. You are welcome
B. I’m Sorry
C. Thank you
D. Yes, certainly

Sri : What do you want to eat for breakfast, bread or rice?
Ani : Well, some bread, please.
The italic sentence means …
A. asking bread and rice
B. giving something to eat
C. having bread for breakfast
D. offering something for breakfast

Mrs. Kardi : There are many dirty plates in the kitchen. Mirna … ?
Mirna : Yes, of course. Please have a rest,
Mother, You look very tired.
Mrs. Kardi : Thank you, dear.
A. would you throw them away
B. could you put them in the cupboard
C. could you wash them, please
D. would you bring them here

Hely : “There is a good war film at Amboina Theatre. Let’s go and see it.”
Santy : I’m afraid … I prefer comedies and dramas.”
A. I’m not very keen on it
B. I’m very keen on it
C. That’s a good idea
D. I’d love to

Mr. Burhan : “You’ve had your hair cut, Min.”
Aminah : “Yes. Do you like it, mum?”
Mr. Burhan : Yes, I do … ”
A. You’re welcome
B. I’m very well
C. It suits you
D. Thank you

Write the names of the parts of the body stated in the picture.
1. ……………………..
2. ……………………..
3. ……………………..
4. ………………………
5. ……………………..

Complete the following “Birthday Invitation Card” based on the following paragraph.^
Novi is going to celebrate her birthday next Sunday, September -3′, 1995. It’s her fourteenth birthday. She decided to hold a party in KFC. Restaurant in the evening around seven to nine o’clock. She planned to invite all her classmates. Here is the invitation card. Can you complete it.
Hi guys, I want you all come to my … party on:
Day/Date : ……………………………………
Time : …………………………………..
Place : …………………………………..

Here are steps how to cook fried rice. Can you arrange them?
Rewrite them in a good order
a. Break the egg, beat it, and add it into the fried spices and mix it.
b. Then, chop the spices (chilies, onion, garlic) into small pieces.
c. Finally add the rice, and salt, mix it for a few minutes,
d. After that, fry the spices and mix them for a few minutes.
e. First, prepare a bowl of rice, an egg, a piece of chicken meat and the spices.

Look at the map and give instructions to a how to get to the Post Office.
1. hotel
2. supermarket
3. bank
4. theatre
5. doctor’s
6. hospital
7. museum
8. post office
9. school

Complete the following dialogue.
Manager : Have you typed the letter, Nancy?
Nancy : … Sir. I haven’t finished it yet.
Manager : That’s all right Can you finish it now?
Nancy : Sure.


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