Evaluasi Belajar Tahap Akhir Nasional
Tahun 1998
Bahasa Inggris

Collecting Stamps
It was five o’clock on Sunday afternoon. Irwan and Mira left for Andi’s house And is their cousin. Irwan wore his brown trousers and, white shirt. Mira wore her green dress. They rode to Andi’s house oil their bikes.
‘Hello, Aunt Tina,’ they said when they arrived.
‘Hello,’ Mrs. Wijaya said, ‘I think Andi is expecting you. He’s in the living-room working on his stamps.’
‘Irwan and Mira went into the living-room.
‘Hi, Andi,’ they said.
‘Hi, Irwan, Hello, Mira. Come in. Sit down and look at my stamps. I have some new ones.’ said Andi. He showed his stamps to his cousins.
‘Oh,’ said Irwan, “You have some good ones. How long have collected them?”
‘I’ve collected them since last year. My father’s office receives letters from other towns, and also from other countries. So he often gives me stamps,’ said Andi.
“I like this one, Andi” said Mira. “It’s from India, isn’t it?’
“Yes,” said Andi, “Uncle Ahmad has given stamps to me. He’s in New Delhi now. He has been there for two years.”
“Have you got stamps from Africa, yet?” asked Irwan.
“No, I haven’t had any yet. But I’d like to get some,” said Andi.
“I can give you some,” said Irwan.
“Thanks, and I can give you some stamps from India,” said Andi.
‘That’s fine,’ said Irwan. Then we can trade some stamps.”
The children talked about their stamps for a while. Irwan and Mira went home at 5,30 p.m.

Andi is Irwan and Mira’s …
A. brother
B. cousin
C. uncle
D. nephew

Andi has collected his stamps for …
A. one year
B. two years
C. three years
D. four years

“Then we can trade some stamps.” The italic word means …
A. exchange
B. get
C. save
D. buy

Untuk nomor 4 sampai dengan 8
Indonesian Life
The Indonesian society consists of rural and urban, society. Rural society lives in villages. They usually make their livings by farming. Some make their livings by working in home industries. Home industries are usually small scale industries, so they don’t need many workers.
There are many kinds of jobs people can do in cities. Cities are the center of big industries. Most government; offices are also centered in cities. Therefore, most people in the village want to move to cities.
The villagers move to cities in’ great numbers to get jobs. Some get what they want, but most of them don’t. They who have skills or good education can become government civil servants or employees of private enterprises. The unskilled and uneducated .can only work in informal’ sectors, such as, food sellers, porters, and house servants.
As the cities are densely populated, the demand for, daily needs increases sharply. This condition motivates the growth of trade and new merchants. Life in a city is a. competition. It is a hard life. Everyone must work to earn a living.

How do the villagers make their living?
By …
A. farming or working in home industries
B. becoming government civil servants
C. enjoying the life in the villages
D. becoming employees of private enterprises

The, second paragraph is about … in cities.
A. how people live
B. the conditions
C. rural people
D. big industries ,

Why do most villagers move to cities? Because …
A. there are many jobs open for people
B. they no longer like farming
C. they are skilled and educated
D. there are no industries in their village

“Home industries are usually small-scale industries , so they don’t need many workers”, (paragraph 1)
The italic word means …
A. balance
B. measure
C. size
D. instrument

What is needed for a person get a good job?
A. Farming experiences
B. Skill in trade
C. Ability to compete
D. Skill and education

Untuk soal nomor 9 sampai dengan 12
The earth has many kinds or species of animals. Part of the wildlife kingdom has already been lost, and a great many species are threatened. The cheetah is nearly extinct in Asia and so are whooping cranes in North America. There are about 600 animal species that are in danger of becoming extinct or dying off. Once an animal species is gone, it cannot be recreated.
Elephants hunted for their ivory tusks are protect*5*! in Kenya, where big-game hunting is forbidden by law. Rhinoceroses, crocodiles, monkeys, sharks and whales are also protected. And so are parrots, eagles and birds of beautiful feathers.
Uncontrolled killing, for profit or sport, was once the chief cause of extinction. Today laws regulate bunting and fishing in many countries. As populations grow, more forests are cleaned, and wildlife habitats are lost New dams may threaten the existence of certain kinds of fish. The construction of highways may cause and to lose their sources of food.
Conserving other natural resources helps to protect wildlife. If we use less paper, fewer trees will be cut-down. If we use less, electricity, fewer dams will be built. We can also help conserve wildlife by obeying hunting and fishing laws, planting bushes and shrubs to provide food and shelter for wildlife.

Hunting elephants for their ivory … by law.
A. is allowed
B. is forbidden
C. is punished
D. is encouraged

More-wildlife habitats will be lost if …
A. more forests are burnt down
B. we use less electricity
C. we provide more food
D. other natural resources are conserved

The third paragraph is about …
A. the construction of new dams
B. the profit of hunters,
C. protection of natural resources
D. the extinction of animal

“Conserving other natural resources helps to protect wildlife.”(paragraph 4)The italic word means …
A. cleaning
B. hunting
C. obeying
D. Protecting

Mother : Could you … the radio? The baby is sleeping.
Ilham : Alright.
A. turn on
B. turn up
C. turn back
D. turn down

Ima-and Nadia are talking about their mother’s birthday.
Nadia : Next week is our mother’s birthday.
Ima : How about giving her a present?
Nadia : … , but what shall we buy her?
A. I like to go
B. I don’t agree
C. I agree with you
D. I’m afraid I can’t agree

When the young lion is about eighteen month old, his roar wilt frighten people. The italic words mean to make people …
A. sad
B. afraid
C. surprised
D. impressed

Mrs. Susanto : A kilo of apples, please.
The Shopkeeper : … the yellow ones, or the red . ones?
Mrs. Susanto : The yellow ones, please.
A. Why do you like
B. What do you want to do
C. What do you enjoy
D. Which do you prefer

Seller : May I help you sir?
Buyer : I want a T-shirt for my daughter.
Seller : Have a look at our collection
Buyer : They all look good to me.
Seller : … would you like, sir?
Buyer : This blue one, please.
A. Which one
B. How many
C. How much
D. What kind

The vowel ‘u’ in; ‘cup’ is pronounced exactly the same way as the vowel ‘u’ in …
A. cure
B. full
C. cut
D. tube

Sure. How about you?
I think I’m going too. Will your brother play for PERSIB or ARSETO this time?
As far as I know he’ll play for ARSETO.
A. Are you watching the football match?
B. Are you going to the football match?
C. Why do you want to see the football match?
D. Won’t you join the football match?

Look at the pictures! Take me some ropes.
A Guide : This puma delivered a baby last month, but it died a week later.
Tourists : Oh, …
A. I’m sorry to hear that
B. I’m sure about that
C. no, 1 don’t think so
D. no, don’t say that

A : Our government have tried to protect elephants, but some people still. hunt them for the tusks.
B : Really? …
A. That’s a good idea
B. That’s very kind of you
C. That’s too bad
D. I hope so

Untuk soal nomor 23 sampai dengan 24
Last weekend the girl scouts and the boy scouts had a ‘Persami’ activity outside their school. They left for the woods at five in the morning. After a long drive they arrived at the woods and found a good camping site.
“Let’s set up our tents here,” said the leader. Then they started to work, They needed a pole, some rope and nails for each tent. In a short time the tents are ready and they put a small flag on top of each tent.
The girls made a fire and cooked their lunch while the boys were busy working. As soon as the lunch was ready, they immediately started to eat. Of course it was a very simple dish but a very good lunch for them.
After a little rest the leader blew his whistle and all the girl scouts and the boy scouts gathered around to start their ‘Persami’ program.

What are needed to set up the tents?
A. Some poles, rope and nails.
B. Some poles and flags.
C. The tents and the place.
D. The fire, the tents, and the meals.

‘Let set up our tents here, ‘said the leader, (paragraph 2) The italic words mean …
A. make
B. build
C. stand up
D. get ready

Bacaan untuk soal 25 sampai.dengan 27
The latest collection was shown last night, most exciting women’s fashion is miniskirt. It goes from waist to just above the knees. Skirts with pleats will be more popular for young ladies.
Blouses look like formal jackets with long sleeves, of course,. This year’s colour will be bright, yellow and green.
Cotton and nylon will be popular and patterns like check, stripes and polka – dots as well. It was announced that the famous daughter of this city mayor has ordered the first pair of the skirt and blouse.
from: Modern American English

Which paragraph tells about the motive of cloth?
A. Paragraph 1
B. Paragraph 2
C. Paragraph 3
D. Paragraph 4

“It was announced that the famous daughter of this city mayor has ordered the first pair of the skirt and blouse.” (paragraph 4).
What is the synonym of the word “famous”?
A. Well-known
B. Interesting
C. Attractive
D. Exciting

A suitable title for text above is …
A. The latest fashion for young ladies.
B. The famous daughter of the city mayor.
C. Miniskirt as the latest fashion.
D. B. The favorite colour in this year.

Yesterday Mr. Smith and his guide went to a souvenir’s shop. He looked for good sarongs, because he could not find them when he was in Malaysia.
Guide : What do you think about these sarongs?
Mr. Smith : Now I know that Indonesian sarongs are …
A. the best
B. not so good
C. better
D. similarly good

Andy is crying.
Mother : What happened Andy?
Andy : It’s my hand, mum! It’s …
Mother : So, you played with fire, didn’t you?
A. swollen
B. burning
C. wounded
D. hurting

Titi : You don’t look well.
Andy: That’s true, I didn’t have my breakfast this morning,’
Titi : You have a … don’t you?
A. cold
B. headache
C. tumor
D. stomachache

Arrange the words into a good sentence;
medicine – can -drugstore – we – a – buy – in- some
1           2     3          4   5    6     7   8
A. 4 – 2 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 7 – 8
B. 4 – 2 – 8 – 3 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 1
C. 4 – 2 – 6 – 8 – 1 – 7 – 5 – 3
D. 4 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 7 – 8 – 1

Unituk soal nomor 32 sampai dengan 34
Cassius Clay (born 1942) was also known as Mohammed Ali. He changed his name when he joined the Black Moslems. In 1960, he went a gold medal at the Olympic Games. Four years later he look the professional world championship from Sony Liston. Lighter and faster than any other heavyweight boxer of his time, he liked to boast as he could “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

When did Cassius Clay change his name?
A. When he joined the Black Moslems
B. When he won the gold medal.
C. Fours years later after he won the medal.
D. Fours years later after he beat Sony Liston.

How old was Mohammed Ali when he won the Professional World Championship?
A. 14 years old.
B. 18 years old.
C. 22 years old.
D. 26 years old.

When he was 18 years old, Mohammed Ali won … at the Olympic Games.
A. Professionals World Championship
B. Amateur World Championship
C. a silver medal
D. a gold medal

Frans : Who won the … performance in that contest?
Sherly : The Ball’s traditional dance team.
A. good
B. well
C. best
D. better

Untuk soal nomor 36 sampai dengan 38
Two fishermen tied their boat up, hurried out of the boat and ran down the streets of their hometown. ‘We saw a dragon on Komodo Island,’ they shouted. ‘We saw a dragon!’
A man heard their shouts. He was an American named Douglas Burden. Burden was a naturalist. A naturalist is a person who tries to learn, as much as he can about things that live. He believed what the two men said but there was only one way to find out; He had to go to Komodo Island himself and brought back one of the dragons for people to see.
So Douglas Burden and some friends sailed halfway around the world to the tiny island off the coast of Indonesia. When they reached the island they were afraid that the traps and cages they had with them would not be strong enough toehold the dragons. There were dragon son the island. They weren’t the same dragon’s people see in picture books and in children’s stories, but they looked more like dragons than any other animal Burden had ever seen. They were really large lizard – some of them three metres long and as heavy as two men. Their legs were short and thick and on their feet were sharp claws like knives. Although they did not breathe fire like the dragons in story books, the lizards had yellow forked tongues, that moved quickly in and out of their mouths.
It was difficult and dangerous to catch the lizards. Sometimes the lizards attacked the men. Sometimes the men had to kill the lizards to save themselves.
Finally, Burden and his friends caught two live Komodos and put them in cages on their ship. Then they sailed back to America.
When the two dragons were put into the Brooklyn Zoo in New York City, people came from all over America to see them. Burden, was pleased that so many people had a chance to see two live dragons.
That was more than 45 year ago. today there are no more live dragons anywhere in the world except on the tiny island of Komodo. They still live there.

How many lizards did the men manage to catch alive?
A. one
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four

What does the last paragraph, tell us about?
A. The dragons of 45 years ago.
B. The characteristics of komodo.
C. The komodo of today.
D. The life of dragons.

What were their Komodo’s legs like?
A. Long and heavy.
B. Big and short
C. Large and thick.
D. Short and thick.

Schedule  Dance   Ticket price  Time
Balet    Rp 2.500   19.00
Legong   Rp 1.000   16.30
Srimpi   Rp 1.000   17.00
Jaipong  Rp 2.500   20.00

I want to buy me jaipong ticket although …
A. His the most expensive
B. its show time is the earliest
C. its performance is the latest
D. it is cheaper than others

Boby : Do you like living in a big city, Doni?
Doni : No, the big city is crowded and the air isn’t so clean.
Boby : So, you like living in small city, don’t you?
Doni : Yes, because in small cities the air is …
A. the cleanest and freshest places
B. as clean and fresh as in big cities
C. cleaner air fresher than in big cities
D. not cleaner and fresher than in big cities
Untuk soal nomor 41 sampai dengan 43
4, Bligh street
Sydney 2000
June 5, 1996
Dear Wirtomo,
Thank you for your second letter. It is interesting to read about ‘the farming tools used by farmers in your village.
Unlike the farmers in your village, most farmers in my country use machines to help them work. The machines are very useful since most farms are very big. They use tractors to plow the land. Another machine is a seed drill; it makes holes in the ground, then it drops seeds into them, it may even drop a smart amount of fertilizer with each seed. Farmers with very large farm sometimes use planes to plant seed. They also use planes to spray chemical onto me rice fields. When harvest time comes they lads use a machine called a ‘combine’ to cut the rice. It also separates the rice kernels from the stalks. You know that a ‘combine’ can harvest more grain than 2000 people working by hand,
Well, that’s alt for this time. I am looking forward to receiving another letter from you.
Yours sincerely,
Jimi Tognolini

Most fanners in Australia use … to plow land.
A. tractors
B. combines
C. airplanes
D. seeds drills

The following are what farmers use a seed drill for …
A. making holes
B. plowing land
C. dropping fertilizer
D. dropping seeds to plant

4′ then it drops seed into them” (paragraph 2)
What does the italic word refer to?
A. tractors
B. machines
C. farms
D. holes

X : Fill up the tank, please!
Y : Yes, sir, have you traveled far?
X: Yes, We left Jakarta this morning for Yogya;
Where does the dialogue take place?
A. At a bus station
B. At a gas station
C. At a parking tot
D. At a garage

Cindy : What is ‘Tumpeng’?
Siti : It is rice …
A. shaped like a cone decorated with meat, eggs and vegetables
B. placed on x big plate decorated with flowers and vegetables
C. formed like any form of vehicles with spices on top
D. pat on a big dish with eggs, chicken and vegetables on it

Completed the dialogue below!
Lina : Hello, Tini; Where have you been lately?
Tina : Hi, Lina. I’ve been to Singapore. I … my aunt there.

Completed the following dialogue.
A : …
B : Yes please thank you. 1 need some tennis balls!
A : Certainly. Here you are.
B : Thank you.

Look at the pictures!
Compare the size of the two houses, using ” -er … than”!

Where do the following people work?
1. The man collects and delivers letter and parcels.
2. The man serves food and drink,
3. The man in charge of books.
4. The man has students.
5. The man treats sick or injured people.

Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph!
a. A little deer came out from a thick bush.
b. Suddenly a tiger burst out, from another bush to attack the deer.
c. But in a minute he stopped, and looked up to the sky, his tail erected,
d. Hp slowly walked to the open air.
e. He, felt he was in danger for he smelt the scent of an enemy,
f. Fortunately, the deer could jump and quickly run away.


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