01. English …. very useful for us nowadays.
A. are
B. is
C. was
D. were
E. been
02. The cat can …. the tree well.
A. climbs
B. climbing
C. climbed
D. climb
E. to climb
03. The plane …. one of means of communication.
A. is
B. are
C. been
D. were
E. was
04. One of my English teachers … five languages.
A. speak
B. speaks
C. speaking
D. spoke
E. spoken
05. The accident …… at this place yesterday.
A. happened
B. happens
C. happening
D. happen
E. To happen
06. The meeting … in this room tomorrow.
A. hold
B. holds
C. holding
D. will be held
E. to hold
07. The car … by my son two days ago.
A. will be repaired
B. will repair
C. repaired
D. to repair
E. was repaired
08. My computer …. Troubles with its CPU.
A. has
B. have
C. having
D. to have
E. have to
09. Mr. Imam …. Bali island three times
A. visited
B. has visited
C. to visit
D. visiting
E. visits
10. The lion ….. in Surabaya zoo.
A. can be seen
B. can see
C. may kept
D. see
E. saw
11. My son …. a lot of goats in village.
A. breeds
B. to breed
C. breeding
D. have bred
E. bread
12. …. knives are sharp so you must be careful to use ….
A. that / them
B. those / it
C. those / them
D. that / them
E. these / it
13. Anita lives in Bali but … parents live in Malang.
A. his
B. her
C. hers
D. their
E. him
14. My cat is white and … has a long tail.
A. their
B. its
C. it’s
D. it
E. mine
15. A pair of shoes …. not enough for my son.
A. is
B. are
C. be
D. was
E. has been
16. The apple tree ….. well in Surabaya.
A. can’t growing
B. can’t grow
C. can’t grew
D. couldn’t growing
E. couldn’t grew
17. The goose …… is swimming in that river looks beautiful.
A. which
B. who
C. whom
D. of which
E. to which
18. The bomb … exploded in Bali caused a lot of casualties.
A. that
B. of which
C. from which
D. to which
E. of that
19. Mr. Joe …… history in my school well since 1998.
A. teaches
B. has been teaching
C. taught
D. teaching
E. has touched
22. I ……. to Shinta’s wedding party.
A. was invited
B. has been invited
C. is invited
D. has invited
E. has been inviting
21. You should …… here on time tomorrow.
A. be
B. coming
C. to come
D. came
E. to be
22. Three planes ……. in this city this year.
A. has fallen down
B. have been falling down
C. has been falling down
D. have fallen down
E. fell down
23. My cat ran after a mouse at my home yesterday.
ran after means ……..
A. caught
B. ate
C. chased
D. saw
E. played
24. Physics is …….. than mathematics.
A. more difficult
B. difficult
C. so difficult
D. more difficultly
E. more difficulty
25. Your writing should ….. before you submit it.
A. revised
B. be revised
C. be revising
D. to revise
E. revise
26. This letter ……… by the writer.
A. has not sealed
B. has not been sealed
C. have not been sealed
D. has not been sealing
E. did not seal
27. Both John and Tina …… students in my school.
A. is
B. are
C. has been
D. be
E. to be
28. Neither John nor Ali ….. studying English at school.
A. like
B. likes
C. to like
D. have liked
E. liking
29. Either Tono or Anita …… in Malang.
A. lives
B. lived
C. to live
D. living
E. live
30. She doesn’t like English lesson and …….
A. I don’t too
B. I don’t either
C. so do I
D. Neither don’t I
E. I do too
31. I have three bikes and tomorrow I’ll buy ……one.
A. the other
B. another
C. the others
D. some other
E. few others
32. I have two pens. This is one of them and …… is at home.
A. other
B. another
C. the others
D. the other
E. some others
33. I have many students at home, Some are here, ….are at home
A. some other
B. another
C. the others
D. many others
E. few other
34. The books ….you put on the tables yesterday belong to her.
A. which
B. of which
C. in which
D. to which
E. from which
35.The man …. I bought the car yesterday is kind.
A. whom
B. from whom
C. whose
D. where
E. who
36. One of my brothers …… in this class today.
A. is
B. are
C. am
D. was
E. were
37. Neither English nor biology …. useful for all of you.
A. is
B. are
C. become
D. were
E. be
38. You can …. at my house if you come to Bali.
A. staying
B. to stay
C. stayed
D. stay
E. stays
39. You should ….. here tomorrow because I need you.
A. to be
B. being
C. be
D. been
E. came
40. The car ….. is on the table is useful for all of us.
A. which
B. in which
C. whom
D. whose
E. of which
41. The sun ….. brightly in the east yesterday morning.
A. shines
B. shone
C. shining
D. to shine
E. shine
42. The plane ….. down because of the engine yesterday.
A. fall
B. falling
C. feel
D. fell
E. fallen
43. The students have forgotten to bring ….. books to school.
A. them
B. their
C. theirs
D. they
E. his
44. My cat often moves …. tail in front of the door way.
A. it’s
B. its
C. it
D. their
E. that
45. The lamps …… last night so I had to light some candles.
A. go out
B. went out
C. out
D. has gone out
E. have gone out
46. Both fish and goose …… to swim but elephants can’t.
A. is able to
B. was able to
C. can
D. are able to
E. were able to
47. My mother …… two children.
to have
has to
48. Malang …… some tourism objects.
A. have
B. have to
C. has
D. has to
E. had to
49. Either English or mathematics …. important lessons in this school.
A. are
B. is
C. be
D. to be
E. to become
50. Your lovely car is very expensive.
Lovely means ……
A. new
B. beautiful
C. beautifully
D. speedy
E. slowly


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