Trees are things that we need every where in the world and the trees are very important. Trees are very important for our life, because the trees give us more advantages, not just one tree but many trees.
One of proof that tree give advantages is that trees can give us more oxygen during the light of the sun still in sky that we can see the sun in the morning until afternoon.
The other advantage is that trees can absorb the pollution from cars, motorcycles, factories and many more, actually from leave. Leave has stomata that can take CO2 from the cars, etc. to complete the photosynthesis.
Still another proof is that photosynthesis from trees create Oxygen that we  inhale, so we can taste cool atmosphere from photosynthesis.
Still an other advantage is that if we cut the trees but not many trees, woods from trees can make for building such as home , apartment, etc.
From those proofs above I conclude that Trees are very important for our life.


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