1. My brother … military service since he was 20 years old.
will give
has given
will have given

2. Because of the heavy rains, the city ……. for several days.
is flooded
has been flooded
is flooded
was flooded

3. Water …. when it is heated.
will evaporate
can evaporate
to be evaporated

4. “Where are the children?” They ….. in the garden.
are playing
have been playing
have played

5. I …. the street when it began to rain.
am walking down
was walking down
have walked down
would walk down
have been walking down

6. The lesson … when I went in.
has begun
is beginning
has begun

7. Jim always ….. his work before dark.
have finish
has finished

8. This morning I …. the book there.
could not find
can’t find
can’t found
can find
couldn’t find

9. ………., when It was washed.
Do this material shrink
Has this material shrunk
Will this material be shrinking
Will this material shrink
Is this material shrinking

10. …….., the door before he left?
Has he closed
Did he close
Was he closing
Has he closed
Has he been closed

11. My uncle …. in Solo for ten years before he moved to Surabaya.
has lived
had lived
had been living
has living
would live

12. By the time next week he …. his holiday in Bali.
will spend
is spending
was spending
will have spent

13. They …. for two hours when he comes back.
had worked
have worked
have been working
will have been working
are working

14. Jack …. in that office for over a year next Christmas.
won’t work
won’t be working
hasn’t worked
hasn’t been working
won’t have been working

15. “I want to see you tomorrow. What …. at ten o’clock tomorrow?
would you do
have you done
are you going to do
will you be doing
will you do

16. She doesn’t need a “becak” because ……..
She will buy a bicycle.
she is going to buy a bicycle.
She has bought a bicycle.
She plans to buy a bicycle.
She may buy a bicycle next week.

17. As soon as I hear the result of the test, ………
I have told you
I told you
I tell you
I will tell you
I have been telling

18. It …. hard when you came back.
was raining
will be raining
has rained
is going to rain
has been raining

19. The workers ….. their work by the time you come back.
will finish
have been finishing
have finished
will have finished
are going to finish

20. She …. her medicine when I visited her in the hospital.
was taking
is taking
will take

21. X : Can I have your report on the last week’s study tour to Lampung. Y : I am still working on it. But I …. it by the time you’re from from the meeting.
am going to finish
will have finished
have finished
am finishing
will finish

22. The government is making new regulations on logging. Many people think that it’s already too late because many forests have been destroyed.From the statement above we know that the government …. new regulations long before
must have made
might have made
would have made
should have made
may have made

23. When I arrived home, my parents … TV.
have watched
were watching
have been watching
are going to watch

24. Jane : Where ‘s Budi? John : Sorry, he is not here. I think he ……. TV in the living room.
is watching
will watch

25. X : Is your mother an English teacher? Y : Yes, she is. She …. It since she was 25 years old.
is teaching
was teaching
has been teaching

26. Sister : Why did you lend him that book? Brother: I am sorry, I did not know it. Sister : ………….
I still read it
I will still read it
I was still reading it
I still have to read it
I am still reading

27. Ridwan : I am going to Hide Park to hear the people making speeches. David : You will be late. By the time you get there, they …. their speeches.
will finish
are finishing
have finish
will have finished

28. Tati : May I borrow your new novel? Lina : Yes, but next Monday I ….. reading it by then..
would finish
am finishing
have finished
will be finishing
will have finished

29. Nindy : When did you get this cassette? Lia : Yesterday. When I ….. home, a boy asked me to give it to you.
was walking
has been walking

30. Albert didn’t go to school yesterday. He had a toothache. He ……. Have gone to the dentist.

31. X : Why do you look sad? Y : I got 5 for English test. X : ……………………..
You should have studied well
You have prepared before
You may prepare it
You have studied hard
You can study well if you like

32. Atik : When will your sister finish her study? Mirna : I hope she …… by July next year.
will have graduated
has graduated
will graduate
is going to graduate
intends to graduate

33. Father has just come from the rice field. He is very tired and is lying on the bed now. He …… all day long.
will have worked
may have worked
can have worked
must have worked
ought to have worked

34. Librarian : What was that noise? Students : I dropped some books while I ….. them to the table.
was carrying
are carrying
have carried

35. Ramli came to see me 30 minutes ago, he is in the living room now. Could be expressed : He ……. for half an hour.
is waiting
was waiting
has been waiting

36. Sonia : Vani lost her ATM card last week. The pickpocket was successful to take her money from the machine. Mimi : She ….. informed the bank to block it.
can’t have
might have
would have
should have

37. Nuki : What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night? Rendra : She …. in the kitchen.
is cooking
has cooked
has been cooking
was cooking

37. Nuki : What was your sister doing when you arrived home last night? Rendra : She …. in the kitchen.
is cooking
has cooked
has been cooking
was cooking

39. X : “How long have you lived in Jakarta?” Y : Well, by October next year, I ….. there for 6 years.
will lived
will be living
will have lived
have been living

40. Tom : “I didn’t see your brother when I visited you yesterday.” Bob : He ….. his bike in the garage.
is repairing
was repairing
has repaired
would repair


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