1. It’s difficult to solve that problem. It isn’t simple; It’s …..
A. foolish
B. complicated
C. convenient
D. firm
E. strong

2. The …. of 2,3,and 7 is 4
A. sum
B. addition
C. average
D. result
E. total

3. He lives …. across the street from me.
A. fortunately
B. gently
C. directly
D. comparatively
E. slowly

4. Do you have much time ….. ?
A. in tennis
B. with tennis
C. for tennis
D. at tennis
E. to tennis

5. I have my hair …. once a month.
A. cuts
B. cutting
C. to cut
D. cut
E. cutter

6. He had a …… walk.
A. pleasant
B. pleasure
C. pleasing
D. pleased
E. please

7. The work needed much time and ….
A. patient
B. patience
C. pleasure
D. pleasant
E. pleased

8. We didn’t need ……..
A. to hurry
B. for hurry
C. of hurry
D. hurry up
E. hurry

9. I don’t care whether you …. or not.
A. succeed
B. success
C. successful
D. successfully
E. to success

10. Please, try …. better next time.
A. doing
B. to do
C. of doing
D. for doing
E. do

11. He decided ….. to the meeting
A. not to go
B. of not to go
C. not going
D. of not going
E. not going

12. He has refused …..
A. helping us
B. of helping us
C. for helping us
D. to help us
E. help us

13. He ….. not to see me.
A. extended
B. prevented
C. pretended
D. presented
E. protected

14. You had better ….. at once.
A. started
B. starting
C. start
D. to start
E. be started

15. We shall have the house …
A. paint
B. painting
C. painted
D. to paint
E. be painted

16. We can ….. as a clerk.
A. employ you
B. work you
C. work out you
D. lift you
E. to work you

17. ….. how to pronounce the word.
A. Ask your teacher
B. Ask to your teacher
C. Ask at your teacher
D. Ask on your teacher
E. Ask for your teacher

18. …….. not to be late.
A. They warned on me
B. They warned me
C. They warned over me
D. They warned to me
E. They warned for me

19. Where did you have your cards …..
A. printed
B. print
C. printing
D. to print
E. printer

20. You mustn’t ….. as if she were a servant.
A. think her
B. treat her
C. make her
D. force her
E. do her

21. He advised his brother …. the offer.
A. to accept
B. of accepting
C. of receiving
D. for receiving
E. on receiving

22. Would you prefer …. at home this evening?
A. staying
B. of staying
C. to stay
D. for staying
E. stay

23.She enjoys …. tennis.
A. play
B. plays
C. to play
D. playing
E. on play

24. Thank you …. your kind help.
A. with
B. to
C. for
D. of
E. on

25. I must get my hair ……
A. cuts
B. cut
C. to cut
D. cutting
E. cutter

26. Have you ever known her … her temper?
A. miss
B. miss for
C. lose for
D. lose
E. losing

27. I heard my voice ….
A. call
B. calls
C. called
D. to call
E. calling

28. That ….. of how I once won a competition.
A. remains me
B. reminds me
C. remains to me
D. reminds to
E. remains of me

29.She could not help …….
A. laugh
B. laughing
C. for laughing
D. to laugh
E. laughed

30. She was almost driven …. by the pain.
A. maid
B. mad
C. match
D. mate
E. mat

31. ….. your hand higher, please!
A. rise
B. rise up
C. lift
D. raise
E. rice

32. Do you mind ….. out late?
A. me stay
B. my staying
C. me staying
D. me to stay
E. mine stay

33. Please, pass this note …. the man at the corner.
A. with
B. at
C. into
D. to
E. for

34. …. your time on useless things.
A. Not give up
B. Don’t give up
C. Don’t waste
D. Not waste
E. Don’t wasting

35. Did you have any difficulty …. my house?
A. find
B. finding
C. to find
D. found
E. is finding

36. When did you have your hair … ?
A. cut
B. cuts
C. cutting
D. to cut
E. cutter

37. Please, get these boxes …. up to my room.
A. carry
B. carrying
C. to carry
D. carried
E. carrier

38. We don’t allow him …. his time.
A. wasting
B. to waste
C. to give up
D. giving up
E. wastes

39. It’s no use …. your car fast.
A. drive
B. to drive
C. driving
D. drove
E. driven

40. I must get my hair …..
A. paint
B. painting
C. painted
D. to paint
E. paints

41. I must go to the barber and tell him … my hair.
A. cut
B. cuts
C. to cut
D. cutting
E. cutter

42. You had better have that tooth …
A. pull out
B. pulled out
C. pulling out
D. to pull out
E. pulls out

43. I congratulated him … his success.
A. on
B. of
C. with
D. over
E. with

44.They accused him …. the money.
A. taken
B. of taking
C. taking
D. of taken
E. take

45. I did it ….. my mother.
A. pleased
B. to please
C. pleasing
D. of pleasing
E. pleasure

46. Don’t …. to refuse if you think the plan is unwise.
A. confused
B. fear
C. hesitate
D. ashamed
E. confuse

47. You should practice playing the piano ……
A. with regular
B. regularly
C. regular
D. regularity
E. irregular

48. He prefers …. indoors during the cold weather.
A. staying
B. to stay
C. stays
D. stayed
E. stay

49. It looks as if it ….. to rain.
A. is going
B. were going
C. will be
D. will be going
E. will

50. The news ….. … me.
A. is not interest
B. doesn’t interest
C. is not interesting
D. is not interested
E. don’t interest


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