1. Many people are protesting about the high prices of staple food especially rice. Government ….. do something to improve the economy.
A. could
B. might
C. must
D. may
E. can
2. The children went to school by taxi but they arrived late. The taxi driver …. not have taken them around.
A. may
B. should
C. must
D. ought to
E. should
3. She …. her medicine when I visited her in the hospital.
A. was taking
B. is taking
C. will take
D. takes
E. took
4. Ridwan :I’m going to “Hide Park” to hear people making speeches. David : You will be. By the time you get there. They …. their speeches
A. finish
B. will finish
C. are finishing
D. have finish
E. will have finished
5. ….. to take your parents advice.
A. Is wise
B. Will be wise
C. It’s wise
D. Wise
E. There’s wise
6. I had never thought that the ….. of the match would be a draw.
A. outline
B. outcome
C. output
D. outlet
E. outflow
7. I have made up my mind that I don’t continue my study. The underlined words mean :
A. thought
B. asked for an advice
C. told
D. made decision
E. tried to remember
8. Instead of stopping to rest, they carried on the work. The underlined words mean:
A. continued
B. brought
C. stopped
D. stayed
E. decided
9. ……anything she tells me.
A. I don’t believe
B. I didn’t believe
C. I wouldn’t believe
D. I would not have believe
E. I hadn’t believe
10 “Tomorrow Jack is going back to England”. I didn’t know he ………………..
A. Would have decided to leave
B. will decide to leave
C. is deciding to leave
D. decides
E. had already decided to leave
11. Sit in my chair, ……… ?
A. don’t you
B. will you
C. doesn’t he
D. is it
E. aren’t you
12. You don’t know that he is ill, …..?
A. isn’t he
B. don’t you
C. doesn’t he
D. don’t you
E. is he
13. “ ………………………………. “ “ yes, he did”
A. Did he ask why was I so late?
B. Did he want to know why I left room?
C. Did he know why did I leave soon?
D. Did he wonder why was I so late?
E. Did he knew why did I do it?
14. You are sick, but you don’t visit your doctor? You …… visit him soon.
A. could
B. could
C. should
D. will
E. can
15. “Your glass is empty. …. I get some more coca cola?”
A. shall
B. will
C. can
D. should
E. shall have
16. He could hardly finish his exercises, ……….
A. But Jack couldn’t
B. but Jack could
C. so could Jack
D. Jack could too
E. and Jack could either
17. “I don’t understand why Budi didn’t come to the meeting”. “There …. something wrong with him”.
A. might be
B. could be
C. will be
D. should have been
E. must have been
18. “You are old enough, you … know better” , my mother said to me.
A. will
B. could
C. ought to
D. may
E. can
19. “Antok has been in Yokohama for five years”.Really? “He …. speak Japanese well then”
A. must
B. will
C. could
D. would
E. should

20. “I could have asked somebody else to carry that box”. It means:
A. I carry the box.
B. Somebody else carried the box.
C. I asked someone to carry the box.
D. I would ask someone to carry the box.
E. I didn’t want to carry the box.
21. The old man looks so pale and weak. He must be sick. The underlined sentence means:
A. He has to be sick.
B. Maybe he is sick.
C. It’s possible that he is sick.
D. He is rather sick.
E. I conclude that he is sick.
22. His car is so dirty, he ….. out of town.
A. will have gone
B. could have gone
C. may have gone
D. should have gone
E. would have gone
23. “I am sorry. I can’t join the first lesson, I …. come late tomorrow”, she told the teacher.
A. may
B. can
C. would
D. ought to have
E. should
24. My father likes coffee, and …………….
A. my big brother does so.
B. my big brother is too.
C. my big brother does either.
D. my big brother does too.
E. either does my big brother.
25. I have breakfast at 7 and ……….
A. The children too
B. the children have too
C. so do the children
D. neither the children have
E. the children do either

26. A chair can’t stand on one leg. ……
A. neither can’t a table
B. a table can’t so
C. so can’t a table
D. a table can’t either
E. either can’t a table

27. The maid never finished her work properly, ……
A. so did the cook
B. and neither did the cook
C. and the cook did too
D. and the cook did either
E. and so didn’t the cook

28. Mary rarely attended the class meeting, ……..
A. and neither did Bill
B. and Bill did too
C. and Bill did either
D. and so Bill did too
E. and so didn’t Bill

29. My stupid friend couldn’t answer the question, …….
A. but I didn’t
B. but I did
C. but I could
D. so could I
E. and I couldn’t too

30. You needn’t pay any attention to that boy, but …….
A. I need
B. I do
C. I must
D. I don’t need
E. I needn’t

31. The result of the work is not good, either the students or the teacher ….. satisfied.
A. isn’t feel
B. don’t feel
C. aren’t feel
D. not feel
E. doesn’t feel

32. Neither Hary nor Siti is interested in poetry. It means :
A. Hary is interested in poetry but Siti isn’t.
B. Hary and Sity are interested in poetry.
C. Hary is interested in poetry and Siti is too.
D. Hary isn’t interested in poetry and Siti isn’t either.
E. Either Hary or Siti is interesting.

33. …. easy to understand why he hasn’t come back.
A. It is
B. There is
C. There are
D. They are
E. It was

34. Try this coffee. I didn’t put milk, but I think you’ll like it. The underlined word …..
A. does not refer to anything
B. refers to coffee
C. refers to I
D. refers to milk
E. refers to I didn’t put milk

35. That man has brought me nothing but trouble. I wish I …. him.
A. never see
B. never saw
C. had never seen
D. would never see
E. would have never seen

36. Why does the man always talk as though he ….. the only man in the world?
A. is
B. was
C. is being
D. were
E. was being

37. The house is old, three of …. windows are broken.
A. its
B. his
C. her
D. it’s
E. their

38. It’s a pity he didn’t study harder, so he didn’t pass his exam. I wish ……………
A. he had studied harder
B. he studied
C. he was studying harder
D. he didn’t study harder
E. he would study harder

39. Every morning I hear the bird ….. beautifully.
A. sings
B. sang
C. to sing
D. is singing
E. singing

40. Mr. Smith has taken …. wife to sea side in the hope that it will improve … health.
A. her – his
B. its – his
C. his – its
D. their – them
E. his – her

41. Do you know the man …. has run down a pedestrian?
A. which car
B. who’s car
C. the car
D. whom car
E. whose car

42. Every student of the class … bring …. book.
A. have to ….. their
B. has to …. her
C. has to ….. his
D. have to …. his
E. having to …. his

43. In the war, a lot of people lost …..
A. their life
B. their lives
C. his life
D. his lifes
E. its life

44. Has anyone turned in …. report yet?
A. their
B. his
C. it
D. one’s
E. anyone’s

45. Tony and …. two brothers have gone to visit …. aunt.
A. his – her
B. their – her
C. his – their
D. their – his
E. their – their

46. The big boy …. you were speaking just now lives next door.
A. who
B. which
C. whose
D. that
E. what

47. All people I have met disliked him.
A. whom
B. which
C. whose
D. that
E. what

48. “Is there any water in the reservoir?”
A. a few
B. small
C. not many
D. not much
E. slight

49. John has returned two of the ten books he had borrowed. When will he return ..?
A. the others
B. another
C. the other
D. the eight
E. others

50. One of the two thieves was caught by the police, …. ran away.
A. the others
B. another
C. the other
D. some others
E. others


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