1. Defining
2. Non defining

Defining ( give important information to NOUN )

1. The book which / that is on my brown table is very good to read.
2. The car which / that is being parked in front of my house is very expensive.
3. The computer which / that is in Language room is out of order.
4. Taufik who is standing over there is a doctor.
5. The man who / that is sitting under that tree is my brother.
6. Fauziah whose father is a doctor came to my house yesterday.
7.The man whom I saw in the gate of this school is Tina’s father.

NON DEFINING ( only give additional information )

1. Kuta beach,which is located in Bali island, is beautiful.
2. Jakarta,which is the capital of Indonesia, has a lot of population.
3. Mrs. Betty, who teaches English in this school, is very kind.
4. Krisdayanti, whom we saw in Jakarta yesterday, is a famous singer.
5. Krisdayanti , whose husband was Anang , is a famous


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