Noun clause is a clause which has a function to replace
the position of noun.


1. As the subject of a sentence
2. As the object of a sentence
3. As a subject complement
4. As an object complement
5. After Preposition
As the subject of a sentence :

1. What you drink every morning is good for your health.
2. What you said yesterday is important for me.
3. Where your brother studies is famous for its apples.
4. How much money she needs is enough for buying a new car.

As the object of a sentence :
1. I will buy what my son wants.
2. I know what you put in your wallet.
3. I don’t believe what you said yesterday.
4. I know why you came late yesterday.
5. I will give you how much money you need.

As a Subject Complement :

1. This is what we need to buy a new car.
2. That is what you want to read.
3. It is where we got traffic jam yesterday.
4. He is who you looked for last night.

As an Object Complement :

1. She gave me what I needed yesterday.
2. I will send mother what I wrote last night.
3. My wife cooked me what I like very much.
4. Mrs. Betty teaches us what I need for National test.

After preposition :

1. She is interested in what you bought yesterday.
2. He agrees with what you suggested.
3. This book is different from what I borrowed from library.
4. It depends on what we collect from us.


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