I have a house. It is located on Karang Empat XI No. 79. It is not near from SMA 6 Surabaya but it is near from SMA PGRI 3 and SMP PGRI 1. My house is in east. I stay in here with my father, my mother, my brother and my sister. The size of my house is 15-20 meters. It is not big but enough for  my family and I. My house faces to west.
My house has many rooms. It makes my family and I fell comfortable. At first, I have a living room. It is located in front of the door. My family and I always watch Television together. In there, I also practice my homework. In there, there are sofa, television, DVD, table, radio and many more. The second, my house has a dining room. It is located near the kitchen. We always eat together in there. There are table, chair, dinning table and so on.
The third, my house has 2 bedrooms. One for me, my brother and my sister and another for my parents. My bedroom is  located  beside the living room. My parents bedroom located is beside the dining room. In my bedroom, there are pillow, bolster, a fan, a cupboard, a clock, many dolls etc. in my parents bedroom, there are a fan, pillow, bolster, cupboard and so on.
At the forth, I have 2 bathrooms in my house. It is located on beside of the kitchen. I always clean the bathroom everyday.
I have a kitchen. My mother and I always cook in there. I also make a cake in there like bolu cake, donuts and many more. In there, there are spatula, plates, glasses, stove, spoons and so on. There are also many kinds of food and drink in the refrigerator.
My house doesn’t have terrace, garage and 2nd floor but it has a little garden. In there, there are many flowers such as jasmine, orchid and many more. My mother likes to plant many flowers in there. She always buys many flowers to be planted in her garden. There are also  a fruit tree. The fruit tree is mango tree.
My house is paradise for my family and me. we are very happy to stay in there.


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