Surabaya is Capital of East Java. Surabaya has many places to do activities. In the morning, Surabaya society start his activities. We can see students go to school at six o’clock, mothers start cleaning their home, and fathers start working. Society in Surabaya consist of two status of life, the rich, and the poor, and society in Surabaya use some languages, Javanese language, Indonesian language, and Surabaya language, Madura language because many people from Madura stay in Surabaya.

Surabaya has many schools, example play group, kindergartens , elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools, and universities. Education in Surabaya is good. All students study hard to reach his dreams. The students in Surabaya use internet easily. They can search, browse, make blog, etc. The programs in each school is different, but they have good quality.

Surabaya is not only known as a place for obtaining education but It is also famous for its traditional food. The famous food in Surabaya is Rujak cingur. The taste is good. We can buy it in many places. The price is not high, maybe five thousand rupiahs. We can see other traditional food, like terang bulan, rujak buah, rujak manis, fried rice, etc. Surabaya is also well – known for drinks. We can see many people selling ice campur , sari kedelai, sinom, etc

Surabaya has many traditional markets such as Turi market, Kembang market , Asemrowo market, Sore market, etc. We can get many things that we need The price in tradicional markets is cheaper than in modern markets. Tradicional market in Surabaya is dirty, because the sellers throw rubbish anywhere they like. Then the markets open at 3 o’clock in the morning until noon.

In Surabaya we can see many malls. Mall is modern market. One of them is BG Junction. Malls in Surabaya sells many clothes, instrument of electronic, foods, drinks, etc. The mall is clean because the cleaner always clean the mall everyday. And malls in Surabaya are very big. So We can buy anything from the mall .We can also play many games, such as Car, Dance, Basket Ball, etc. This facilities can make children happy.

Surabaya also has many entertainment places, like Surabaya zoo, TRS the long name is Taman Remaja Surabaya, Kebun Bibit, Ciputra Waterpark, etc. In Surabaya zoo we can see many animals, like elephants, tigers, lions, birds, fishes, etc. The most popular animals are crocodile and shark, because they are symbols of Surabaya. Surabaya zoo also has game for small children.

Surabaya’s river is dirty because it is contaminated with a lot of rubbish from irresponsible societies. The color of the river is brown because the river is already polluted.


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