My house

I have a house, but it’s not mine. My house is enough for me. I live with my family. They are my father, my mother, my old brother, my young brother, and. My grandfather and my grandmother also live in there. My house faces south. My house is at Jalan Ngagel Mulyo 10 Number 21. In front of my house, there is a yard. So, I can play some games with my brothers. My house has terrace. In terrace There are some plants, but I don’t know the many kinds of that plants, but my mother knows it. In my house, there are many rooms. There are 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, one empty room, kitchen, living room, dining room. In living room there are some things such as chairs, table, pictures, long chair and cupboard that can be used for put some souvenirs collection that my mother bought it all. The size of my house is 8×25 meters. I also have one garage. In garage, there are 3 motorcycles, heavy box, small box , 2 bikes. The colors of my house is yellow and white. Yellow is in outside and white is in inside. My grandfather chose that colors. So my house is bright. My house has a backside that can be used for washing clothes, ironing clothes, drying clothes, etc. I also have family room. In my family room. There are some things like big fan, big cupboard, Television, many chairs, table, bed. The bed that can be used for sleeping by my grandmother in afternoon and watching Television. My house has two floors. In second floor there are my room’s, my mother and my father’s room, and maid’s room and also one bathroom. There are many things in my room, and my parent’s room. So, that’s all  I can describe about my house…! My house is paradise for my family.


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