Surabaya is the city which located on East Java. Surabaya is the capital city of East Java. Surabaya is the city who located near Gresik city and near Malang city too.
Surabaya is called by peoples as “Kota Pahlawan”. Because in a past time, Surabaya became the city who can can scared England’s soldiers and became a little piece of Indonesia history. The history has a simbol like “Tugu Pahlawan”. When the independence day of Indonesia, England’s soldiers arrived in Surabaya and wanted to destroy Surabaya city, but Surabaya’s peoples always defended Surabaya.
Surabaya is near Madura Island. In Surabaya, we can find the bridge called as “Suramadu” . Suramadu bridge connects Surabaya – Madura . We can also can go to Madura by ship.
Surabaya also has many traditional foods such as “Rujak Cingur”, “Gado-gado”, “Semanggi”, etc. Now, we can eat traditional food of Surabaya easily because many peoples of Surabaya sell it.
Now, Surabaya is crowded city because Surabaya has high population. Meanwhile, the population of Surabaya increase every year. Another of that, Surabaya is crowded because many peoples from another city has lives in Surabaya.
Surabaya also became place for tourists because Surabaya has many famous places like Surabaya Zoo, “Tugu Pahlawan”, Monkasel, etc. Surabaya also has many malls like Tunjungan Plaza, Delta Plaza, Royal Plaza, Pakuwon Plaza, etc. Surabaya also has many hotels like Majapahit Hotels, Sangrila Hotels, etc.
One of tourist’s place is Kenjeran Beach. We can see many peoples visit Kenjeran Beach every week and every holiday. We also can see the beautiful scenery at Kenjeran Beach. But now, more and more rubbish on Kenjeran Beach.
In Surabaya, there are many universities which famous in Indonesia like ITS, UNESA, UNAIR, etc.ITS Sukolilo campus occupies an area of 180 hectares with a total building area of approximately 150 000 m2. In addition there Manyar campus that is used by D-3 Program in Civil Engineering with an area of 5176 m2 and Campus ITS Cokroaminoto manejemen used to master as well as several institutions of cooperation with an area of 4,000 m2.
Surabaya has many parks, one of which is “Taman Bungkul”. In Bungkul park often held cycling event at holiday. Bungkul park as an oasis for residents of Surabaya. Citizens in this area can breathe a variety of benefits, beauty, comfort, health and pleasure as well. Here, children can settle for playing, and young children hobbyist sport was satisfied to play the skate board and BMX bikes. Even the businessmen or students can satisfy the virtual world tour, because the park is also equipped with Wi-Fi Hot Spot.


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