My Father

My father is one of the persons who I love. His name is Budi Darya. He was born in Salatiga 19th January 1951, his age is 64 years old. His height is 170 cm and his weight is 65 kg. His skin color is brown almost same with me. He is a mechanical engineering lecturer in Institute Technology Bandung. He worked there for 27 years. He is the first child from seven brothers.
He graduated from University of Wisconsin USA, Institute Technology Bandung, Senior High School in Solo, Junior High School in  Solo and Christian Elementary School Solo. His hobby is riding bike, He likes riding bike when he goes to work. He likes listening music especially jazz music and classic music, he likes reading book, so in my house there is a small library for putting his book collections. His favorite food are healthy food and home made food, his favorite drink is cappucino. Once a week he always drinks cappucino.
He is a very organized person, he always says that I must spend my time for good activities. He is a very smart person, when he was young, he got scholarship from kindergarten until college. I love him very much.


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