=>Some nouns must be in the plural. For example : slacks / pants , jeans, shorts, pajamas, scissors ,glasses

You can use a pair of … with this words :

I need some new slacks.
I need a new pair of slacks.

=>Do not  use the plural of person { persons },
instead we use people :

He is a nice person.
They are nice people. { not nice persons }

=> Nouns end in – s but they are not usually plural :

mathematics, physics, economics, athletics, news,
gymnastics, electronics,windows,statistics

Gymnastics is my favorite sport.
What time is the news on television?

 =>Words end in – s can be singular or plural:

means , series, species

a means of transportation
Many means of transportation

a television series
two television series

a species of bird
200 species of bird

=> Use a plural verb with the police :

=>Sometimes we use a plural noun with a singular verb.We do this when we talk about a sum of money, a period of time, a distance, etc :

Five thousand dollars { it } was stolen in the robbery.
Three years { it } is a long time to be without a job.

We say ” a vacation of three weeks” = “a three – week

I have a three – week vacation in July.
Three – week is used as an adjective before vacation.

a ten- dollar bill { not dollars }
a four – week English course
a six – hour journey


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